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  • Comment on Habs’ day: Brossard to Raleigh, with video (2011-11-22 23:40:12)
    For the uncultured/pacified folk up in Montreal, when you see a person being pummeled you intervene. In the States, this response is often taught at a young age, and it is at the least the humane course of action. Just do unto others........ Furthermore, as taxpayers I am sure you have a modicum of concern when your police department spends nine months invesigating a hockey play, but decides upon arrival to a violent scene and with no attempt to consider opening an investigation, that no charges will be filed. Culture will come to you...but you too must do your part. And Boone, please make my day and tell me you're now a converted Yankee fan.
  • Comment on Josh Gorges, happy(ish) camper (2011-07-26 18:50:58)
    Only wish you were right: Bruins would surely have more than 1 cup over the past 39 years!!! We'll take 'em however we can get 'em.
  • Comment on Rolling up the rim on Tim (2011-07-18 19:14:06)
    "If Boston sounds like fun then you need to travel more." Now, I know you've never visited Boston - one of the greatest American cities. I would suggest either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. Philly, much like Boston, has a very old-world historical feel with plenty to do. But, much like Boston, tickets may be hard to come by. Pittsburgh has less to offer, but just enough for a day trip. In every case here, ticket availability will be the issue. Washington is a great city, but simply lacks a "hockey" feel IMO. I would agree with Chicago as well as a Western option. Another great American city, although not as historical feeling as Boston or Philly, but bigger and with plenty to do.
  • Comment on Pacioretty takes big step in rehab; Cole meets media (2011-07-15 00:36:02)
    Let's refrain from referring to a hockey style as "beautiful" as that adjective should be reserved for figure skating only. This is simply Canadian vs. European styles; the latter having a more effeminate quality and arguably stripping it of its roots IMHO, although "prettier" to watch.
  • Comment on Happy parade, Boston (2011-06-19 19:22:57)
    @pat s- I suppose we can say the same things about those Montreal Cups that are tainted because of Norris' financial backing for some 30+ years, not to mention the "gift" given to the Habs as a player of their choice from Quebec, all resulting in Cups that really never happened, or at least where an asterisk should be attached. Anyway, good to see a team win playing traditional Canadian style hockey; finally!
  • Comment on Bummer … on many levels (2011-06-16 15:47:03)
    Boston won without Marc Savard. Just sayin'........
  • Comment on On to Game 7 (2011-06-14 00:52:07)
    @habsfaninboston.....Any way to persuade you to leave Boston?
  • Comment on Maybe Game 2 will be better (2011-06-02 19:05:42)
    Wrong site, my friend. Habs fans appreciate diving and biting in hockey as can any Canadian team. Uncomfortably effeminate qualities in both.
  • Comment on Maybe Game 2 will be better (2011-06-02 18:59:30)
    Right - the manly thing to do is punch. The effeminate thing to do is bite.
  • Comment on TORRES! TORRES! TORRES! (2011-06-01 22:09:18)
    Those emails you're referring to occured years ago whilst his son was in Florida; they're not recent. Geez....Nucks getting every call their way. Now I'm suspicious of the refs being told to bring that Cup to Canada.