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  • Comment on Flynn is in, Smith-Pelly out for Habs vs Panthers (2015-03-28 12:36:06)
    Headline should have been "in like Flynn"
  • Comment on Subban and Price invited to pre-Olympic orientation camp (2013-07-23 12:02:37)
    I think we could really use Kyle Clifford, he would be a great addition to the lineup. I was writing out the roster the other day, and although the team is tougher with the re-signing of White, and the signing of Parros, we still have a small guy on each line, and 1 line will have to have 2 small guys. Although I really like him and he's been a great leader, it might be time to move Gio if we can. His 5 million will give the team a lot of flexibility, and will open up a spot for a rookie, or a trade or whatever. habsin09.blogspot.com
  • Comment on Mike Boone the guest on new HIO show (2013-05-02 11:55:11)
    Not sure we would get the Leafs or the Bruins. Only way we play the Bruins is if NY Rangers, (Sens of course), NY Islanders and Leafs lose as teams will be reseeded based on reg season standings.
  • Comment on Habs practise after Price named Molson Cup Player of the Year (2013-04-29 11:52:47)
    Without the 3 disastrous games during their slump, Carey's stats were up with the rest of the leaders, and was certainly there during the 18 (ish) game point streak the Habs went on. Not sure why everyone has to hate Carey, he's the Habs' goalie, and will be for a long time, so live with it. My beef is, how the hell is the Habs/Sens series playing 3 games in 4 nights for a playoff series, let alone the possibility of 7 games in 11 nights...brutal!
  • Comment on Gallant to join coaching staff, plus video from development camp. (2012-06-14 15:28:54)
    Also, Gomez' salary doesn't count against the cap if he's with the Bulldogs.
  • Comment on No blockbusters among Habs’ trade-deadline deals (2012-02-25 08:05:40)
    Aren't Kostitsyn and Campoli UFAs this year? If so, better to trade them now instead of risking them walk away.
  • Comment on Leblanc called up (2012-02-01 14:51:55)
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Jeff Carter has 10 years left on his deal at over 5 million per. I think that's a huge commitment considering he has been hurt all year. Also, I know everyone wants AK46 out of here, but he is young, big and seems to be having more fun now then ever.
  • Comment on And here come the Rangers (2012-01-15 10:52:19)
    My "keepers" line up Pac., DD, Cole AK, Lars, plek moen, white bourque gorges, Emelin, Diaz goners Nokia, Darche, budaj, campoli, weber, Gill, Gomez, Kaberle, and for really good offers only--Gio, PK (what, trade PK? are you crazy? Uh, for Shea Weber? yeah, trade PK!)
  • Comment on And here come the Rangers (2012-01-15 10:44:38)
    As annoying as it is to hear about it. Th Sens did in right. Last year they dumped salary played their young guys and it was exciting to watch. This year, they are still fun to watch and winning. I hope the Habs stay the course, we already have a lot of good young talent, so at this point, pick your 2 or 3 vets that get to stay, and cut the rest loose.
  • Comment on Bourque to wear number 27 (2012-01-13 11:54:27)
    I seem to be in the minority, but I love this trade. No matter what Cammy's production is going to be, it wasn't going to be anything in Montreal. I also was more frustrated watching him forecheck and almost touch the other team's player, before swinging around and leaving the zone. I like that Borque is bigger, and cheaper, and has similar numbers over the last several years as Cammy. I think it also frees up enough money to sign Price (makes 2.5 now, saving around 3, he'll get 5 or so) and opens up a spot for Ghallager. As for the other spare parts, trading a 5th rounder for a 2nd rounder is an obvious upgrade, and Ramo wouldn't have come to Montreal to play 10 games a season anyway.