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  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Predators preview: Mitchell in for Malhotra; Gilbert sidelined (2015-03-24 17:45:02)
    I think the players on the team as well as the coach are very happy that the 3rd line is playing the best hockey of the season and DSP is an important part of the line. Quite certain the players on the ice are also happy to have DSP throwing his weight around and creating space.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens complete season sweep of Canes (2015-03-19 18:01:55)
    I don't want to face Sens in the first round. If they get in, then let Tampa have them. They beat us. No ands ifs or buts. We always make their goalies look like Price (i used to say Roy - but it's Price from now on) and Karlsson like Bobby Orr. Some teams have already started playing playoff hockey. Ducks started last night with the benching of Sekac in a very heated important match-up with The Kings. He is of no use to them in the playoffs and I see all their games as I live in LA. He has contributed nothing to the lineup thus far. Has talent and will find a spot next year, but not now. Prust should not be fighting tonight or any longer. We need him in the post season. Rest Price going forward. It amazes me that when our 3rd line is playing some of the best 3rd line hockey we have seen in years - many folks feel Devante is no good on the line. How does that make sense? It's my favorite line on the team and I want them to stay together and get some goals.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-14 23:56:22)
    @ Bhull who commented: The GM, Mr. smartie pants is trying to give himself an extra couple of years at the helm by making everyone believe we are taking a step back. Except vfor Weise please name one move of his that has improved this team. Well, for one Mr. Non Smartie pants - since last year, the Habs have gotten rid of: Bourque Gorges Moen Gionta Parros Murray Vanek (jerk) White Briere Bunny And guess what: The Habs are #1 in the NHL. Eat some smarties son.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens take the broom to Islanders (2015-03-14 23:17:57)
    The only way to win the cup this year is on a classic Roy/Dryden-like nutty run by Price with people like Eller, Smelly and Chuckie coming alive. Kinda like last year when we won with Weiss, Bourque and Eller coming alive. Most non nutty Habs fans know that. (Which feels like 10% of the people that post on this site as opposed to the other 90% who feel we should win every night and get really pissed when we don't). Remember, our GM said at the beginning of the year that this is a step back year. So I wish you would enjoy it more. We are not that good, but still in first. Thanks to the coach, the goalie and the system.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Islanders preview: Pateryn in lineup for Habs while Gonchar expected to sit out (2015-03-14 16:46:56)
    The Wings lost 7-2 to the Flyers. Their coach must be terrible.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Islanders preview: Pateryn in lineup for Habs while Gonchar expected to sit out (2015-03-14 15:40:00)
    Play Toker for half the games is right. These games don't matter - out team is now built for the playoffs. No need for injuries - Habs are playing at 75%. It's a great position to be in - but not great in terms of playing out these games. A great time to slump as well. Me I, like Carey Price, am not worried at all.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Islanders preview: Pateryn in lineup for Habs while Gonchar expected to sit out (2015-03-13 13:15:06)
    Many comments after every loss are about how bad the coach is. I think everyone needs a re-adjustment in what they are seeing and look at it this way - The Habs are a team of 3 studs and limited talent after that. Our #1 center is DD. Enough said. We have a Gally27 who is still learning how to play in this league. We have Gallagher who plugs but never going to get better in terms of points. We have a bunch of defensive pluggers everywhere else. I happen to like the team - because I like the future which will involve getting a true #1 center. But don't care about that now. So, in my humble opinion, MT is doing a masterful job of getting wins for this team. We kinda suck. That's the truth. There is no way we should be where we are in the standings. NO WAY! I tip my hat to MT in terms of his coaching.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens blow lead, torched by Sens (2015-03-12 22:52:56)
    According to the fans (what a joke) on this site, we have the worst coach, the worst offence, the worst pp and the worst first line center in the league. So why are you all so surprised when we lose? We should be losing every game by your assessments of the team. I love the team, the makeup, the coach, our 3 stud stars and I could care less about a game against Ottawa with 17 games to go before the season actually begins. We are in the playoffs - the only thing i care about is getting there healthy. And then play some playoff hockey.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens lose a classic to Tampa Bay in OT (2015-03-10 22:37:40)
    Playoff hockey is about 2 things: #1: goaltending. #2: the tier 2 and 3 players contributing. I feel we have the players that can contribute and I'm glad MB didn't trade the farm for anyone else. Weiss, DSP, Eller, Prust will step up. It will be fun.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Coyotes preview: Embarrassment factor comes into play (2015-03-06 15:07:50)
    I was at the game last night and a few observations. - halfway through the 2nd period the person I took said "these guys are the best in the east?' So I had to explain "Well, not really. We have the best goalie and he's not playing tonight. The East is a toss-up and we play a different style. Plus, LA is really good even though they may not even make the playoffs". - living in Cali, what we see all season is these Cali teams beating the snot out of each other every week, then beating the snot out of each other in the playoffs…. and their easiest games are the Stanley Cup finals. - Lars played a solid game, I was watching him all night, but after he missed his shootout attempt and skated back to the bench, not one player looked at him or taped him on the pads or anything. It was weird and telling. The team was pissed at him. They all just turned their backs and walked into the room. - Toker is crap. Their shootout attempts were automatic. He didn't even move. - Still love the team. We are two years away. We could win the east or lose in the first round. It will be fun to watch.