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  • Comment on Sunday CH videos (2012-04-01 10:59:52)
    Rereading the comments, i see what you're saying, maybe the generalizations were a bit much, and no it was not intentional. I do however feel that racism is a bit of a stretch in this situation. Swedish players, looking at the list of active swedes in the nhl, are some of the classiest players in the league, AS ARE some of the russian born players. My comment about being worried about a russian franchise player was more geared towards the problem of the KHL.
  • Comment on Sunday CH videos (2012-04-01 10:45:14)
    I think everyone needs to take it easy. Obviously they are sweeping generalizations, and obviously we don't know anything about these kids! There's no reason to make this some kind of racial debate. Like i previously stated, there is cold hard proof of the KHL causing contractual and obligational problems with some russian players, and it DOES scare scouts away. Grigorenko came over to quebec to play junior however, which shows that he does have the intentions of playing hockey in north america.
  • Comment on Sunday CH videos (2012-04-01 10:34:51)
    I don't think that was necessary, were not racial profiling. The Russian thing is simply a factor because there have been so many disasters with russian players fleeing to the KHL, and using it as a sort of weapon in contract negotiations etc.
  • Comment on Sunday CH videos (2012-04-01 10:26:13)
    the swede!
  • Comment on Sunday CH videos (2012-04-01 10:23:37)
    Grigorenko is the russian that plays in the Q, Galchenyuk is the american/russian that plays for Sarnia. I have the same fears as you, I would be scared to have a russian franchise player. Malkin/Datsyuk are the exceptions. I think Forsberg would be an awesome choice...Swedish franchise players are so awesome...
  • Comment on Sunday CH videos (2012-04-01 10:11:19)
    It's looking like it will either be MTL or EDM drafting 2nd. If edmonton drafts second it's hard to see them picking anyone else but D Murray or Dumba, seeing as theyre so deep at offense. Galchenyuk is enticing but TSN has LW Forsberg and C Grigorenko in front of him on the depth chart. I would be ecstatic at having Forsberg, Grigo or Galchenyuk on habs roster. So EVEN IF our pick falls to 4 or 5, there are some great forward picks available. But i'm pooling for Grigo at 3rd overall. Columbus will take Yakupov, and EDM would be insane to pick at fwd again, all they need is a franchise defenceman and they're a dangerous team for a long time. Grigo is all but a hab if habs brass want him.
  • Comment on Savard speaks about GM search (2012-03-30 11:11:56)
    it doesnt make anyone else a tad uncomfortable, that on a day as iconic as yesterday was, you have the owner strictly saying he will not be limited by language in the gm selection process, while you have his advisor stating the opposite? saying that the gm has to speak french, apparently without consulting the owner. you would think the two would have agreed on what to tell the media before embarking on such an important venture as this, with such strong political ties.
  • Comment on Multimedia after Canadiens lost 3-2 to Islanders in shootout (2012-03-18 00:36:11)
    interesting idea, but i feel like RC's head would spin trying to yell out numbers all night
  • Comment on Boudreau is back (2011-12-01 10:52:42)
    dude plekanec has been the backbone of this team for 2 and a half seasons. dont even try to lump him with cammy/gomer. holy geez
  • Comment on Boudreau is back (2011-12-01 10:37:07)
    been a martin supporter all this time, but last night was my tipping point. seems to me he's lost the room. i don't see evidence of "the system" on the ice at all any more. who else would love to see Paul Maurice behind the bench?