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  • Comment on Habs to pursue Pacioretty case at GM meetings (2011-03-10 17:25:59)

    I think "I have absolutely no comment" says a lot. I knew, after hearing Gautheir say that, that privately he was saying a lot more. Now this press release comes out, from the owner, and I think it's more effective coming from the owner than it is coming from the GM at a press conference. Calling out the league at a press conference never seemed very classy to me. It just gets turned into a sound bite for TSN to play. This, coming from the owner of the team, carries more gravitas, to me at least.

  • Comment on Shootout! (2011-02-10 13:36:47)

    Please, quit your NAGging ;)

  • Comment on Who are you? (2011-01-19 14:57:44)

    That is a non scientific poll. If I were an admin at HIO, I wouldn't base any policy on the results of this polling. I would know because I'm the director of customer relations and propaganda at a very large, profitable oil firm and I make well over 40,000,000$ per year, plus an expense account, and I'm only 25. I got a job right out of University. Just look where a BSc took me! 

  • Comment on Audio: Cammy back, MaxPac ill, Price starts (2011-01-14 14:31:24)

    It immunizes you to several strains from all over the world that vaccine designers predict will be prevalent in the coming flu season. It's true that you wouldn't necessarily be immune to a novel strain, but if the novel strain is similar to the ones in the vaccine than you would very well be immune to it. 

    So it's a good idea for NHLers to get vaccinated, even if there is a chance that they'll catch the flu anyway. 

    Remember when the Flames jumped ahead of the line for the H1N1 vaccine and it caused a controversy? THat doesn't have anything to do with the bulk of my post... just made me think of it.

  • Comment on MAX!! (2011-01-08 18:28:17)

    Don't forget #4. Bring back Kovalev NOW.

  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-07 15:57:45)

    In regards to the server problems....

    You know those ever increasing site visit and page view stats? they'll take a big hit if the server issues aren't resolved. Maybe it's time to switch servers, again.

  • Comment on Canadiens acquire Wisniewski (2010-12-28 16:47:56)

    So, Wisni's cap hit this year is 3 mil, and he's an UFA at the end of this year? (

    Sounds good to me! also seems like an awful trade for the Islanders. Make Mike Milbury still has some sway over there.

  • Comment on Canadiens romp (2010-12-07 20:05:26)

    well, it's all over twitter now... oh boy.

  • Comment on Canadiens romp (2010-12-07 19:56:59)

    guess I'm slow on the draw.

  • Comment on Canadiens romp (2010-12-07 19:56:14)

    anybody else catch that on TSN. "the white way... the right way". ouch.