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  • Comment on Welcome to Hockey Inside/Out (2011-03-19 14:14:24)
    People aren't allowed to voice legitimate complaints any more without it being whining?
  • Comment on Welcome to Hockey Inside/Out (2011-03-19 14:00:02)
    I've lost the ability to edit? Avatars are off-site and handled by a third party? Yuck. Sorry, I've got Boone and Stubbs on Twitter, so I'm pretty well covered there. If this new re-design turns out to be permanent, you've lost me as a user. I appreciate that there's been an attempted facelift of the site, but this has been ten steps backwards.
  • Comment on Welcome to Hockey Inside/Out (2011-03-19 13:55:56)
    I'm not a "fear of change" person by any means, but my God, you've gone from a wonderfully streamlined site design with everything easily accessible to a hideous all-white "busy" design, guys. I'm definitely not opposed to changing the HIO layout by any stretch, but this new one is honestly cluttered and all over the place, and it's definitely no longer a pleasure to easily click through.
  • Comment on Leafs fall (2011-02-13 10:52:32)

    "Also, if anyone thought Cherry took a night off from his Hab-bashing, or Subban-bashing, think again.  A not so subtle little bobblehead of Milan Lucic sitting on the table in front of Cherry didn't escape my eye."


    I don't particularly love Don Cherry, but wow, the asinine lengths some people go to, to whine about his opinion(s).


    And.. and Milan Lucic bobblehead is Hab/Subban-bashing, is it? Like, it's not just showing support for the team he loves and coached for, it's just taking a crap on the Habs? That's really what you deduce from all of this?

  • Comment on Ugly! (2011-02-09 21:33:41)

    Just stop talking. You haven't anything close to a clue. Carey Price is the only reason the Canadiens weren't buried four or five to nothing after the first period.

  • Comment on Winning streak ends (2011-02-06 17:50:23)

    I'd feel better if you were to avoid posting such blatantly incorrect opinions in such a matter-of-fact way. I'd feel heavenly if you could even manage to formulate an opinion without lacing it with insults, or maybe even just realize how wrong you are if I were lucky on that given day.

  • Comment on Winning streak ends (2011-02-06 17:39:38)

    The Devils are no more boring than your boys in bleu, blanc, et rouge. Which is to say that they aren't boring. Just because you can't appreciate a stellar defensive system, doesn't mean it's boring. There was a lot of wide open hockey and ice to be had.

  • Comment on Winning streak ends (2011-02-06 15:02:13)

    Excellent opening on CBC today.

  • Comment on A true four-pointer (2011-02-05 17:21:45)

    Can't score goals playing ~5 minutes a game.

  • Comment on A true four-pointer (2011-02-05 17:11:05)

    With all of the injuries the Habs have at this point, he has no choice -but- send out Eller like that anyway.


    JM rewards players for their play. But conversely, he glues them to the bench for an error. A young kid like Eller playing 5-6 minutes a game, being afraid to make a mistake, is not going to teach him anything. He's even said as much himself. JM has always, always been -way- too hard on rookies and making them earn their spot in the line-up. It's hard to earn a spot when you're not getting any ice time. It's harder still when you're too afraid to take a chance, knowing that it may be the last time your skates touch an ice surface if you do. And in a lot of games where I felt Eller was our best player on the ice, JM -still- went with the veterans despite having a more capable, hotter player sitting on the bench in Eller.


    When it comes to young players, JM unquestionably needs to learn how to better handle them. It really hurt in Ottawa, it really hurt in Florida, and it's going to hurt in Montreal too. Fortunately so far it hasn't, with Subban and Price being a-okay, but I really don't expect that each and every time out. Further, it also slows the growth of young players when he does things like this. It isn't as though Montreal has the luxury to risk screwing up potential top-six forwards like Eller - they certainly don't come in plenty regardless, and they for damn sure haven't in Montreal in a long time.