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  • Comment on Gionta, Gorges headed to Sabres; Habs sign Malhotra, Weaver and others (2014-07-01 20:14:47)
    Never said it did, but Malhotra is a tough player to play against when on the ice -- great in the dot, good cycle player, will keep possession down low -- I don't remember Gionta as being a "gritty" guy that's going to finish his check every game during the regular season, Briere certainly wasn't that guy and again, inserting Tinordi into the lineup (and/or Weaver), it will interject enough "toughness". But again, for the people complaining, who did you want to sign and are you prepared to wildly overpay...LOOK AT ENGELLAND'S CONTRACT, ARE YOU KIDDING?!
  • Comment on Gionta, Gorges headed to Sabres; Habs sign Malhotra, Weaver and others (2014-07-01 19:48:43)
    I don't understand how anyone could be upset about MBs moves these past couple days. We traded our 13th F (Briere) for a player that can play on the 3rd line and move up the 2nd if needed during stretches with injuries -- that's like free money. And I don't know who thought we would be able to move Briere... We signed a FO specialist 4th line C on a 1 year deal that can be a 2nd F on the ice to take big faceoffs late in games in the playoffs (much like the Kings did w/ Stoll this playoff run). We "upgraded" Gorges into two players, Gilbert (a good puck mover and allows Emelin to move back to his natural side) and Weaver (who essentially plays the same game as Gorges). I understand what Gorges meant to the team, but have we forgotten the long stretches of play during the season where he looked awful? His body was breaking down, he's play TOUGH minutes for us and has been a warrior but did we really want to be straddled with that deal going forward? Gilbert and Weaver are extremely low-risk and with the kids moving up, it was time. We also took a shot on a 22 year old that scored 28 points in the KHL that Pleks can take under his wing. ELC so it's again, low-risk, and if 15 teams were really after him, that says a lot about (a) his talent level, and (b) what young UFAs think about our team. We also signed Carr late last season -- whereas we NEVER got a college UFA or someone coming from overseas, it seems as if our franchise isn't shying away agents from steering their young clients away from us. I also don't understand how we didn't get "tougher". You take out Gionta and Briere -- our only "undersized" players are DD and Gally now, both very skilled players that use their bodies extremely well -- and add in bigger bodies. And on the back end you add a 6'2 D and if you need to inject size and grit you have Tinordi ready to plug in. All in all a win in all departments for the Habs, increasing size with low risk deals (did we overpay for anyone?!) moving forward that will provide a lineup that has a nice mix of vets and young guys.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-30 13:13:53)
    Never do I post, but I just wanted to thank Boone and everyone here at HIO for all the hard work, late night ALNs, discussions and sense of community this place creates. Ever since this site began way back when (when it was still Habs Insideout!) it's been a haven for me to get my hockey/habs fix -- especially being out here in LA -- and getting a sense of the pulse of Montreal, etc. In victory or defeat, I don't think there's anything I enjoy more than reading Boone's take on the previous nights game. Would have loved to be able to see the guys out here in LA for the Cup but what a fun run it has been this year and I'll reiterate what seems to be the sense around here -- the future is bright. You can't teach experience and MB will trim the fat and we'll come back stronger. Let's not forget we are only two years removed from finishing LAST in the Eastern Conference. But with the quick culture change and us being back to our winning ways, I'm excited to see what lies ahead in the offseason.
  • Comment on Canadiens open 2011-12 season in Toronto (2011-06-23 14:23:02)
    So-Cal Swing; Nov 30, Dec 1 and Dec 3! Who's coming with?
  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-27 20:52:17)
    Can you believe this team? Playing with 3 lines and a zombie (AK), we fought back from a two goal deficit on the road in Game 7...they coulda packed it up after the first 7 minutes...THEY NEVER QUIT...win or lose, we gotta be proud, great game so far... Can someone please tell AK to get the damn Arena...this is a joke, WAKE UP
  • Comment on Three leads blown (2011-04-21 17:00:00)
    I hope I'm wrong, but I have a terrible feeling about tonight's game...I've had it since yesterday As much as this isn't a must-win, to give back a 2-0 lead would be devastating and give the Bruins the confidence to go back home and win Game 5...we need to re-take control of the series, the difference between 2-2 and 3-1 cannot be understated... Go Habs Go
  • Comment on No matinĂ©es for first round vs Bruins (2011-04-11 00:36:50)
    I'm in LA as well...haven't been able to find any Habs hangouts, know of any? Got seats for the Kings playoffs but you bet I'll be late if any of ours go to OT
  • Comment on Sixth place (2011-04-09 22:01:24)
    We want Bostonnnnnnn We want Bostonnnnnnn... Bring em on The real season begins
  • Comment on Quick hits (2011-04-06 02:54:54)
    It feels so good to feel the intensity of a playoff game again...the ups and downs and butterflies at every puck that flies to the net... Here it is again everyone, hockey in late April, and let's hope May and June... Let's give credit where credit is due... Not much left to say about the obvious, PK Price AK Cammy, but how about Gomez tonight? Maybe there is something about this little theory that he coasts until this time of year...his playmaking along with Gionta created multiple chances and that line had some great opportunities in the 1st period in which we dominated... The celebration after final goal is why we all love hockey, it was great to see the guys smile and celebrate a hard earned win to put us in and salvage some rest during these two last games... One thing I didn't like? The face-offs...not so much the disparity, but the timely ones we didn't get, the ones at the beginning of PPs and PKs, the ones in the offensive zone, we need to work that out... It's been a rollercoaster ride this season, that's why we love the regular season, but this is real hockey now, it's that time of year...can't wait
  • Comment on OK, this is officially BAD!! (2011-03-26 22:23:24)
    Ok HAHA guys, funny...but the jokes over...