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  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-05 23:16:03)
    Criticism involves not just assent or dissent but a substantiated and constructive opinion. There are too many one or two line comments that provide nothing except that 1) we made the wrong choice and 2) can look forward to another failed year.
  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-05 22:48:23)
    Do you think the hiring foreshadows some of our vets being let go for more of a youth movement?
  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-05 22:46:47)
    I agree. Bergevin has clearly interviewed a lot of people, and he wouldn't have hired Therrien unless he made the most sense based on the direction if the team. A lot of people are speaking as if he was hired arbitrarily based on reading Therrien's stats and history on Wikipedia and watching videos of him on YouTube. Dialogue is way more important than either of those because all parties clearly have a vision, and, evidently, Therrien's vision made the most sense. Unfortunately us fans are only privy to Wikipedia and YouTube and very little that is actually substantial.
  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-05 22:36:18)
    Everyone stop mentioning Lemaire. He retired.
  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-05 22:33:27)
    Give Therrien a chance before throwing in the towel. I like Bergevin and I trust that he and Dudley took the candidate that made the most sense with the direction they are taking the team. There is no coach or GM that will have success with any team regardless of that team's play style. The best are the best because not only are they good at what they do but also because they are wise enough to choose to work for teams that compliment their style. Maybe Therrien made more sense than the other candidates to Bergevin based on the direction he's taking the team.
  • Comment on Canadiens name Therrien coach (2012-06-05 22:28:37)
    Here's something interesting to note. When Therrien lost to Detroit in 07-08, one major issue was a lack of scoring depth. Only Ryan Malone had more than 10 points in that playoff run (aside from Crosby, Malkin, Gonchar, Hossa). Essentially it was a 1 line team that failed against Detroit defense. The next year Bill Geurin, Ruslan Fedotenko, Chris Kunitz and Chris Letang were all added and all had over 10 points in the playoffs. With more depth Therrien likely would have won the year before. It's important to note that a GM and their acquisitions are just as important as the coach to creating a team that can make it in the playoffs. Also should note that Bylsma has had no playoff success after the year that he and Therrien split the season.
  • Comment on Blake Geoffrion to honour legendary family in No. 57 (2012-02-28 00:42:28)
    Did the Habs waste more assets by not trading some of their UFAs? I rant about our history of wasting draft picks and failing to trade players here:
  • Comment on Battling flu, Canadiens take Wednesday off (2012-02-22 14:19:27)
    Does Plekanec have a future in Montreal? The answer can be found in my new Habs blog.
  • Comment on Barch suspended one game for shot at P.K. (2012-01-05 17:04:47)
    hate hate hate hate
  • Comment on Liveblog: Never in doubt! (2011-12-10 16:14:37)
    I didn't think that at all. There are definitely a lot of us with a view point like this. I would be curious to see a response from Boone that is longer than one sentence, and involves no sarcastic or humorous dismissal of these types of sentiments. Any serious analyst should try to improve constantly, but I see little growth in Boone's writing over the past few years.