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  • Comment on AK46 shockwaves (2011-08-12 10:37:48)
    Watch and learn sweede are fast but if they do not have a russian opening the seams they are usless
  • Comment on AK46 shockwaves (2011-08-12 10:29:41)
    G-man are you watching the same game as me ? If you do not realize that AK is a secound liner to first line you are asleep. Read patience is a virtue and learn he seem to have right idea. Cole wile come with the same game as AK and will light a fire under gomez this might put AK and plek together for season and the Two will light up for #1 line
  • Comment on AK46 shockwaves (2011-08-12 10:20:54)
    Think you have great lines. AK would be a loss if not used right and he is strong .Could be 30 goal scorer if Coach would leave him on right line (plek and cammy) but coach alway puts some one having problems with plek to get them started and AK usually get moved and takes a few games to mesh with new line but usually get it going. Not saying AK is the be all to the team but he has the strengh to be a big reason to make it go.