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  • Comment on It was not to be (2010-11-06 20:12:55)

    Touching tribute, but somebody pull the CBC editors and graphics guys aside and teach them about title-safe area. You don't put text and graphics all the way right or left, because some TV's (like mine) will cut them off.

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  • Comment on No Pleks, no problem (2010-11-05 20:54:08)

    Question: If Martin murders Gomez, does his remaining salary count against the cap?

  • Comment on No Pleks, no problem (2010-11-05 20:14:42)

    Argh!! I'm going to be in Florida one week too early to take advantage of that discount tickets deal!!

  • Comment on No Pleks, no problem (2010-11-05 20:10:03)

    Glad they got that one back. I'm still hung up on the Gomez play. WTF was he thinking?!

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-04-20 01:37:47)

    I still have a good feeling about this series. The odds (and the refs) are against the Habs, but the Caps are vulnerable.

    By the way, any Habs fans in Nova Scotia who want to show some Tricolor pride on Facebook and elsewhere can download my Habbified version of the Nova Scotia crest:

  • Comment on It’s too quiet (2010-04-04 17:44:28)

    I was very excited when the Habs drafted Price, and I partook of Kool-Aid during his rookie season. The experts who laud his potential are not wrong, and he could be a superstar in the NHL. But not with the Montreal Canadiens.

    By any reasonable measure, Jaro Halak has earned the right to be an undisputed number one goalie in Montreal. He has salvaged two consecutive seasons from potential disaster, and I believe he has a big upset against Washington/Pittsburgh/Buffalo in him. I have no quarrel with Price, but it's time for the Canadiens to give Jaro the respect he's earned. It's his net and his team.

    What I like about Halak - and what sets him apart from many goalies, including Price - is that he is more than a technician. He battles. He improvises. He makes the ugly save. For all the lovely advancements in the butterfly style, I often see goalies like Price allowing goals that make my blood boil, picking up their far leg to push smoothly (and slowly) toward the open side while the shooter buries the puck. Dive for it, for chrissakes! At a certain point, you throw out technique and cover the distance as fast as possible. Patrick Roy, the dean of butteflyers and a master technician, understood this. Halak understands this. That's why he makes that one crucial extra save per game that eludes Price.

  • Comment on Technical difficulties earlier today (2007-11-17 19:04:25)
    Hi Kevin, Dave, Mike, and (in absentia) Pat: I was interested to hear your thoughts about Patrick Roy's number retirement. I understand your reservations about Roy's character. I grew up idolizing him, but I always understood Number 33's ego matched his swollen equipment. He was my favorite Hab, but I knew he was no role model. I also knew Roy's greatness depended on his arrogance. He thrived in a town that can destroy lesser puckstoppers. His swagger rubbed off on his teammates; the Canadiens haven't been the same since he left for Colorado. Roy's Habs were the last squad to walk with the assured stride of hockey's greatest franchise. That alone merits a Number 33 banner in the rafters. You pointed out the Canadiens' love for history. "The franchise is about tradition," you said. No argument here. But the Habs are about one thing above all: Stanley Cups. The Cups make this club special. The Cups (24 of them - a ridiculous number, really) separate our Habs from the Leafs and Wings. So there's really just one reason to retire Patrick Roy's number: without him, we'd be moaning about a 28-year Cup drought instead of a 14-year one. Love the Puckcasts. Keep up the great work. (Note: Intended to post this to the latest Puckcast, but the "comments" link took me here.)