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  • Comment on News of Robinson, Dudley, Doan, Chelios and Brodeur (2012-07-15 16:53:44)
    Here is what needs to be done. 1. Howson is contacted and asked if Rick Nash is willing to come to Montreal, along with Steve Mason. In return they can have Carey Price, David Desharnais, Danny Kristo, another forward, in the minors, or in the team. They must agree to take Scott Gomez, and that pip-squeak Brian Gionta, to allow us cap space, for Rick Nash. They can have $10 million dollars in cash also. This way we get a bonafide power forward all-star in exchange really for that super "bum" Price, and nothing more really. 2. Shea Weber for P.K. Subban, Tomas Kaberle, Rafael Diaz, Brendan Gallagher(another pip-squeak that DOES NOT belong in the NHL) or similar combinations(don't trade Galchenyuk, Beaulieu, or Tinordi, but they can have anyone else in juniors, or in the minors). Les Canadiens become an immediate Stanley Cup contender, while ridding themselves of players that will NEVER amount to anything in the NHL, or are washed up....Carey Price, P.K. Subban, Brendan Gallagher, Danny Kristo, Scott Gomez, Brian Gionta, etc. I know that a lot of people are high on SOME of these players that I just listed, but they are STUPID.....and HIGH!!! Get rid of them. F off. Now imagine this lineup. Goal Steve Mason Cedrik Desjardins Defense Shea Weber Andrei Markov (C) Alexei Emelin Francis Bouillon Josh Gorges Yannick Weber Rafael Diaz Frederic St. Denis Jarred Tinordi Nathan Beaulieu (these bottom two in the future) Forwards Max Pacioretty Tomas Plekanec Erik Cole Rick Nash Alex Galchenyuk Colby Armstrong Travis Moen Lars Eller Louis LeBlanc Brandon Prust Ryan White Petr Nokelainen Les Canadiens are, at the very least, Stanley Cup playoffs bound in April of 2013.
  • Comment on Canadiens practice in Florida (2012-02-26 17:21:43)
    Now here is a person with some sense. There appears to be at least a few people who understand that Nash, Weber, and Mason,(and a whole new management team)make this team a whole lot better....and in a hurry too, than with Price, and Subban in the line up. I'm not saying trade Price, and Subban for slouches.....but Weber, and Nash, and Mason......get that done! Some have said that Montreal is NOT on Nash's list. Let's do an experiment then. Call the Columbus GM, and tell him Price, and others are available in exchange for Nash, and Mason(because we need a goaltender back obviously). He'll probably leave a trail of fire(as the road runner used to do to the coyote) in his haste to get to Nash's agent, to get him to get Montreal on the list.
  • Comment on Canadiens practice in Florida (2012-02-26 16:57:09)
    You have to stop thinking that Price and Subban are the second coming of Dryden, and Robinson. It's just NOT so. By age 25 Dryden had already won the Stanley Cup three times(he also won the same year he was called up). Larry Robinson had also won the Stanley Cup by Subban's age. Price, and Subban would be playing in the minors if this was 1972. That is why they should be shipped off to Columbus, and Nashville respectively, since they are a lot like minor league teams. GM's still believe the nonsense that these two are greater than they actually are. Therefore, use them to acquire players that are actual proven, NHL players. It's not rocket science kids. It's time to channel a little bit of that Sam Pollock philosophy. Who can forget when he gave away nothing, and was able to acquire Guy Lafleur, when he had no business picking that high in the draft. That's what we need now. Proactive thinking!....or proactive fleecing if you will!
  • Comment on Canadiens practice in Florida (2012-02-26 03:04:51)
    Try again. An AHL goalie to get a gigantic, NHL proven forward. Then a pipsqueak, AHL defenseman, to get a gigantic, stalwart, NHL proven defenseman.
  • Comment on Canadiens practice in Florida (2012-02-26 03:02:14)
    LOL...Good one...both of you. I think you realize that something drastic needs to be done though.
  • Comment on Canadiens practice in Florida (2012-02-26 01:50:19)
    Les Canadiens are still in the playoff race. So everybody just shut up, and let them play. Acquire Rick Nash and Steve Mason, using Carey Price as bait. Then acquire Shea Weber, using P.K. Subban as bait. Make it to the playoffs this year and give it a good run....see what can be done to upset a few teams. If they can't do it this year, then win the Stanley Cup next year. That's it. To help this process along Molson should: 1. Fire himself as president, and hire Ken Dryden 2. Fire everybody in management, and coaching 3. Hire one of Pierre McGuire, or Vincent Damphousse, or other suitable candidate, as GM 4. Hire Patrick Roy as coach. The key is that everybody, including several players, should be gone, with the exception of possibly the head scout. No situation can be worse that what they are in now. So for those that disagree with the candidates above...suck it! Remember if this experiment fails,(and I can't possibly see how these candidates will be any worse than the ones they have now) they can always fire them too.
  • Comment on Multimedia from Thursday practice (2012-02-23 16:43:23)
    You're right.....Nashville CANNOT take that deal. That's because Nash plays for Columbus. Maybe Nashville could send them a card board cut out of Rick Nash, and attempt to fleece Montreal.
  • Comment on Multimedia from Thursday practice (2012-02-23 16:23:55)
    I would check on this. I don't know this for a fact, but I believe that the Columbus Dispatch reported that Montreal was indeed on that list of 10 teams(first it was five and then it was expanded).
  • Comment on Multimedia from Thursday practice (2012-02-23 16:20:47)
    How is this better than starting the conversation using Price's name with Columbus? Throw in Kostitsyn, and Gallagher, and the deal should be done. Remember, most GM's are still believing(we who have seen the great Canadiens teams, and goaltenders of the past know it is absolutely not true) that Price is the greatest goaltender(by the way Ken Dryden, who actually was one of the all time greatest goaltenders, already had 3 Stanley Cups by the time he was 25.) Those that are logical, know that this would be a good fleecing point to start with. Channel Sam Pollock, make the other team believe that what they are doing is right.
  • Comment on Multimedia from Thursday practice (2012-02-23 16:10:26)
    Plekanec is. Most of these short guys are listed on the roster with their height in skates. HA HA HA HA HA HA. Plekanec IS NOT 5'11". Gionta, Desharnais, and Gallagher are actually 5'4".....a good height if one is 12 years old, but not good enough to play with men in the NHL. Would you let your 12 year old play in the NHL? Of course not. I think it's time for the players listed above to be called in by their mothers.