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Habs fan since: 1952
Favorite current player: Price,& Gorges
All-time favorite player: Robinson, Beliveau, Richard


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  • Comment on Update as Game 7 approaches (2011-04-27 14:13:40)
    Bruins escape suspension again. It must be nice to have daddy on your team. This is getting to be a habit. If that was any other team Lucic would have been suspended. I guess the Habs will have to beat the ref's & the so called discipline department. GO HABS GO. LJH
  • Comment on First elimination game (2011-04-26 11:24:31)
    When is coach going to put Gomer on the 4th line? We need someone to step up & be 2nd line center. Spacek needs to take a seat in press box. Put in Weber or Mara, can't hurt. I guess this late in the season it won't happen. Anyway cheer hard tonight. GO HABS GO A Habs fan since early 50's. LJH
  • Comment on Game 78: Habs blown away by Hurricanes (2011-03-30 22:41:05)
    If anybody thinks the Habs should sign Gill & Hamrlik for next season then watch replay of tonight's game. They were awful. Sopel & Mara were not much better. Habs fan since 1950 LJH
  • Comment on Game 78: Habs blown away by Hurricanes (2011-03-30 22:37:16)
  • Comment on Embarrassing (2011-02-24 22:48:16)

    LJH I have been a Habs fan for about 60 years. I just watch Habs lose to the leafs. Terrible.

    Most useless player award goes to Gomez, Hamrlik & Gill. Time to cut our losses. Don't resign Gill or Hamrlik they are useless. As for Gomez WHO would want him & his stolen money. What a waste. We have a couple of young guys that would give their hearts for the Habs, but they sit on the bench & watch Gomez float around & do nothing. If coach wants Gomez Then put him on 4th line. Can we send Gomez to Hamilton? Sorry I don't want to wreck the DOGS.