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  • Comment on Miller time (2011-03-22 15:49:04)
    Scary stuff. This team is not even half as dangerous without Price.
  • Comment on Pacioretty speaks to TSN’s McKenzie (2011-03-09 23:52:43)

    I actually will not be surprised if the NHL fines Pacioretty for these comments. After all, he is undermining the "integrity" of the league. Complete garbage.

    What goes around comes around. I actually think this hit has damaged Boston's team more than Montreal, for the simple reason that Chara has been exposed as a cheap piece of trash that has to take cheap shots against players that rub him the wrong way. He's a bastard.

    Get better Max. Even if you never play another game, the important thing is that you get well.


  • Comment on Video update: Kostopoulos suspended 3 games (2008-11-10 16:59:50)
    Three games is a bit much, considering we've seen players get hit like this dozens of times, only to get fewer games -- or no games at all. He deserves a suspension but this is a bit much.
  • Comment on Who own da Chief? (2008-11-07 12:42:40)
    Balsillie needs to get a life. The reality is that even if the habs were for sale, it would never happen this year, and it would never be publicized until a deal was imminent. So, even if there was a potential deal in place with Balsillie, it's probably gone now. This guy has really built up a terrible reputation as a sh*t disturber amongst the NHL governors. One could only imagine what type of antics and tactics he'd use if he ever becomes an owner on an NHL franchise.