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  • Comment on Mobile usage way up (2010-11-02 17:37:00)

    I'm glad that you're noticing the increased numbers in mobile users.

    I hope that will translate to catering a little better to the mobile users.

    as it stands the mobile experience SUCKS!


    - RSS Feed links end up on main page (not the article it references)

    - Forced redirects to the mobile version

    - even if we switch to non-mobile version, next page load goes back to mobile

    - no comments section


    I can go on and on ...



  • Comment on PERFECT road game (2010-10-23 20:45:59)
    WTF Ficher, and right in front of the ref.
  • Comment on Domination … again (2010-10-16 21:49:11)
    How does AK46 is not even a star? Fans ...
  • Comment on Thank you, Bob (2010-05-11 16:50:01)

    Not at all, but him getting all the glory and none of the blame is not fair for the other GM who never gets mentioned.


  • Comment on Thank you, Bob (2010-05-11 16:48:46)

    Don't let your inflated crush on Price cloud your judgement (I know it's impossible)

    Gainey's announcement (Jan 6, 2010)

    Halak's record at the time 11-6

    Price's record at the time 10-18


    Gainey was still adament that Price needed to carry this team until the day he resigned.

    Enough said!



  • Comment on Thank you, Bob (2010-05-11 15:29:40)

    I think I like Gainey more than your average Hab, but i'm getting sick of all the credit of this team always bouncing of Gainey, yes he is a class act and a a very intelligent loyal Hab, but we've got to start giving some credit to PG.

    Let's remeber that if Gainey had it his way, we wouldn't be in the playoffs, instead we'd be thinking of who to draft in the second round for Philly's pick that he would have gotten by trading Halak.

    Let's remember that he openly anounced that Halak was on the trading block.

    PG on the other hand, the first thing he did was to anounce that Habs will be holding on to both goaltenders, he then went on to add a solid player to the roster in one named Moore.


    I still love Gainey, but this song is getting too old.



  • Comment on Hal Gill’s status still uncertain, Martin says (2010-05-11 15:21:40)

    I wouldn't go as far as calling it a class

    I think it is more a punishment than allowing him to practice.

    Remember, they didn't allow him to join his national team, now that would have been class.

    I'm not criticizing the team for it, but to call it a class stretches too far, there's always two sides to a story, the way Martin treated him this year doesn't come anywhere close to calling it a class act.



  • Comment on Historic!! (2010-05-06 21:23:05)
    Not whole NHL, whole fucking NHL.
  • Comment on Historic!! (2010-05-06 20:53:54)
    wow, a call at this satge in our favor, unbelievable.