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  • Comment on Liveblog: Pacioretty wins it in OT (2015-01-31 13:43:07)
    I disagree. Getting rid of Eller would be a big mistake. Habs brass know he plays the tough minutes and the team know his value. Why do you feel this? Because he took a penalty?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Pacioretty wins it in OT (2015-01-31 13:01:27)
    I'm rather surprised that Boone and everyone else felt our game against the Rangers was a great win. In my opinion, they were by far the better team, controlled the play and could easily have won 4-1 were it not for Price and some missed opportunities. We never had any contained pressure in their zone and they broke out so easily. Exactly like the playoffs last year. We simply don't match well with NY. They play our game but bigger, faster and stronger. Today should be a good one.
  • Comment on Liveblog: P.K. the hero in OT win (2015-01-20 22:41:12)
    Let's revisit those trade PK for Kessel and Kadri talks shall we…..
  • Comment on Islanders vs. Canadiens preview: Tokarski gets start as Price sidelined with upper-body injury (2015-01-16 19:36:30)
    After every loss, I come to the site and all I read is trade talk. Trading DD is a silly idea. Why you ask? Because DD gets us nothing in return. DD, Sekac and Tinordi gets us something. DD, Gallagher and Beaulieu gets us something. DD and Beaulieu gets us so-so. This is still a stop gap year. I don't want to trade any of our assets of the future. Yes, PAP and Gilbert kinda suck - but what did you expect? They are simply fillers. PAP was given up for Briere. Gilbert was a throw away from the pink Panthers…. We get excited with wins, but the regular season doesn't mean much anymore. It all comes down to how we gel in the playoffs where any team can beat any team in a 7 series. Colo, St. Louis, Anaheim, San Jose, Boston, Pittsburgh all finished with well over 100 points last year and were the top 6 teams in the NHL regular season. DD and the Habs got farther than all of them. Stop worrying about what we'll get for DD. It will have zero impact on this team when we are ready to win a cup. Chill and enjoy.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Crosby scores in OT to win it for Pittsburgh. (2015-01-10 22:37:40)
    Stop being babies Habs fans. It's embarrassing. You sound like Leaf fans. We played a great game and lost to a team that is very talented. Had Max scored, you all would have been dancing in the streets with no complaints. We earned an important point. Crosby is not a whiner - you should have a camera on him at all times and see the shit he has to put up with. He's been dealing with it since he was 12. He's the best player in the world. For those that think MB sucks, or MT sucks…. well, you are only letting us know you know very little of how this league works. Both are doing a great job. Pick a team you'd rather be.. I wouldn't trade our team for anyone right now because we have a very exciting 5 years ahead of us. No more hoping that Latendresse, Chipchurra, Maxwell, Leblanc, and Higgins turns the corner, we have studs in our system. The team is doing great. Tre
  • Comment on Habs return to practice rink and work on struggling power play (2015-01-08 18:42:51)
    Man from Mancha - you're a good man. You kept things very civilized even though many disagreed with your trade of PK proposal. I am sensitive to this one as I became a Habs fan at the age of 7 when Chelios joined the team. I watched him every game of his rookie season where he got his 65 pts. (he did play 12 games the year before). The next year we won the cup, 2 years later he won the Norris and soon after, my friends witnessed me kicking and screaming as he was traded to Chicago for Denis Savard AND a 2nd round pick! WHAT? They even threw in a 2nd rounder!!! So, Chelly plays for 19 more seasons, wins a few more Norris trophies and Stanley Cups and Savard plays for the Habs for 3 seasons. To me, the biggest trade blunder in Habs history. PK is a defensive stud. He will make many, many, many mistakes. But these guys are rare air. We want him on our team for the next 15 years. That's it. Won't mention this again. Stay positive folks. We have a great young team. Many mistakes will be made, but our core foundation is very strong and very young. I don't care where we finish. No team wants to play us in the playoffs. Tre
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: The Carey Price ethos (2015-01-07 18:32:49)
    And I think Habsfan29 asked who we would rather have: Lars Eller or Tyler Johnson? You do realize that TJ is 3rd on the league in points right? Ahead of Crosby, Malkin, Stamkos, Giroux, Getzlaf, Kane and Mancha's favorite player, Phil Kessel…… So with great confidence I would choose TJ. Tre
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: The Carey Price ethos (2015-01-07 18:29:35)
    All this trade PK stuff is fun and all - but totally ridiculous. The Man From Mancha did his job in stirring the pot…. I'm ok with opinions on trades but to propose trading for Kessel is simply insulting. I like Kessel. Seems like a decent person. Super talented considering he eats a chocolate bar and drinks a coke between every period. But his skills will decline after the age of 32. That's when work ethic and body type kick in. So that trade is ridiculous on that level as Kessel is already 28. Kessel also plays 17-19 minutes a game. PK, 25-32. But MOST importantly, do you really want to see PK wearing the Leaf jersey for the next 15 years? Enough crazy talk. Tre
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-07 12:22:41)
    @ Man of La Mancha - now I am serious. Go back to Spain. Trading PK for Kessell and Kadri (or Lupul)? Guys you say will bring us over the hump because of their offensive skills… This may be the single worst idea of I have heard. Question: how many times have those two guys helped their team make the playoffs in the last 5 years? They could each put up a 100 points and their team wouldn't make the playoffs. I won't even get into that with you - - but let's just look around the league for a second. LA Kings won the cup last year with Kopi, their leading scorer with a whopping 29 goals. Jeff Carter with a whopping 27 goals and Justin Williams with 19. I wouldn't call last years playoff run an anomaly because Montreal deserved to beat TB and Boston and deserved to lose to the Rangers - but Boston was the best team in the NHL last year. Kreji with his whopping 19 goals and two 30 goal scorers in Bergeron and Iginla. This season: Voracek is leading the league on a non playoff team. Seguin is killing it, on a non playoff team. Giroux, Kessel, Backstrom, Foligno, Ovie - all doing great in the point production on non playoff teams. You need to watch more playoff hockey to learn how cohesive teams work. Tre
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-07 01:12:52)
    Yes I have thoughts: go back to Spain. La Mancha is nice this time of year. I say that with a smile. PK is 25 years old and the best thing to happen to Montreal since Guy Lafleur. My nephews are Leaf fans (they live in Toronto) - yet PK is their favorite player in the NHL. That says a lot. We have a stud on our team. And he plays D. That's is such rare air you have no idea. "The Habs are not going to win a thing?" We have just come off a 9 of 10 streak.. I know you are talking about the playoffs - but we did pretty well last year in the playoffs. When PK was 24. And outside of Price, he was our best player. This team will be hard charging in a few years. This year is a bonus for me. And PK in the playoffs is extremely valuable. He is a gamer and winner. A mid season game with Tampa Bay and a few boneheaded plays doesn't mean diddly come the playoffs. Also, no need to trade away a franchise defensemen for Getzlaf or Toews who couldn't care less about playing in Montreal and would be gone as soon as their contracts were up. PK is here to stay and his jersey will be up in the rafters when his career is all said and done. Tre