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  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-03-12 12:42:31)
    Are you guys serious??????? Still comparing Price to Halak common guys St louis has goal support a good all round team and Halak playes 50 games a season sharing time with Brian Elliot. Montreal has full of holes no goal support a shaky defence and Price Plays over 70 games a year. Hands down I still take Price. Halak had a great playoff run He played out of his mind I will never forget that but once the Habs come close to the talent the Blues have then we can compare and once Halak Plays over 70 games then we talk Until then PRICE all the way
  • Comment on Audio: Price in nets vs Wild, Habs cancel practice on eve of game (2012-02-29 14:31:59)
    I believe that PG made a was too conservative he should have stacked the closet with picks we could have atleast traded Moen Darche ,Campoli .these players can be replaced. This Draft will bring a new beginning to the Habs for the first time in a long time they will get a top pick a guy who can probably jump right in. The Future is bright Go Habs GO only if PG doesnt let the door hit him on the way out.
  • Comment on String of road games begins for Canadiens (2011-12-19 10:50:10)
    Please I beg We are no longer stuck in the past WE need to go in a new direction we have a young fast team that has potential . In my opinion 1)We must give Gm Pierre Gauthier his walking papers He has done dome good thing and not so good but a new direction must be taken and a young fresh look is needed. 2) As coach we need an opened minded coach who can open it up were young and fast we need energy and life behind the bench. 3) The team needs to get some guys who have a mean streak a guy who isnt a fraid to fight and could put the puck in the net Not even fight just be physical. LAST BUT NOT LEAST no more former players no Patrick Roy please this trend needs to stop as for the language barrier WE are no longer in 1970 this has got to stop we put our team at a disanvantage right out of the gate we no longer are able to get the BEST available option we are stuck with the guy nobody elese wants. We are not a charity case for french canadiens who can't find jobs else where if they were that good they would have jobs already. FRENCH ENGLISH WHO CARES GET A TRANSLATOR IT should matter any more....... Stanly cups matter because of this stupidity we have been cupless since 93.
  • Comment on Chara will not be suspended (2011-03-09 16:47:54)

    What a bunch a crap.

    The NHL should be ashamed  worse than a beer league.

    One day One day Chara will get his and When M-Pac gets back Revenge is a bitch.

    Now I understand why the players must police themselves.

    The NHL did nothing I call up A goon from the AHL On March 24 and tell him to JAM his stick down Chara throat Legal or NOT.

    The NHL won't care anyways. AND THE NHLPA is even worse what a way to protect themselves.


  • Comment on Update: Valentenko bolts Bulldogs, signs for three years with Moscow Dynamo (2008-10-30 10:59:46)
    Ohh well what you wanna do. Can u Blame him for bolting ? The grass is probably greener on that side of the fence. But he will half to live with himself knowing that he could never be in the best league in the world NHL.
  • Comment on Higgins in, AK 46 skates (2008-10-27 10:44:26)
    Whats up everybody, The Habs played a good game if they get some timely goaltending from halak it's a diferent game. One thing im disapointed about is Laraque and Parros not going head to head. Go Habs Go Carolina is next
  • Comment on Cristobal Huet on becoming a Capital (2008-02-28 11:51:34)
    All the best to Huet he should help the caps make the push to the playoofs. Good for price this Kid seems to like pressure and thrive I don't think Bob made a bad move.It clears up some space and maybe landing somebody during the off season. Go Habs GO
  • Comment on Last chance to send greetings to Pocket (2008-02-28 11:44:08)
    Happy B-Day Rocket
  • Comment on Komisarek gets physical (2007-11-12 16:53:17)
    If only they can all be like Mike. I love the grit and passions he brings to the table. I would not call them the big three but they definetly are impressing me. GO Habs