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  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-28 00:18:20)
    Im sad and disappointed but that will pass in a day or two and life goes on. Im proud of our boys and the effort they showed, they could have mailed it in a few games ago but they didn't. Depleted, deflated, bad bounces, they fought through it all and came up a goal short. Sure, we were up 2-0 and were an eyelash away from going up 3-1 in the series, but thems the breaks and we just couldn't get it done. Thanks for the effort guys, i appreciate the heart and courage you showed in this series, don't hang your head, hold it high. As for the bruins, i had little respect for them going into this series and somehow i came out with even less. They are a gutless, cheap shot, garbage hockey team. They are everything that is wrong with hockey today. They deserve to win nothing and I sure hope thats what they get. My last enjoyment of this hockey year will be seeing the bruins flame extinguished. Habs in 2012!
  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-27 18:27:07)
    NESN is terrible. During the Pacioretty ordeal I heard the Andy brickley (or whoever) soundbite 1000 times. Tired of listening to him Foaming at the mouth yelling "hes a cocky kid and somebodys gonna knock his head off"
  • Comment on Video: Canadiens defeat Kings 4-1 (2010-11-25 11:02:45)

    Great effort tonight guys. I was ecstatic to see Lars net his first for the habs. Hes been working hard and deserves it, especially after the heartbreak of missing that near empty net against philly. Hoping he breaks through and starts scoring more consistently. Love the reaction of his line mates.

  • Comment on Game 17: Habs calm Hurricanes, Markov hurt (2010-11-13 21:42:02)

    Im totally holding my breath right now. When markov punched tbe boards i felt sick in my stomach. Please oh please i hope hes ok.

  • Comment on Plenty to smile about (2010-10-26 10:40:03)


    Good win last night guys.


    I was so happy that eller got a point, i was really hoping he could get on the board. I thought he played hard last night and it looks like the kid just needs a bounce or 2 to go his way to get some confidence going. Keep hustling out there Lars and the results will come.


    Im very concerned regarding the 2nd line. Gomez and GIo need to get something going. Looked like they started with pyatt up there, then omen, then pouliot. Talk about a revolving door, seems we cant even find a winger for 2 shifts, let alone a game. Whoever ends up there with them, those 2 need to create more and take the pressure off the 1st line to always produce. Gio seems to be really squeezing the stick since he was anointed, hopefully he can shake that soon and get on a roll.


  • Comment on Canadiens sign Boyd to 1-year deal (2010-07-01 20:17:32)

    Good signing, good fit, nice work PG.

  • Comment on AUDIO UPDATE: Halak to Blues for 2 prospects (2010-06-17 15:55:36)

    Your kidding me, disappointed in this. I get trading halak, cant keep both, high value right now but cmon. The guy was huge in the olympics, huge in the playoffs, without halak we lose to the caps in 5, maybe 4.

    I dont understand how you dont target something more valuable back, is this truly the best deal out there for a jaro halak coming off his year?

    How about?


    • David Backes RW 6'3 216 26 $2,500,000
    • T.J. Oshie C 6'0 194 23 $850,000
    • David Perron LW 6'0 180 22 875,000
    or even
    • Patrik Berglund C 6'4 210 22 $850,000


    This smells to me like this is a money move. Perhaps this means they negotiated with Pleks, about to give him 5 per on a 6 year deal and lock in price at say 3.5 per for 4-5 years so something had to give.
    I know nothing of the 2 prospects we got back, but i sure hope our scouts do.


  • Comment on Round 3, Game 5: Playoff run ends in Philly (2010-05-24 22:22:33)

    After years of frustration and disappointment we finally stepped up and pushed through to the 3rd round. Sure, i wanted more, dosent everyone? but being a fan thats spent many years being heartbroken by lackluster, soft efforts, this is a much better way to go.

    We got some valuable experience for our young guys and have some building blocks for the future. There are decisions to be made, pieces to be moved, signings to be done, it will be an interesting offseason.


    Was a hell of a run for a team that most picked to win 1 game in the first round.

    Thanks guys, well done.

  • Comment on Round 2, Game 7: Eastern final, here we come (2010-05-12 22:29:11)

    Im heading to montreal next week and desperately seeking tickets for game 3 or / and 4.  Does anyone know the ticket situation? How do they deal with round 3 tickets? are there any that go on sale to the general public? I cant imagine they sold all potential seats for all rounds at the start of the playoffs.

    Hook a HIO brother up with some hometown info.

  • Comment on Round 2, Game 7: Eastern final, here we come (2010-05-12 22:23:46)

    Way to go guys, im on cloud 9 and cant wait for the next round.