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  • Comment on Lapierre, O’Byrne recalled; Grabovski sent down (2007-12-05 11:11:29)
    I wonder what the hell is the matter with Cory Locke! When we drafted him he was the top junior scorer two years in a row. I watched him play for the memorial cup and many games for the Ottawa 67s. He is a pure goal scorer, one of the quickest release shot guys that ever played for Killer in his coaching career, and he sure has had a few. I don't pretend to know what it is that keeps him down on the farm, but if he were up here with us i guarantee we would see the red light come on much more often. Well at least we are starting to let the boys know that there are others who want there jobs. Lets start bringing up the farm and cutting off the dead wood. Deadwood remember, is a long way from the HEART !
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-04 22:26:09)
    It would be a chalenge for the jrs to find the oposition on the ice!!
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-04 22:07:11)
    I know,it sucks yeats. Were not having very much fun with this squad right now. But i wonder if just like the stock market, we stop looking at our portfolio for 6 mo. or a year and maybe get a surprise. This is starting to get stressfull,at what point if we keep playing like this, do we loose one of our CUPS!!
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-04 21:45:29)
    Simple game of work forces errors, first Begin makes a perfect pass for there 1st goal, next Streit gives it up for there 2nd,and so on, and so on, shots on goal 3 to 1. Well next game maybe, goodnight all!!!!!
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-04 22:16:47)
    PK Suban goes to national Juniors Tonight, maybe this team should use the Habs to scrimage with.
  • Comment on PuckCast Vol. 2, No. 10 [Podcast] (2007-12-04 18:35:06)
    Thanks JF
  • Comment on PuckCast Vol. 2, No. 10 [Podcast] (2007-12-04 14:22:08)
    DAVE - - - _ _ _ - - -
  • Comment on PuckCast Vol. 2, No. 10 [Podcast] (2007-12-04 14:18:46)
    Sorry Dave, I don't know what a podcast or puckcast is! And when i click on it i get ERROR. By reading earlier posts i se4e others can't download also. What is it anyway, live play or interviews on tape or you posting when the game is on? I,m not very techy. I know morris on a telegraph key though.
  • Comment on The NHL Grinch (2007-12-03 16:40:50)
    MIKE! Between chopping ice off my cars and my old fart school bus that gets me up in the mornings, and reading your fantasy article about trading for ov-------. I must say that it takes ones mind off of what ever the habs are really doing, or for that matter, what they might really do. It is great, we get an ice storm here and on the ice at the same time. Sure hope things warm up soon. Close my eyes and remember those fantastic looking ladies in montreal, WHO NEEDS FLORIDA?
  • Comment on Halak recalled to sub for injured Huet (2007-12-02 22:54:32)
    I hear that there is not enough TAX collected in Quebec to give flu shots!!