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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 73 – Budaj brilliant, Galchenyuk’s Shootout goal beats Bruins (2014-03-24 23:46:03)
    Yup, it's disgusting none of them even mention the spear, if that was Crosby or Malkin going down, it would be a black-mark on the game, and they would want a national discussion on violence in hockey! We pulled thru with a tough win, lost our 4th line, still need secondary scoring, but the PP has to start clicking, in the playoffs, its huge! Great win by the guys non the less, screw the Bruins, they will be out first round!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 28 – Canadiens beat nemesis 3-2 (2013-12-02 23:19:26)
    Not the greatest game to watch, but did enough to win, will need all the points we can get! Now what's with all these Pacioretty rumours?...I know teams have been contacting Bergevin, but why would they trade him now?...he's scoring, team is winning, unless he wants out? Makes no sense, i hope it's just smoke and no fire, a good young player, with tonnes of upside, with a solid bunch of youth on the team. Habs could be the only Canadian team to make the playoffs this year, wow!.....I may live in Vancouver, but the only way to watch all the Habs games, is to order RDS, best $2 a month i ever spent! GO HABS GO from the left coast!
  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens hold on to defeat Bruins (2011-10-27 15:50:18)
    The delay on RDS vs The Team radio is about 15 seconds, a lil annoying, as i thought it would be closer! Let's hope the guys can keep it rolling tonite in Beantown....still need more scoring, and more toughness....