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  • Comment on Taking stock of fancy-skating P.J. (2010-09-08 12:28:54)

    What do you guys think of the habs 2 first centers: Gomez and Plekanec?

    I think we have 2 incredible all-around centers, both very responsible defensively.

    Those 2 are the best first centers the Habs have had in years!

    Offensively, none of these guys are 90 points scorers but they both can wish to 

    finish the season with 70 points.

    This is a crazy analysis of the centers in the NHL:

     It is french:


    Those guys are doing great other articles like this one, check it out!

  • Comment on Canadiens sign FA forward Halpern (2010-09-07 22:21:53)

    I love this move! surprised at first but Halpern wil

    do a great job replacing Metropolit and Moore. The fact

    that he is right-handed is also very important!

    Welcome to Montréal M. Halpern!

    By the way, great article on this site:


    it is in french but there is not much text to it! enjoy!