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  • Comment on Lines set in Atlanta (2008-01-16 19:56:38)
    if chipchura is not in the habs plans because i was very surprise they sent him down to hamilton after in my opinion he was playing fairly well then bob mr dithers gainey should trade him too a team a team that would welcome him and not have to worried about being demoted again chipchura is ready for the nhl so come on bob dont let this talent waste in the minors trade him for at least a 1st round draft pick also dont be surprise to see o bryne sent to hamilton wants he returns from the injury.
  • Comment on Price will face Ovechkin, Capitals (2008-01-05 12:09:02)
    just my opinion come trade dead line remember this old song from the monkees i think it was 1967 calling bob bob a gainey calling bob bob a gainey ZILCH one more time from the top calling bob bob a gainey ZILCH.
  • Comment on Price will face Ovechkin, Capitals (2008-01-04 15:44:40)
    lets call b gainey mr dithers for his lack or interest in makeing a trade to improve the team for the strecth drive towards the playoffs he has got to be the most inactive general manager the habs had ever had do you get the impresssion that he just dose not like to make a trade to improve the habs for the playoffs we need to get bigger and tougher if we are going to compete againts teams like ottawa and philly mark my words he will wants again be inactive come trade deadline and we could possibly loose huet or ryder for nothing all these rumors you here about a big trade involving koivu and ryder to san jose for marleau and bernier is just hot air bob gainey in opinion will never trade koivu and will not make a trade this year so stop with all the rumors as montreal keeps winning bob mr dithers gainey his under no pressure to make a trade
  • Comment on Carbo juggles lines to face Lightning (2007-12-27 16:21:06)
    question if our habs fail to make the playoffs again in 2008 should bob gainey get fired for his inactivity come trade deadline the only trade i see him doing would be tradeing m ryder for a 2nd round pick.
  • Comment on We interrupt this Christmas break… (2007-12-26 16:59:52)
    i wonder what bob gainey has got plan for the newyear a trade perhaps i doubt it he will let huet and ryder walk for nothing at seasons end its not his fault its just reality under the new salary cap.
  • Comment on Game 32: Canadiens whip Leafs, end home skid (2007-12-15 23:24:57)
    as long as montreal starts winning again bg is under no pressure to make a trade so all those rumors you are hearing about all those trades put it to rest also as soon brisbois is back o bryne will be sent back to hamilton i notice is ice time is getting lest every game.
  • Comment on Keeping track of Koivu’s wingers (2007-12-14 12:56:12)
    just a question why does bg refuse to make a trade to make the team much better.
  • Comment on Game 21: Canadiens breeze 4-1 over Isles (2007-11-30 21:30:32)
    if the habs do not make the playoffs again who do you think should shoulder the blame bob gainey for his lack of makeing a big trade or guy carbonneau for his coaching style or should both of them be too blame.