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  • Comment on Kovy does not go quietly (2011-08-09 09:57:48)
    Speaking of Malkin, he finally got some time off with the injury last year after 3 years of hockey through the summer. Me thinks Art Ross is right up his alley this year.
  • Comment on Kovy does not go quietly (2011-08-09 09:45:26)
    If Markov finally proves that he's NOT allergic to the playoffs, we have a realistic shot at that.
  • Comment on Kovy does not go quietly (2011-08-09 09:14:45)
    Ryan Miller is the top choice for Vezina this year if i had to put a dime on it.
  • Comment on Kovy does not go quietly (2011-08-09 09:13:38)
    It is increasingly easier to gain any type of reputation, and virtually impossible to "remove" it. The general public is so consumed by the words that are reported on their screens that they gain a sickening confidence in their tip of the iceberg flawed opinions. Kovalev is right in saying that many reporters just don't watch hockey. He's a special player and human being, while most of those reporting about his "laziness" are far from that.
  • Comment on Surprise! Price starts vs. Toronto, Habs sign Swiss free-agent (2011-04-08 15:21:41)
    Stats are for losers.
  • Comment on Surprise! Price starts vs. Toronto, Habs sign Swiss free-agent (2011-04-08 14:42:32)
  • Comment on Surprise! Price starts vs. Toronto, Habs sign Swiss free-agent (2011-04-08 14:37:37)
    I understand the fear of an injury, but why would Price and PK be in top shape all year only to get injured in game 82? It can happen...just like it could've happened during any other game. If it's the opponent, then how exactly are the leafs classless and gutless? Please explain.
  • Comment on Recchi speaks recklessly (2011-03-24 08:20:39)
    Recchi is a smart man who knew exactly what he was going to say going into that interview. The spot light is now slightly off Chara's shoulders (their MVP), completely off Lucic and Horton's shoulders (their best forwards) and on to those of a 43 year old ex hab who's likely going to enjoy the attention he never received. Whether he believes his comments or not is irrelevant. Recchi feels like a winner already.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-03-23 15:03:40)
    I agree with this, and that's where i think our experienced coaching staff and core of vets know full well what they're doing. We can analyze their play all we want, only they know how well they're shifting gears mentally/physically. Most of us didn't expect Cammi, Gio, Gomer and Pleks to have a 6th gear in the playoffs last year either. I'm sure 14 and 15 (at least) would be playing tomorrow if it was a playoff game.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-03-23 08:40:48)
    With healthy bodies returning, especially 14, 15 and 55, everyone will go back to their normal roles. That should help us string a few W's in the finals 2 weeks of the reg season. The fact DD, Eller and others are playing big minutes lately is awesome for their development. One strong game out of 2 from them in their increased roles (with consistent effort) is enough to show that they are solid (especially Eller) projects in the making. Injuries are often a blessing in disguise. Of all the playoff teams in the East, Montreal is the one most assured of its final position. I'm happy Boston won last night. Playing them as the 6th seed is virtually better for us than hosting them as the 3rd seed. We'll hopefully be healthier, sharper and more focused. It's an easier task for our vets to lead the troops on a 2 game road journey for 1 W than to defend home ice for 2 straight games. Plus up until 10 days ago, Boston's road record was better than any team's home record. So for the final 8 games we should hope for hard work, health and no change in the standings affecting us! Health x (13 + 14 + 21 + 91) + Studness x (76 + 31) = merry playoffs imo