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  • Comment on Liveblog: Andrei Kostitsyn to Nashville is first trade of the day. (2012-02-27 19:55:14)
    There is an obvious "chemistry" problem with these guys - Cammareli was right - a "loser" attitude and ONE qualified NHL Dman doesn't help much. This team needs a huge overhaul especially in their own end - when Gauthier goes and a qualified GM comes in and obtains 2 or 3 Dmen that can clear the zone, make the first pass and win most battles along the boards we'll see that Carey Price actually deserves to go to the All-star game every year. Where's the Captain these days? (I know he's hurt but he could be trying to help somehow) -just asking
  • Comment on About tonight … with audio (2012-02-27 19:40:53)
    I agree with the comments on Lars Eller - loads of talent BUT he doesn't "read" the game as well as he should at the NHL level -One more season with more ice time will decide whether he's a one or two centre. Also what's happening with Gionta ? I know he's hurt but shouldn't the Captain of the Montreal Canadiens have a few support comments along the way (especially with this disaster season) - does he even show up at the home games? just asking -never see his name even mentioned in the media.
  • Comment on About tonight … with audio (2012-02-27 19:32:13)
    Carey Price is playing with basically ONE NHL caliber Dman every night (especially since Hal Gill was moved) - it doesn't matter how good your goalie is if your Dmen can't make the right play in their own end and lose most battles along the boards. The Habs need to focus on acquiring top 4 dmen over the off-season to have any chance. The only team with a defense core like the Habs is Columbus. Hopefully Gauthiers successor knows what he is doing and makes some "smart" moves over the summer -otherwise this once storied franchise will continue along the bottom for years to come.
  • Comment on Singin’ the Blues (2012-01-11 14:07:12)
    Pierre Gauthier and his management "team" (Gainey?) have to go! Sure all the Habs problems are not his fault BUT nothing is going to improve with Gauthier calling the shots. One season in the tank is acceptable but under Gauthier there is very little hope for the future. The current Habs team is simply not good enough and without a new direction re: player movement decisions they won't be for years to come. Far too many players who are past their prime and have lost the work effort that is needed every night to play sucessfully in the NHL. Two glaring examples of the lack leadership the team needs in a competent GM is Gauthier's handling of Scott Gomez and the signing of Andre Markov. Neither player has contributed anything for 2 seasons. What other GM would let these two major problems carry on this long -right - none of them. It's up to Mr. Molson to take an interest in the Habs and make some positive rebuilding moves right now before it's too late for years to come.
  • Comment on Canadiens recall Aaron Palushaj; Pacioretty update (2011-10-25 18:19:07)
    We Habs fans don't have to worry -how can this team keep losing with Jaroslav Halak in goal - Ryan O'Byrne, Stephane Robidas, Mark Streit, Ryan McDonagh, Sheldon Souray& Roman Hamrlik on D and the likes of Saku Koivu, Mike Ribeiro, Mickhail Grabovski, Chris Higgans, Max Lapierre, Matt D'Agostini, Guillaume Latendress, Sergi Kostitsyn, & Michael Ryder up front ? Oh Wait I forgot - Bob Gainey & the current GM Mr. Gauthier managed to give away all of the above for little or NO return -hence the current Habs are 29th in a 30 team league and not a lot of hope to improve much. It's never too late to rebuild starting at the top -Mr. Gauthier should leave the organization immediately - Mr. Martin is a good hockey man and should kept on in some capacity, just not as head coach. Hire a new GM with a brand new philosophy on how to build a winning team & coach with some innovation for dealing with todays game. Lots of guys available. Too late to make major player changes for this season although they better find a D-man who can get the puck out of their own end so they can at least win a few games this season. We fans will have to wait till next season for a competitive team over the long haul.(again) - once a Habs fan always a Habs fan !
  • Comment on • Audio update: Pacioretty skates, Spacek practises (2011-04-01 13:21:09)
    Another example of Martin's ineptitude - not playing Pyatt regularly. It's too late now - they have no chance against the Devils or the Blackhawks mainly because Martin has shown no innovation, willing to "try something different" or passion all season long. Why would he start now. It's obvious he's "lost" the room - the veterans have all packed it in. The only hope is during the summer is that Muller is made head coach (Carbonneau and Mario Tremblay as Assistants?? -at the very least if the players don't work they won't play -no matter who it is.) A full management shakeup is needed - Gauthier is also not the right GM. They need a real hockey guy in there that knows how to recognize talent and build a first class team. What's Scotty Bowman doing these days?
  • Comment on Kaberle, birthday boy Price and bride Duff (2010-08-17 18:02:24)

    Who is allowing Gauthier to make one bad decision after another ?? -he's already made sure that Tampa Bay will run right by the Habs this season. What's next with this guy ? With this clown running the show who knows how bad the Habs will be this year? As for Price, one can only hope that the "big baby" never signs in Habville. Then What -at least, it's fun to watch. A 50 year plus Habs fan who is has never seen such management incompetence

  • Comment on Flower acquitted by Quebec court (2010-08-17 17:54:31)

    Obvious good news for Lefleur -being a "westener" I'm happy to see he beat one of Quebec's "goofy" laws that allows a two-bit prosecuter to try and make a name for himself -hopfully he is fired immediately for costing taxpayers thousands for nothing !

  • Comment on AUDIO UPDATE: Halak to Blues for 2 prospects (2010-06-17 18:17:56)

    I didn't know that Reggie Houle was still calling the shots for goalie deals ?? - a great follow up to the Roy deal -all be it a few years late - great philosophy in Habsville "- team motto - " snatch defeat from the jaws of victory"

  • Comment on Goodbye, Columbus … and hello, Tampa Bay (2010-06-08 18:46:16)

    The Habs miss another golden opportunity to update their management team. Martin is "yesterdays man" - with Boucher and Muller directing these guys who knows how successful they could have been. Martin has hit his peak as of this year. What a shame -another year of fighting for their lives just to make the playoffs.