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All-time favorite player: Forrest, wait...Gump Worsley...I new it was some Gump.


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  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 16:39:27)
    Yeah, ain't it AWESOME?????!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 16:38:16)
    Class players like Ryan White? What about that class act George Laraque? He was a stellar addition to your team. I guess he couldn't stand playing for the storied Canadiens for more than one season, huh? Campbell pounded the snot out of Pyatt. The elbow pad made it even better. Good to have friends in high places. Worth its weight in gold. Get your fingers and phones ready to dial 911 tonight.
  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 16:30:43)
    Wow, you're nearly as clever as Tinhorn
  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 16:28:31)
    My stories are only boring only when I'm talking about the Canadiens
  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 14:52:25)
    Do you have any stories that AREN'T boring?
  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 14:01:07)
    Hey, Tinhorn, are you the Geico guy? You know, the caveman? Your posts all seem to have the same level of wisdom that he has. All this time I thought he was just an actor, and look, here he is, in the flesh, posting online. Who knew? It figures that he is a Canadiens fan. HAHAHAHA.... No, but seriously, I mean....WOW....are you capable of posting any comments that might actually have ANY shreds of logic or coherent thought at all? Anything other than blah, blah, blah? Seriously. Give me something to work with here. Anything at all....anything. As far as Braney Frank goes, aren't you union thugs the ones who keep supporting him for reelection year after year? He supports your lousy union agendas. Plus, I bet you think he's a special kind of guy on a personal level, don't you? Comon, Tinhorn, admit it .
  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 13:40:34)
    Yeah, one you squeezed out in OT, so that was basically a draw. And OK, you beat us in the other 3, I'll give you that. Big deal. So, you won 4 (3 basically and tied one) and lost the last two. Trending downward I'd say. But, I guess in your book that means you have the "advantage". All your pals here say that the regular season means nothing. I guess that is because we won the division and you didn't. Let's see, you won the season series, you lost the division, and we gave you a beating in the last two games. So I guess in Habworld that means you have the advantage. Sure. There's logic for ya. So, you keep kidding yourselves with your phony confidence boosters that you match up well. Keep telling one another how great your team is and how there is nothing to worry about. Keep pointing out how fantastic Price is, that Thomas stinks, how fast you are, how great Subban is, how we choked against the Flyers. That's right, keep whistling past that graveyard. Mmmmm hmmmm. I guess we'll see what happens over the course of the next week or so, won't we?
  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 12:05:29)
    You mean like they pulled CAAAAAAAAREEEEE for Auld when we routed you 7-0?
  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 12:03:23)
    I hear that Patchofspaghetti is "sitting out" round 1. Still, I can only marvel at the "miraculous" recovery from a broken neck, to even contemplate playing hockey only 5 weeks later. Well, sounds like he'll be back just in time to break out the golf clubs. Personally, I think he might be suffering from a touch of Zdenophobia...
  • Comment on And here we go (2011-04-14 11:51:59)
    You mean the way Campbell did to Pyatt?