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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 81 – Lowly Islanders hang goose egg on playoff-bound Habs (2014-04-10 23:46:06)
    I hope they don't give Gio a 3 year. I'd be happy to see him go. Sure, he plays well sometimes but we can't compete with the likes of Anaheim, LA, San Jose, St. Louis or Boston unless we get some strong, young guys. Those are the elite teams and Gio will never lead us past them. Markov seems like a good guy, but those Ruskies follow the money and can't wait to get back to Russia in the off season. Has he learned one word of English in the last 10 years? Tre
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-05 02:21:20)
    The reality is that MT knows more about PK than any of us. He's been hard on the guy for sure, but maybe he is right. Keeping him on the ice when he is off his game could have led to us being down 4-0 or 5-0. Who knows how many times this season when MT nailed PK's ass to the bench it was simply for the betterment of the team on that given night - as opposed to just being harsh with PK - which many posters think he is being. While I do think MT is far harsher on PK than let's say Frankie Boo, so be it. But I'll tell you what - while Frankie does not have PK's skill - he doesn't blow an easy faceoff assignment...known as putting your body between the opposition and the net. Boo never blows those. Ever. He suffers in other areas. This Weaver guy was a great pick-up. Tre
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 78 – Canadiens fall behind 3-0, win a wild one 7-4 (2014-04-04 19:28:33)
    Montreal was never going to win this game. We have no incentive. This is Ottawa's playoff game.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 78 – Canadiens fall behind 3-0, win a wild one 7-4 (2014-04-04 18:30:37)
    Now that we are in, my only concern is avoiding injury. If we lose Markov or PK or Vanek, we are done. I don't expect too much this year but look forward to some entertaining playoffs. Living in LA and watching Kings/Sharks/Ducks all year - the Habs could never beat them in a 7 series. Ever. So let's just enjoy. MT has done a fabulous job with his lineup and MB did a great job at the deadline. Hope we can keep Vanek next year but I think he's headed to Minnesota. My main focus and joy is hoping the Leafs don't get in. Much more fun and whoever plays the leafs becomes my favorite team for the night... Even Boston.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-28 12:36:20)
    Unfortunately, that trade goes down as the worst in Habs history - - no matter what. Denis played 3 seasons for the Habs. Even if he scored 100 pts (he posted 52, 62, 40) for those 3 seasons, Chelly was our Co-Captain and leader, had already won the Norris, was 27 years old, had led the team to Stanley Cup in 86, and then a few years to Stanley Cup finals and fighting Ron Hextall. And when Chicago asked whether Serge would throw in a 2nd rounder as well, and Serge agreed, Chelly called him and laughed his ass off.... Chelly went on to play for 20 more years...... would have been our best defensemen ever. Tre
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-25 11:50:57)
    Great post Bwoar. Nothing worse than reading the game-day posts or even in-game posts of all the negative whiny bitchy Habs fans who think they know more than the people that do this for a living. MT outcoached Julien and and did a great job trusting his gut. He methodically watched what was happening on the ice and got his team to win the toughest 2 points of the season. Budaj plays his heart out and then stops them all in a shootout. Great calls out there coach. Boston is WAY better than us. Habs are not very good yet sitting very pretty in the standings. Shout out to Emelin, Boo, Weaver, Moen and Markov for taking the hits, hitting back and standing up for the team. Stars were Budaj, Emelin, Gionta. Tre
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 73 – Budaj brilliant, Galchenyuk’s Shootout goal beats Bruins (2014-03-24 22:02:23)
    Pleks - bonehead play dude. Be smart. But hey, the Bruins are better than us in every. single. category. Tre
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 72 – Canadiens win a nailbiter on Plekanec goal (2014-03-22 21:21:45)
    Yes, MT was a angry after the last Leaf goal - - but as the announcer said "why did he have his 5th and 6th defensemen out there?"..... Toronto better up to this point. We need some PK magic. Tre
  • Comment on Habs’ Prust out for rest of regular season; Galchenyuk moves to centre (2014-03-21 13:54:47)
    We can try every combination imaginable but this team will only go so far as long as Bourque, Gionta and Briere are in the lineup. Once we get rid of them, we will be in good shape to fill a real competitive roster. Please keep Vanek. And don't give up on Eller. Remember when we gave up on LeClair WAYYYY too early. Two years later he was a 50+ goals, 97 pts player. Players take time.... Guy Lafleur anyone? Took 4 years.....his goal totals went down for the first 3 seasons, ending at 21. His 4th season, 53 and what started six 50 goal seasons in a row. Tre
  • Comment on Habs’ Prust out for rest of regular season; Galchenyuk moves to centre (2014-03-21 13:49:26)
    Eller is not overrated in the NHL, he's not even rated. Not a factor so I don't know anyone that overrates him outside of our own rabid fans expectations. And of course DD is better. DD is our #1 center. But you are wrong in his assessment. He has shown flashes of what he can be and I'd like to see him play with players he meshes the kid line that was our best line early on. By FAR. I'm sure you were one that felt John LeClair had maxed out at 20+ goals and 50 points when we gave up on him WAYYYY too early. Two years later he had 50+ goals and 97 its. Tre