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  • Comment on Letters from camp (2010-07-07 12:00:02)

    I agree with that assessment. MaxPac is an athletic player who is an above average skater. However, he really hasn't shown me - or the organization for that matter - that he has top 6 goal scoring instincts or play making ability. He could turn into a Ryan Kesler type player if he focuses on becoming a strong two way player who can get 20 goals. He has a bit of a nasty streak in him as well.

  • Comment on “Practice”: Almost had a story here (2010-04-22 16:57:08)

    Beautiful Barton

  • Comment on “Practice”: Almost had a story here (2010-04-22 16:53:51)

    1. I like the general mix of the team; if the team has the whole season to play together, they can improve. That being said, they need younger D-Men and a game-breaker to be competitive. I would sign and trade Plecky, a prospect, and a pick for a top end talent

    2. A bit. I was a closet Price supporter but Halak has impressed me. I would, of course, keep Price because of his potential. He could be a bigger Marc Andre Fleury if we are patient. I don't know of any organization that would trade a 22 year old goalie prosprect with his talent and his experience, regardless of the foibles.

    3.Bottom six.

    4. In no particular order: Brian Gionta, Scott Gomez, Michael Cammalleri, with special mention: Dominic Moore 

    5. Roman Hamrlik

  • Comment on Round 1, Game 3: Capitals take series lead (2010-04-19 23:42:08)

    1. Where is Markov this series?

    2. Why is Markov playing with Bergeron?

    3. Why is Bergeron playing 20+ minutes?

    4. Why is Metropolit in? I don't think he threw one hit that entire game because of his shoulder. Darche?

    5. Why is Maxwell not in? S. Kostitsyn

    6. Why can't Pouliot stay on his feet?

    7. Why do the refs continually call "bad games?"

    8. Why is Pierre bald?

    9. Why is the Bell Centre so awesome?

    10. Can we win?

  • Comment on That really did happen, right? (2010-04-16 13:33:07)

    The FUNNIEST comment ever. Nice work.

  • Comment on View from there: Ovechkin dings Theo (2010-04-14 15:48:08)

    It's TSN. TSN (James Duthie) thinks the Washington Capitals are the greatest thing in the history of hockey. Montreal, on the other hand, is barely a legitimate beer league team in their sports-casting books. Someone should do a content analysis on the bias of TSN; it's becoming increasingly prevalent.

    They talk more about the second-to last placed team more than they do any playoff team, and they talk about Alexander Ovechkin as if he's second coming.


  • Comment on Game 67: Canadiens win, but lose Pacioretty (2011-03-08 20:28:06)

    Kostitsyn looks possessed. 

  • Comment on Photos: Carey Price’s new mask (2009-09-16 22:38:34)

    I too have to miss the season opener because of Sufjan Stevens. One Last "Whoo-hoo!" for Montreal!