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  • Comment on Pouliot odd man out at practice, no confirmation on Game 4 lineup (2011-04-21 00:45:16)
    Listening to Campbell, it's really quite incredible that someone who speaks like him, who is almost incapable of listening, and who seems deeply convinced not only that he is right, but that he is always right, and the only one who IS always right ... it seems incredible that someone like this would be offered, let alone occupy, a senior, high-visiblity post with a multi-million dollar business like the NHL. Frankly, I had no idea the state of affairs at the league's head office was this disconnected from reality - scary and brutal all at the same time. ALWAYS Habs - D Mex
  • Comment on mio (2011-04-09 22:52:34)
    Kevin How do I get my avatar back onto my profile ? If you get this, please respond by e-mail as I am not sure where this message might show up on the new & improved HIO / thanks - ALWAYS Habs - D Mex
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-04-09 22:39:05)
    Cherry on national television stating what everyone already knows : - he is a Loafs fan Does he think this impresses the viewing audience ? Does the CBC ? Clearly, his arrogance has him believing he is bullet proof, or he simply doesn't care at this point. If memory serves, Dave Hodge was canned by CBC decades ago for one hell of a lot less. Does anyone remember the details ? ALWAYS Habs - D Mex
  • Comment on Auld gets start vs. Ottawa (2011-04-06 19:00:20)
    Questions : - avatars : how does one put it back on profile with the new & improved HIO ? - online viewing : I gather (the newer version) is no longer carrying nhl games - are there any replacement(s) out there ? Thanks ALWAYS Habs - D Mex
  • Comment on Game 73: Subban’s first hat lifts Habs over Wild (2011-03-20 21:55:09)
    Not crazy about the new format : - no longer possible to preview posts before submitting ? - what happened to the edit option ? - my profile photo has disappeared - can't find the fix option ... Anyone else run into this ?
  • Comment on Game 73: Subban’s first hat lifts Habs over Wild (2011-03-20 21:37:06)
    Test post - new format
  • Comment on The NHLPA weighs in on the Pacioretty incident (2011-03-10 18:54:00)

    As posters here may already know, Buttman is quoted today as having observed that the Pacioretty injury is 'part of the game'.  And he would know this because ... OK, never mind.  I also read a post elsewhere today suggesting that Mike Murphy and Buttman are cousins (seriously) ... OK, forget that one as well.

    So, one of the friends I mentioned earlier who coaches minor hockey and is a Bruins fan got back to me saying that he 'can't defend' this one, which means we'll continue to talk.  And the significance of this babble ?

    It is only that, 48 hours post-incident, I am as sickened as when it occurred.  And, with today's quotes, convinced more than ever that Buttman should just go, collect his package on the way out, and never ever come back.  Maybe it's just me, but his vision of how to sell the game in hockey-crazed Phoenix just doesn't seem to work with real fans.

    Enough of you sir.  For the good of the game, leave now.  Take your Buttmen with you and, with due respect, never darken our arenas again.

    ALWAYS Habs - D Mex

  • Comment on Hands up, everyone who’s surprised (2011-03-09 19:31:36)


    The Bertuzzi was reviewed by authorities, and this goes well beyond that incident IMHO.


    ALWAYS Habs - D Mex

  • Comment on Big W (2011-03-08 22:04:33)

    Listen : bias or no bias, that play was gutless and sickening.



    ALWAYS Habs - D Mex