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  • Comment on Liveblog: The winning streak is over (2013-01-30 19:05:03)
    Anyone got a stream for the game?
  • Comment on Pouliot, Pyatt, Picard aren’t qualified (2011-06-27 20:26:12)
    Let's point out that White, Gorges, and Weber aren't signed yet... they've merely been given qualifying offers. But I don't see any of those guys holding out, so it is reasonable to assume they'll all be signed by the start of training camp. But that said... I aready like that team! And I would assume we'll still have around $10 million of cap room left after all 3 are signed (about $3 million/year seems like a reasonable upper limit for Gorges, no?). Say an average cap hit of $700,000/per for the backup goalie, depth forward, and depth defenceman we need... that leaves us almost 8 million for that top 6 forward. Too bad there aren't any true top 6 forwards on the free agent market - except Brad Richards, who I feel is out of our league somehow. But via trade, we can maybe swing something now. All in all, I'm feeling positive about the way this roster is coming together.
  • Comment on Pouliot, Pyatt, Picard aren’t qualified (2011-06-27 20:10:07)
    I wasn't sure exactly how much a qualifying offer had to be for, so I googled it and found this (http://proicehockey.about.com/od/nhlfreeagents/a/nhl_free_agents_2.htm): "Players who earned less than $660,000 in the previous season must be offered 110 percent of last season's salary. Players making up to $1 million must be offered 105 percent. Players making over $1 million must be offered 100 percent." So we would have had to offer Pouliot $1,350,000, Picard $660,000, and Pyatt $550,000 to retain their rights. Personally, I'd take Picard and Pyatt at that price, they were both hardworking solid players, and even with a 10% raise they're both still pretty cheap. But on the other hand - as much as we all love the grinders on our team, the truth is guys like them are a dime a dozen and we'll be able to pick up a Pyatt or Picard (possibly even Pyatt and Picard themselves) at the last minute right before the season starts if we need them - as indeed we did with Picard last year. As for Pouliot - all the talent in the world, but very little production out of it. I definitely agree with saving the $1.35 million we would have had to offer him for someone else. If we only had to pay him Pyatt money, sure, offer it to him just on the off chance he finally puts it all together. But at that price? No thanks. Bottom line - Gauthier knows what he's doing. He's not perfect, he'll make mistakes just like any of us do in our jobs, but he's damn good. I trust his decisions.
  • Comment on Video: How ya like me now? (2011-04-06 12:56:20)
    Didn't it feel incredibly appropriate that we clinched a playoff spot thanks to our two young guns, Subban and Price? I think we simply got too many guys out injured to make much noise in the playoffs, but with those two guys as the pillars of our franchise for the next decade... all Habs fans should have big smiles today.
  • Comment on Habs Future (2010-11-22 15:32:03)

    Hey, I really love reading this every week. Nice to be able to keep up with how our prospects are doing. Keep up the good work SeriousFan!

  • Comment on 30 Teams Worth of Questions (2010-10-07 15:34:36)

    That would be true in Canada. Not in the US, though... I'm sure he's referring strictly to American ratings.

  • Comment on Circle the wagons (2010-09-23 09:47:35)

    Price didn't even go to the locker room after his 30 minutes were done... he stayed on the bench.

    He was right there to hear the fans go crazy after every save Sanford made. Idiots. I was at the game. I was as disappointed with and concerned about Price's performance as anyone else. But I'll never understand booing (or mock cheering) your own players... how the hell does that help them or your team?

  • Comment on Canadiens sign FA forward Halpern (2010-09-07 17:42:08)

    At that price, there are absolutely no negatives to this signing, people. There's nothing wrong with some extra competition for the checking line roles. If he ends up contributing, great - if he doesn't, nothing lost. 

    And the same goes for Darche! Both are solid veterans, hard workers, character guys, the type of players fans love regardless of what their numbers are. If none of the young guys are able to beat them out of their spots, then those kids aren't really good enough to be in the league yet anyway, and we'll be glad to have both of them. If a young guy does show enough to take a spot from one of them, fantastic! Even if their deals aren't two-way we can still send them down, if some other team picks them up on waivers, who cares?

  • Comment on Canadiens sign FA forward Halpern (2010-09-07 17:29:54)

    Ha... yep, if you read these comments too much it sure seems like people can't make up their minds.

    But to be fair... remember that the posts on a forum like this don't represent any one person's opinion, or even any collective group's opinion. Thousands of people post here. The people complaining we didn't sign Comrie probably aren't the same ones who are now complaining that we signed Halpern.

    It's the same for sports GMs and politicians - their every move is scrutinized in minute detail by thousands of people. Pretty much no matter what they do or don't do, a lot of people are going to be upset. And generally, those who are upset are those who are going to react most loudly - the vast majority who approve or don't care don't bother to say anything. It's important not to generalize too much from the squeaky wheels.

  • Comment on Canadiens sign FA forward Halpern (2010-09-07 17:22:21)

    If you just compare what the players bring on the ice or in the dressing room, I'd agree with you100%. But wait until you see the salary we'll be paying him before you come to any conclusions. I'm gonna guess Moore or Metropolit would have been more expensive.

    As a fan, all I really care about is what guys do on the ice and I hate talking about or thinking about the money side of things, so I totally get your gut reaction. But in the salary cap world, unfortunately, GMs have to take salary numbers EXTREMELY seriously (the Halak trade being another example of this).