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Good luck Washington!

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  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-27 23:30:58)
    I gotta disagree with you on the Gorges thing, that guy has been a leader and a hell of a d-man his whole career, Spacek has effort but time has simply caught up to him. As for Markov, I can't tell how he's playing, but the average 5 games a year he plays, he seems pretty good. Good luck Washington!
  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-27 23:27:02)
    Way to be the bigger man, you represent the low brow, knuckle dragging fan base and team that is Boston very well. BTW I hate booing the anthem like most fans but since you brought it up, do your homework and see who did the booing first. I can't say I blame you guys as booooooooo is probably one of the few words you can spell. Good luck Washington!
  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-27 23:14:42)
    It sucks to loose it suck even worse to loose to a bunch of knuckle draggers but at least I have a full belly cause this team has been making me eat my own words all year. Here are the star chefs. • Price- i gotta admit, I was on the Halak side for the last 2 years and I prayed you'd be traded. But man you have turned out to be one of the top 3 goalies in the nhl. • PK- I was terrified of your spin-o-rama in juniors and was convinced you'd be a minus player. It's hard to believe that you're a rookie and you're skills are through the roof! Getting full. • Hammer- ok ok, you cost us a goal tonight but you've played very well all year considering the minutes you ate. 4th star is yours. i need my track pants. Thank you Habs! Olay! Baby! Good luck Washington!
  • Comment on Embarrassing! (2011-03-24 22:08:22)
    Absolutely. Recchi is like 63 yrs old, just break his walker and he's done.
  • Comment on Embarrassing! (2011-03-24 22:05:44)
    Lots of over reaction tonight. I'm pissed too but this team isn't as bad as it's playing of late. Which in a way, is twice as frustrating. What happened to the speed and drive that had this team as high as 3rd in the East? I hope they can turn this ship around soon or we'll be calling this team the Montreal Titanic's (sorry, brutal pun, but I had to)
  • Comment on Embarrassing! (2011-03-24 22:00:39)
    Dude, I hope english is your second language.
  • Comment on Game 75: Bruins destroy Habs (2011-03-24 21:54:32)
    Give me a break, these are grown men and professionals. Stop making excuses for them and treat them as such.
  • Comment on Embarrassing! (2011-03-24 21:51:04)
    Looks like if we make the playoffs this year it'll be in 8th...again. The question is, who wants to watch the team that showed up tonight play? break out the paper bags.
  • Comment on Game 75: Bruins destroy Habs (2011-03-24 21:46:48)
    Way to bring the effort for Patch guys. This team should be ashamed of itself for that limp noodle performance tonight and Tuesday for that matter. I can handle being outplayed but to be scared is just unacceptable. I've never been this embarrassed to be a habs fan. Note to #13; grow a pair or get off the ice.
  • Comment on Game 59: Oilers sock it to Canadiens (2011-02-17 23:41:14)

    By the way the 2 Dman who are left are 37 yrs old and a rookie.