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  • Comment on About this season … (2012-04-08 13:20:59)
    When Molson said he would spend the money to make Montreal better, I think he meant that he'll eat Gomez's contract, I don't think we'll see him next season
  • Comment on About this season … (2012-04-08 12:55:02)
    Like your comment about Gainey and Carbo, I thought they were what was needed to give Montreal another Stanely Cup, like yourself I'll keep my opinions to myself about management
  • Comment on About this season … (2012-04-08 12:28:32)
    PK has great potential, however, one of the things that he needs to work on is not taking stupid penaltys, how many of those one goal games did Montreal loose because he was in the box or get caught on a rush. I know you can't blame a bad season on him, but everything has been done to try and snap him out of his immaturity. He was benched for a couple of games by Martin, he was paired with Gill, he's been denounced by players from other teams, he has had run ins with coachs, I thought his time in Haiti with whats his name might have given him some valuable life experience. He says all the right things in interviews but doesn't take them to heart. Unless Montreal gets a coach that will help him, it would be an idea to trade him and mature some where else.
  • Comment on About this season … (2012-04-08 11:18:47)
    I think the loss of Kirk Muller as an assistant coach was a big part of the difference between last season and this season. I have a hard time coming to terms with letting Plekanec go, but it would probably be the best thing to do, he just doesn't seem to click with anyone, his penalty killing skill would be greatly missed. I'd give Bourque a second chance to start next season, trade him if it doesn't work out. I'll get roasted for this but I would trade PK for a good forward player.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-30 09:57:13)
    About goalposts, one thought is, the shot was that close to missing the net completely.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-10-30 09:47:18)
    Ellar is really playing well considering the fact that Martin played that line almost too death in the last two loosing games, and had that line matched up with Lucic, Thornton line were Ellar took a bit of a pounding. Also he covers for Kostitsyn's lack of back checking. I think the week off should rest him up and will probably play better
  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens hold on to defeat Bruins (2011-10-27 12:54:33)
    Interested in seeing how BENOIT POULIOT fares out this evening.
  • Comment on Canadiens post historic W (2011-10-10 12:38:23)
    with Cammy out for three weeks? if it's just a matter of filling in a hole why not slip Gallagher in for a while, bring in Palushaj also.
  • Comment on Canadiens post historic W (2011-10-10 12:24:35)
    I guess your right about television contracts in the States, but they can't be that great since I doubt there is any television audience in say Colombus Ohio to begin with. What might be better is to have a Canadian team in Halifax take their place and have a better television audience from the Atlantic provinces watching commercials that are local, not national. To me the whole TV thing has killed local commercials in favour of playing the same lucrative national commercials over and over again.
  • Comment on Canadiens post historic W (2011-10-10 12:02:30)
    Ok so I might have pushed it a bit much with Regina.