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  • Comment on Habs make Jacob de la Rose their final cut before season opener (2014-10-07 14:00:28)
    I can't believe MT is still coach given these line combinations, . . . and . . . MB is incompetent for not dealing Moen for Backes and Oshie and .... I know I am being unfair to the commentariat here--will give you a couple weeks ;) In actuality, am really looking forward to this season. Think the lines will be interesting becuase there are lots of potential combos that can be worked out if things don't click as anticipated. Much better than past lineups where after one solid line, it felt that our Habs were just re-shuffling chairs on that ill fated ship. Last, before our team moves onto the official next chapter tomorrow evening, I would like to say a big thanks to Frankie B and Budaj--felt like these two were really heart and soul guys for the Habs. And last, last, but certainly not least, thanks Saku for the great memories and courage on and off the ice. Always thought he had not only elite class and sportsmanship, but elite skills that just fell a bit below his potential due to injuries, illness, sub-par supporting casts and ridiculouisly bad luck overall. Will never forget you. Go 2014-15 Habs Go!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Conference Final Game 5 – Canadiens win wild one to stay alive (2014-05-27 17:21:50)
    I believe in this team (and, shockingly, in the coach, DD, MaxPac, Josh and those others that couldn't find employment with any other team in the NHL) :) Go Habs Go.
  • Comment on Therapy day for Habs’ Markov, Emelin and Subban; Pacioretty named NHL’s third star (2014-04-07 13:53:15)
    So true. Despite the winning record, guys having break-out years and the team clicking at just the right time, MT is worst coach of all time. :) On a serious note, I do hope that Markov gets to rest 2 of the 3 games left. My vote would be to let him play the Ranger game and that's it before Tampa. Hope i am wrong about his endurance but boy he's logged a lot of minutes this season. Agree with those who also said maybe PK gets a game or two off to reset as I think it is just a concentration thing right now for him. I noticed Saturday night that he did his own "reset" on a rush toward the blue line--again. Just sucks the life out of the PP. Am not well versed on the science of PK deconstruction, but I have to think you are better off with him at least just lobbing the puck into the corner if he sees the wall waiting for him at the blue line. His now patented back-track move looks like it disrupts his PP mates. Eliminating that play from his repetoire will go along way with getting his game back on track IMO. Best of luck Habs in the second season.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-14 09:02:20)
    Sounded that way to me. There's a pretty high and explicit tolerance level on CBC for thuggery as a "legitimate" part of the game. Dare I say CBC may even be worse about it now than NESN. The fact that their main moderator Ron M. capitulates every week to CBC's chief proponent of violence in hockey (praising Ott as a "beauty" last night) doesn't inspire hope.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Lightning (2013-03-09 21:10:54)
    Prust and Markov look good but not much else has been working. Here's to a solid 3rd.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-08 16:43:21)
    Agreed. If Habs were out of playoff picture when the deal was struck, I would have felt better about dealing Cole since it was a move designed for future finances. But to give up a big strong goal scorer who drives the net for a perimeter player (even one with an accurate shot and quick release) I think is a mistake. I hate saying anything negative about the team as the GM has done great and the record thus far is fandango, but just thinking ahead to whom I would rather have down the stretch, my answer is Cole. Seems like he is everything we want Pac to become. Also, regarding Eller above, I would not deal Eller. He may never be a natural goal scorer but too early to conclude that. Seems to me like he is showing some real excellent play with great chemistry with his new linemates--very dynmaic line last night.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at ‘Canes (2013-03-07 22:32:30)
    Eller was great but why the need to dump on DD. Makes you look petty.
  • Comment on Hockey Night in Boston on Sunday (2013-03-03 12:22:13)
    we'll need dueling hat tricks then from Armstrong and Moen plus a deuce from White.
  • Comment on Hockey Night in Boston on Sunday (2013-03-03 11:36:53)
    I think if the Habs can learn anything from last night's silly game is that they have to play their game rather than their opponent's style (think the win over Toronto where they refused Orr & Co.'s invitation to brawl). Need good team D and better goaltending to defeat a team like the broons that make the most of their opportunities. Despite the negatives last night, love the DD, Pac, Gally line and Prust, Eller and Kaberle were solid throughout. Love Emelin too despite the occasional positioning issues. Last, congrats to Koivu last night: goal, two assists and plus one in the SO loss. 20 pts in 20 GP. Not bad for a 38 year old.
  • Comment on Ryder will face Leafs wearing No. 73 (2013-02-27 13:58:04)
    Same sentiments here. I hope this works because Cole looked to be just about the best power forward in the game last year (something the Habs have needed for a long time). I am not ready to write him off due to the slow start/comments but I begrudgingly understand the business dynamics of the deal. Still feels like an immediate downgrade to me though, even if Ryder has more points. So many of the Habs skill guys are largely perimeter players. I know Pac, Gallagher, Chucky, Bourque, Gionta and DD go to the net, but Cole was actually built the right way for it and does it better than PAC and Bourque. With that said, welcome back Ryder. I always thought the worst mistake Guy made was scratching/benching Ryder in the playoffs.