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  • Comment on Is this ever cool! (2008-10-23 16:25:46)
    one of my favourite shirts (other than my Habs jerseys of course). My other favourite shirt says "Maple Leafs Suck" on the front and "Losers since 67" on the back. I live in Toronto and I make sure I wear either shirt when I'm out having drinks with friend.
  • Comment on Is this ever cool! (2008-10-22 16:08:39)
    OooH! I've got chills! Great commercial!
  • Comment on A second NHL team in Toronto… (2008-10-22 08:40:56)
    I think Toronto is desperate to get a Cup. I guess they haven't figured out that the Hockey Hall of Fame is just 2 blocks away from the ACC. But on the flip side, maybe I could actually get tickets for a Habs game in Toronto. Assuming that most of the tickets for the new team don't get sold to Corporate people who don't show up or make business deals during the game.
  • Comment on Game of the Year … for now (2008-02-20 09:26:54)
    I CANNOT believe I missed this!!!! When I saw they were down 5-2 at the end of the second, I decided to get a little "romantic" with my boyfriend. What the frickin hell!?!?!?!! Guess I learned my lesson... no nookie during Habs games, even if they are down and seem to be out!
  • Comment on (2008-01-16 14:07:29)
    GREAT picture! Thank you!
  • Comment on (2008-01-16 14:06:41)
    Does anyone else see that "D'OH!" speech bubble above DiPietro's head?
  • Comment on Bowman bows out … for now (2008-01-14 16:31:53)
    I completely agree with you. Two seasons in a row our playoff hopes have been shot down by the Leafs in the final game and it was rubbed in my face every time the subject of hockey came up in conversation. I live in Toronto and all my friends are Leafs fans, so I'm REALLY enjoying this slide! And as you said, the Leafs would probably trade their top draft pick for... does Wendel Clark still play?? ; ) Canadiens jusqu'au bout!
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-05 09:20:27)
    I agree with you Cable Guy. I don't think Carbo should have been coaching this team in the first place. Great player, terrible coach. He needs to learn to not only put the blame on the players, but on himself as well. I've been to a couple Bulldogs games this season. Maybe I just caught some bad games but I don't think any of those boys are ready to be called up yet.
  • Comment on Canadiens win soap opera (2007-11-27 09:41:14)
    Let's not forget, this is also a must win for the Habs. Our team is 5-5-0 in their last 10 games and let's face it, the last 2 games weren't too pretty. I'm confident we can smoke the Lafs out of the ACC. Boone, LOVE the Dear Santa! : D
  • Comment on Leafs ditch ‘unlucky’ blue jerseys for tonight (2007-11-13 09:24:13)
    LMAO!!!! I was in a grumpy mood this morning as I made my way to the newspaper box. I laughed out loud when I read this article and now I'm having a GREAT day!! GO HABS GO!