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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Islanders (2013-03-21 20:11:39)
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Islanders (2013-03-21 20:03:35)
    with all due respect to JT, and Boone I think Price's Calder Cup Championship ring(MVP performance), and that world jr. gold medal(MVP performance) around his neck beg to differ. The Price is Right
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-24 13:08:59)
    Halak didn't start game 4 last year Price take them numbers out...... Game 1 45/47 Game 2 31/37 Game 3 10/13 Game 4 Price started Game 5 37/38 and you get a .911 sv % The Price is Right
  • Comment on Giggy robs them (2010-10-07 19:23:14)

    lol that would've been classic for sure....and then a Hab player walking out of the john :D




    The Price is Right

  • Comment on Giggy robs them (2010-10-07 19:18:37)

    I hate to break it to the Maple Leafs, but i think that their ice is actually made of toilet water



    The Price is Right

  • Comment on Gomez has high hopes for 2010-11 (2010-09-11 11:09:31)

    April 5th vs the defending champs from Chicago for me....section 316...come on hockey season lol

  • Comment on Talking $$$ on the Lord’s Day (2010-07-25 14:51:05)

    lol.....once again miss my point. I said, and make no excuses...I am a Carey Price fan period. I am a Montreal Canadiens fan period. Am I happy he's on my team? Yes period. Again my point is this, I can not make it any clearer, I thought anyways: I am a Canadiens fan first Carey Price fan second period. If they would have chose to keep Halak over Price, I still would have been a Canadiens fan first period. I would've cheered for Carey Price to have success still, but not until after my TEAM'S success. All I'm saying is that what's done is done, and Canadiens fans need to be just that. As I originally said you don't have to like every player on the roster, but you should want the team to win, no matter who it is leading the way period. As far as what Halak did for this team, I like everyone else was happy for the team, and him, he deserved better. However the management made their decision based on the future, not the past. Will it work out for the best? Who knows, but let's just wait until the season has begun, and ended...then we will know all the answers.

  • Comment on Talking $$$ on the Lord’s Day (2010-07-25 14:06:15)

    That may be true, but has nothing to do with my point. I said the same thing in that winning is what matters. Although to me a true fan sticks with his team no matter good or bad, that is an argument for another day. I'm just saying people should cheer for the team's success before cheering for individual player's success on the team.

  • Comment on Talking $$$ on the Lord’s Day (2010-07-25 13:42:01)

    I for one support my team first, favorite players second. Had the team kept Halak, I would've been upset, but still supported the team and Halak, and just cheered on Price secondary(as I did with a guy named Roy, hated the trade, still loved the TEAM). Favorite players come and go, that's part of cheering for a team, so you just stand up and cheer for whomever is there, whether you like them or hate them. It should be most important for the team to win.  As far as how much he signs for who cares the Molson's are paying the contracts not the fans, and as pointed out by others it will get done.

  • Comment on Historic!! (2010-05-06 21:27:34)
    To quote Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys....F you Penguins, F you striped suit dummies(referee's) F you NHL....series tied at 2....see you in Pitsburgh!!!!