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  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-27 12:09:54)
    very nice link, thank you.
  • Comment on Game 64: Canadiens romp over Thrashers (2008-02-27 11:50:48)
    I am so happy with last nights outcome...It would have been very painful to hear from all the Gainey bashers today. Even though we lost our #1 goalie and didn't get our 'impact' player, we still have a great team. If Koivu's line can keep going the way they have been, we are in great shape. Here is a link to the Canadiens web site with some interesting numbers. Some key numbers... we are the only team with SEVEN! 40 point men (talk about depth) we are third in goals-for behind ottawa and detroit. we have scored 5 goals or more 11 times this season. The Habs are fun and exciting to watch again, Hossa would have been great but there is no need to sell the whole team for him. We are doing pretty damn good without him.
  • Comment on Hossa soon a Canadien: Yahoo report (2008-02-26 08:55:10)
    I keep getting this image of what could happen this evening at the game if the trade goes through. Ryder collects his belongings, says good by to his buddies and strolls out of the dressing room. Head hanging a little low, trying to remember where the away dressing room is. As he heads in the direction he sees Hossa heading past him with a grin. They pass each other in the hallway giving each other a slight nod. Hossa opens the door and enters his new home, as Ryder turns, he hears a load cheer followed by laughter erupt from the dressing room. A lone tear rolls down his cheek as he makes his way to his new home.
  • Comment on Loyalty buys Sundin abuse of Leafs fans (2008-02-25 12:22:52)
    I wonder if he will take a pay cut next season to stay with his beloved Leafs.
  • Comment on D goes MIA (2008-02-21 22:07:10)
    I agree. I am soooo tired of listening to these idiots. I really wish Centre Ice would show the RDS feed. I am assuming it is RDS that won't allow it? Either way, listening to the announcers from opposing teams is driving me NUTS. If only I had a DVR so I could sync it with the CJAD. I can't believe how badly we blew that lead, stupid penalties and lazy D.
  • Comment on D goes MIA (2008-02-21 21:58:17)
    Wow we really blew that with some stupid penalties and lazy playing. What a bummer.
  • Comment on D goes MIA (2008-02-21 19:56:38)
    Very nice shift...great puck movement. It looked like they were on the powerplay.
  • Comment on D goes MIA (2008-02-21 20:59:13)
    I am glad to see Lapierre back if only for the last minute. Smolinski was logging to many minutes on the ice.
  • Comment on D goes MIA (2008-02-21 20:57:38)
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Kovalev magic, uses Higgins as a bumper!
  • Comment on D goes MIA (2008-02-21 20:53:19)
    finally a penalty!! Lets do it boys, we all need some Kovy magic.