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  • Comment on Picking up the pieces (2010-05-19 13:29:18)

    That's just assinine talk...the kind that dominates this site whenever the Habs lose. I'm as disappointed as anybody. But as soon as the team loses there is a faction on here that rushes to blame the goalie. It happens to both Price and Halak. I thought the Halak bashers were pretty much gone after the first two rounds, but this Makka guy is a bigger loser than most.

    Somebody earlier said that Halak is part of the reason the team lost. That's obvious. It's a team game.

    Is Halak going to let in a soft goal sometimes? Yes he is. Does that suddenly mean it's a great idea to put in a goalie who's played one full game in the past month? No. And if the team doesn't start putting the puck in the net, it's all moot anyway.

  • Comment on More than a 1-0 series deficit (2010-04-30 09:46:21)

    In my experience, momentum is as powerful a force as fatigue.  If the guys keep playing tough and nasty in front, and make sure Jaro doesn't get abused, and gets a look at the puck, he will keep feeling it and keep rolling.

    I am more worried about fatigue with the D. Because if the Pens can assert themselves in the slot, bump Jaro and create screens and scrambles, then we're in trouble.  If Pittsbugh pops a couple of quick ones, and Jaro loses his momentum THAT's when fatigue becomes a factor. It's the emotional let down that comes from a couple of goals against that really start to make you feel worn down.

    So, Gill, Georges, O'Byrne, Markov...don't lose that nasty edge!

  • Comment on Game F. Seven!!! (2010-04-26 16:18:28)

    This game will be won or lost in the 100 square feet in front of the Habs net and between the hashmarks. Jaro was brilliant in game 5 because he saw the puck and didn't get jostled as he tried to get square.  We need our D to be as big and mean tonight as they were on Friday, and we need the forwards to buzz and bang as best they can. 

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-04-22 10:21:24)

    I am dreading 24 hours of flame wars between the Price camp and the Halak camp.

    I don't understand why Habs fans need to support their guy by ripping down the other one.

    As for who should start, I would personally go back to Halak because I don't think any of the goals in Game 3 were his fault, and there was only one in Game 2 that I'd call a softie (the tying goal with a few minutes left). But you know  - you could make a strong case for either guy. Price played well last night and the D didn't play much better for him than they did for Jaro.

    Either way, I don't see the Habs going anywhere against this Caps team.  But whoever Martin starts in game 4, that's the guy they are going to try hardest to sign to a long-term deal in the off-season.  They are making a statement about who they see leading this team into the future.  I don't think there is any chance that both guys will be back next year. And if I were a betting man, I think the Habs will go with Price and deal Halak.

  • Comment on Get out the brooms (2010-04-21 17:17:06)

    I predict Price will play well tonight, and the Habs still lose. And when that happens there will be people on these boards pinning the loss to him unfairly. I'm more of a Halak guy myself, but Price has gotten the shaft this year in terms of unfair criticism.

    Sorry to be so negative, but this team has problems that have nothing to do with the guys in net.

    Now Gionta, Gomez, Cammelieri, Markov...prove me wrong!

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-04-20 10:17:13)

    This team is utterly overmatched.

    The fact that people are zeroing in on the goaltending is hilarious. It is the only strength this team has. The core of  Markov, Plekanec, Gionta, Gomez, Kostitsyn is not the core of a contending team. Like Kerley said, this is a bubble team, and it's being exposed by an elite team. The blueline is soft and slow. The grinders are fine but have zero offensive upside, so you're never going to get a game like the Caps did last night where the 3rd and 4th liners chip in 4 goals.

    Green, Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom, Laich, Knuble...that is the core of a contender.  Hell I'd take their supproting cast (Fleischmann, Fehr, Gordon, Belanger, Corvo) over most of our guys.

    Bob MacKenzie said it best last night after the second period: If they Habs are going to play that bad, and the Caps are going to play that well, you could have Roy or Plante or George hainsworth in there, and the Habs are going to lose.

    Put Price in, go back to Halak...it doesn't matter. They can't clear the bodies from the slot. They can't stop the D from backing in. They can't prevent the giveaways. And they cant't score. So either way, they're destined to be the fall guys.

  • Comment on For 20 minutes, a great game (2010-04-19 21:05:45)

    There are some people who watch hockey games and see only one goalie versus another goalie. This site is full of people like that.

    Other people see 19 guys on each side out there, and the Caps 19 are just way better than the Habs 19.

    You want to tell yourself that the Habs would be winning this game if Varlamov was wearing a Habs jersey then you go right ahead. The truth is the Habs were abysmal in the second half of game two, and just as bad in the second period tonight. You can't stop the puck if you can't see it. You can't stop the puck if you can't get set.

  • Comment on For 20 minutes, a great game (2010-04-19 20:54:09)

    The problem ain't the goalies. It really isn't.

    It's unfortunately that that's the first place everybody looks. I'm not saying Halak has been brilliant the past couple of games, but there are 15 guys out there who've played worse than him.

    The D has been just incredibly soft.  Backing in, standing around, not boxing anybody out, letting washington run the crease and set up wherever they want. For a bunch of vets they look intimidated.

    The TSN panel was just unanimous that Halak had no chance on any of the three goals he let in, and Price didn't have a chance on Ovie's one-timer either.

    The Habs are in the playoffs because of their goalies. Full stop. With average goaltending they are playing golf right now. For everybody on here to be carping about Halak and Price is just laughable.