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All-time favorite player: Pierre Mondou

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  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-01 00:25:53)
    I see a great trivia question if he doesn't score again this season. He won't be resigned. Sent Via Vulcan mind-meld
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-01 00:22:39)
    The Habs made the leafs look silly tonight. Passing it back to their goalie? Three times!! Carey Price, postgame: " It's a great feeling when you're winning. And you like your teammates. You enjoy going to work in the morning" Ya think that wasn't directed to Phaneuf? Sent Via Vulcan mind-meld
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-25 08:45:19)
    I envision Dave Noonis trading for Christian Thomas and Max Domi as part of his great Leafs rebuild. Bringing a tear to Don Cherry's eye in the process. Maybe MB can offer Thomas, Pateryn and a pick for JVR. Pacioretty. Desharnais. Gallagher Galchenyuk. Plekanec. Smith-Pelley Prust. DeLa Rose. Weise Bournival. Eller. Parenteau Markov. Subban Beaulieu. Gilbert Gonchar. Emelin Sent Via Vulcan mind-meld
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-18 00:50:38)
    Plekanec showed last night why he is one of the smartest players wearing the CH. On his first goal, after winning the faceoff, the players were settling in for a minute and a half of crowd rousing puck possession wizardry. He fooled everyone including Halak by taking an off balance slapper with his first touch. through a screen. on his second goal, he held the puck on his backhand for so long, he led everyone to believe he was going to feed the sniper. backhand. to forehand. short side. in. blink. Sent from my CHphone
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win 6-4 scoring extravaganza (2015-01-17 22:45:04)
    if Weaver is healthy, I would confiscate Gonchar's skates, send him home for the next 8 days and scratch him vs Nashville. have him come back rested for the stretch run. Sent from my CHphone
  • Comment on Liveblog: Crosby scores in OT to win it for Pittsburgh. (2015-01-10 23:15:38)
    Is there still a rule about rookies and eligibility if they play over 8 games with the big club? January is a good time to give a few of the training camp standouts a 4-5 game look-see to gauge their progression. Sent from my CHphone
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-03 11:22:05)
    The answer is: you play your 3rd line against their 4th line. Eller, Sekac and Prust can almost match up to most big 4th lines, but can definitely outplay and outscore them. The 4th line (sans Malholtra) can hold its own against a 3rd line. But on that note, does anyone else notice that Eller and Sekac can keep the puck in the other teams zone... until they pass it to Prust? He's like a turnover machine. Sent from my CHphone
  • Comment on Price in goal, but no other lineup changes for Habs against Devils (2015-01-02 17:42:05)
    Alas, Rogers. Through all the panic and hysteria last summer, and additional broadcast packages announced almost weekly, I held off on purchasing an NHL package I now get for free. The HD/ SD thing has me stumped though. And after a few years of watching all games in HD, the SD broadcasts almost have me longing for the FOX TRAX glowing puck. Sent from my CHphone
  • Comment on Price in goal, but no other lineup changes for Habs against Devils (2015-01-02 16:54:32)
    Maybe someone here can explain... Here in Toronto, the Habs games on RDS HD is blacked out, but the adjoining channel (RDS SD) still broadcasts the games. If it wasn't confusing to begin with... Sent from my CHphone
  • Comment on Habs enjoy a day off in Florida on New Year’s Eve (2015-01-01 11:14:18)
    I was secretely hoping for the ultimate bench clearing brawl. One that would end a few careers ( cough-u- cough-cic) and force the league to curb fighting. But then I realized Leaf fans would simply lay claim to the greatest rivalry in sports. I then watched Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga sing a duet. That's how 2014 ended for me. Sent from my CHphone