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  • Comment on Liveblog: Playoff Game 4 – Pacioretty propels Canadiens to Round 2 (2014-04-22 22:03:41)
    Unfortunately not. If they were I'd be explaining to my colleagues why I was wearing the same clothes two days running and smelling like beer at 9am... well, wouldn't be the first time... ;)
  • Comment on Liveblog: Playoff Game 4 – Pacioretty propels Canadiens to Round 2 (2014-04-22 21:54:58)
    Living in London (not Ontario) I think I just woke up my neighbours. What a series. Now I need to explain to my colleagues why I'm still not shaving...
  • Comment on Liveblog: Still 0-for-Cunneyworth (2011-12-22 22:03:22)
    I lol'd.
  • Comment on Three leads blown (2011-04-21 23:18:37)
    Pretty sure whoever wins 2 more games wins the series...yeah, that's how it works ;-). Keep in mind that this time last year we were 3-1 down against the Capitals.
  • Comment on Historic!! (2010-05-06 21:22:27)

    There is a word for what we just saw: justice.

  • Comment on Chara will not be suspended (2011-03-09 20:42:20)

    I've been thinking about this, as a lot of people probably have, all day.  Sadly, the decision not to suspend Chara came as no real surprise, and our hopes and thoughts have to be with Max Pacioretty.  In some ways, I don't care about the suspension or lack thereof, I just want to know a 22 year old kid with his life in front of him is going to be okay.

    That being said, I think the thing that has been bothering me most about the NHL's statement is the suggestion that the play was a hockey play gone wrong, and that there was no intent to injure.

    No matter the amount of analysis and images, it's hard to know if there was intent to injure - we can surmise, but we can't read minds, and that makes me want to focus on something else: the idea that this was a hockey play.

    It wasn't a hockey play at all.  It was interference, and the referee on the ice called it.  It can't be both a hockey play, and illegal.  Which makes me think that given the impossibility of truly knowing the intent suspensions should be handed out universally to any player who makes an illegal play that causes an injury to another player.  This should be done in the same way that the puck going over the glass or a high stick is assessed: universally, without right of appeal, and without intentions being measured or considered.

    Without this sort of yardstick, every player has a "get out of jail free" once in their career, and that is bad news for players, for fans, and for the league.