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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-10 12:19:51)
    I'm not exempting them. Those guys need to play better as well, but I find they are much easier to shut down as a pair when the 3rd member of their trio doesn't seem interested. You at least need the 3rd guy to keep the coverage in the neutral and defensive zones honest. When the D gets a chance to sell out and play man on man those two guys (Pleks and Gionta) are going to lose a lot more battles than they are going to win. They need a physical presence to give them some space to create a play. Without it they are easily neutralized.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-10 12:03:19)
    The team has not played enough games to get into any kind of rhythm yet so it's too early to make any judgements at this point. There are however a couple of glaring weaknesses the stick out right away. There is zero physicality on the back end right now. P.K. can hold his own and Tinordi is still a work in progress in this department. Teams will continue to expose the Canadiens on defense until Emelin comes back and proves he is 100%. By that time Tinordi should have settled down and learned the ropes a bit and we have a decent 1-2 punch on the back end. Outside of the kid line we are lacking this same thing up front. Pleckanec and Gionta cannot get going if Bourque is going to be a floater out there. When that line becomes one dimensional and stays on the perimeter they are easy to defend. DD and Briere need to win a few 1 on 1 battles for their line to be effective. Patches should be carrying the puck in the zone and ripping off a shot with no support every time. That simply will not get anything done in the NHL. Winning games with speed and skill require a ton of chemistry. So far only the kids really have it and that is because they are working their butts off every shift. The leadership (vets) on this team need to take note and start working harder. The chemistry will come eventually, lets just hope we are still in the race by the time it does.
  • Comment on Rimouski defenceman Morin could be a good fit for Habs at draft (2013-05-23 11:59:06)
    The Rangers need to stop trying to by championships ala the NY Yankees (though even that team has some toxic players) and start trying to build a team though the draft and smart FA moves. That sort of philosophy will never work in the NHL. Not only because of the cap, but also because it take time to build chemistry and find timing on the ice because the game is always in motion. It's much easier to plug players into a system in baseball.
  • Comment on Rimouski defenceman Morin could be a good fit for Habs at draft (2013-05-23 11:50:43)
    Maybe Tortorella wants out of NY! This would certainly punch his ticket. Do you think they will fire him in between the 2nd and 3rd period tonight?
  • Comment on Therrien: ‘You’ve got to give a lot of credit to the Senators’ (Video) (2013-05-10 00:41:28)
    Nah, just wishing that every year we didn't have to line up the players, coaches and buses! Way too much finger pointing going on at who lost us this series. Bottom line is we didn't score enough, we let in too many, played injured, got hurt by questionable calls and didn't bring enough intensity for a full 60 minutes every night. That is called accountability. Save for a couple of guys that played their guts out this team lacked it. Coaches and players alike are responsible for their actions. What good does it do to point the finger, pass the blame and throw them under the bus? Does it make Montreal an attractive market for the best players when our rabid fans base kills and eats their own for breakfast? I think not.
  • Comment on Therrien: ‘You’ve got to give a lot of credit to the Senators’ (Video) (2013-05-10 00:29:55)
    It's that time of year again, line up the players and line up the buses. We don't care if you were injured, get under that bus! We don't care that hockey is a team game, get under that bus! We don't care if you can or can't carry the team on your back, get under that bus! We don't care if you exceeded expectations, get under that bus! No wonder the best free agents don't want to play in this town. And you probably thought it was the high taxes!
  • Comment on Update from morning skate: Budaj in for Price, Blunden for Prust (2013-05-09 12:33:14)
    At the same time as long as he isn't experiencing concussion symptoms I think it is important for his confidence that he gets back on the ice right away. The longer you are away the more time you have to think and that can make you hesitant to come back. It will still take live action and a few hits until he realizes that he is ready to go again.
  • Comment on Update from morning skate: Budaj in for Price, Blunden for Prust (2013-05-09 12:28:03)
    How funny would it be to see the Habs take to the ice with no sticks for the first 5 minutes of the warmup and practice kicking pucks into the goal?
  • Comment on ‘When he heard the news, our captain was crying in my arms’, Therrien says (2013-05-09 12:22:40)
    Refs made available to the media after games. Also the league reviewing all of the calls and making a public statement of the calls that they got wrong that specifically changed the outcome of the game, much like they do in MLB and the NFL. Also the refs and umpires in those leagues are evaluated based on their calls throughout the season and the guys that do their jobs the best are rewarded with post season appearances. You have a bad year, you don't make the post season. Just the same as the teams in the league. As I have stated before the refs are a 4 man team out there on the ice. They need to start working together to get the calls correct on the ice.
  • Comment on ‘When he heard the news, our captain was crying in my arms’, Therrien says (2013-05-08 23:38:34)
    They will go to video if they have to in order to make sure they get the personnel right for icings. I also don't understand why they couldn't do this for face offs. Also I don't understand how 4 guys who are supposed to be at the pinnacle of their profession could have missed this. 4 guys who are going to receive a huge bonus for working the Stanley Cup playoffs and not one of them cared enough to do their job correctly.