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  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-19 15:08:08)
    To say HNIC is more bias than NESN is pure absurdity. And to compare Bob Cole to that joke of an announcer Jack Edwards is something only heard in Boston pubs...
  • Comment on Laperrière will play Saturday (2010-05-21 16:48:44)

    I guess you just decided to either ignore, or forget about the praise Ron McLean gave the Habs and their fans in the opening of 'Hockey Tonight' during his walk through.  As for Cherry, its obvious he is not a Habs fan, however he has been giving the praise all playoffs, including Coach's Corner last night.  As for his comment about "embarrassing them 5-1", he was not referring to the score, he was simply referring to the rough stuff that happened in the last few minutes between Spacek, Briere, etc.  I believe the term "waking a sleeping giant" applies here.  You are totally entitled to your opinion, I just see a lot of holes in your argument, no disrespect... Anyway, GO HABS GO!