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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-04 15:14:33)
    Hey fellow HIO contributors! Haven't log in in almost 3 years though I've been coming regularly to get my Habs fix... Just itching to share some line combinations. I like MT's line to start the game: 27-14-11 67-51-15 8-81-26 17-20-22 Good balance of speed, size and defensive awareness. But I feel a couple of changes could be made when we are in need of an offensive spark, for exemple: 27-14-15 (They did well together to start the year) 67-51-11 (Don't need to explain this one) 8-81-26 (They're our best cycling line) 17-20-22 It's basically a swap between Gally and PAP. I also like what MT does when looking for energy with the Desharnais line* but more could be done: 27-14-26 (Sekac is a great forchecker) 67-51-22* (Weise brings his A game with those two) 8-81-11 (Lot's of tenacity all over 17-20-15 (PAP is at a lost in those situations) I don't think we lose much "O" either... As for the power play, I would go with something like this: 27-14-81 (Park Eller in front of the net) 76-15 67-51-26 (Park Sekac in front of the net) 79-55 Anyways, I trust MT, but would like to see some of that! Cheers!
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-18 00:54:10)
    First time, posting this season! So Jacques Martin is finally gone… I would be lying if I said I didn't wanted him sacked earlier. Truth is, I don't reckon Uncle Jocko is a bad coach, nor do I think that the Canadiens have been playing poorly thus far, this season by HIS standards. Surely, a few blown leads here and a couple shootout losses there made his firing possible, but we were not that bad a team… More like a bunch of moribund ticket punchers ready to give up on life! Now, I'm expecting people to freak out a little after we allowed 5 goals, something that would barely ever happen with Mr Drab behind the bench, but I, for one, don't see this as a sign of things to come… So the CH looked a little disorganized, but who cares really? After all, don't we all lose our personal belongings from time to time after partying too hard? I know I do. Given that this felt like their first real jamboree in what seemed like eternity, they deserved to get sloppy and just plain have fun. Simply put, they had been waiting forever at the bar and when the bartender finally came to take their order, they went all out… Good for them and good for the coach... his bar is going to be a hit! During the course of that epic beer bonk session, les Habitants partied their buttocks off for 40 minutes, drinking all they could handle until they eventually realized, as the third period kicked in, that their livers weren't used to it anymore… Big deal! Injecting this much fun into a machine like routine can and will leave the party goers dazed and confused, to say the least. At least, they got it out of their system… NO PUN INTENDED! So what's next? They'll wake up with the worst hang over ever, but they won't regret a thing. After popping a few aspirins, they'll look back at that night of debauchery and think to themselves: were we ever silly, last saturday… With time, they'll learn to control their drinking. Keep in mind that these poor guys had been programmed to work, following a regime so strict that they had forgotten how to have a good time. Anyhow… Here's to many more saturday night drinking sessions: Gulp, gulp, gulp… In the end, they'll just need a few designated drivers so all those "Rum & RC Cola" drinkers don't end up in the ditch! P.S. Oh, and before I forget… To all those boo birds moaning at the Bell Centre tonight: You all need to learn to control your drinking too… Cut these guys a break. The mere fact that you can spend extra cash on tickets doesn't give you the right to cast stones. Seriously, how about I come to your work and boo you? I'll gladly pay the ticket, can't be much… No cheers for you! Feel free to check out my band, Final Flash: Cheers!
  • Comment on The guy McKeen’s forgot (2011-09-11 17:06:50)
    Grading the Montreal Canadiens Here goes nothing! Forwards Projected lines: Cammalleri-Plekanec-Coles Pacioretty-Gomez-Gionta Kostitsyn-Eller-Moen Darche-Desharmais-White Engqvist-Palushaj Though many pundits might look at our forward lines and question our fire power, I am one who believes that depth can often outmatch game breakers. I also feel we have the right balance between playmakers, scorers and space eaters upfront and that will allow each contributors to perform their roles adequately. That being said, chemistry will have to be a key ingredients if we are to have success scoring goals. As many of us know, forwards also play a big role in defending the net, even more so, given Jacques Martin's system. Again, looking at those forward lines, I feel comfortable they can be just as responsible defensively as any team in the NHL. With that in mind, I feel like none only, we have a pretty well balance offense, but we can also match up very well on the defensive side of the pond. Leadership and team work will be at the forefront if this group is to have success... Forwards Grade: A- Defensemen Projected pairings: Markov-Gorges Gill-Subban Spacek-Weber Yemelin As is the case with the forward lines, our defense is pretty well balanced. Though, slightly soft, it has threat written all over it, as all but 2 rear guards, can make an accurate first pass and transition on to the offense with ease. That should keep other teams honest and allow us to counter effectively. It should also make for less time spent in our own zone and less icings all in all. The one thing this defense is missing is pure rugged shutdown defenseman... Though PK can deliver a solid hit, he is not exactly a force in front of the net and Yemelin is yet to play a game in the big leagues. That leaves me wondering who will clear the front of the net, Hal Gill? Nonetheless, with help from the forwards, our defense should fair pretty well, but is more of a run and gun type D. The likes of Gorges, Gill and Yemelin will have to be at least on par with expectations if we're to stick around as one of the best defensive teams in the NHL... Defensemen Grade: B+ Goaltenders Price Budaj Though Price is coming off a career year, I feel, he has not yet reached his prime, and so things are looking good in that department. With a bit less of a workload, I'm confident Price can exceed expectations and be in the talks for the Vezina by season's end. But the defense has to play on par as Carey is not super human and will need a consistent effort in front of him. Budaj comes in, expected to be an upgrade over Auld... I tend to agree with this statement. He's a very athletic and sound netminder and should be able to take on some better competition than Auld did last year. After that, it drops significantly. If any of these 2 gets injured, we're in for a bumpy ride as no one knows what to expect from the guys we're employing in the AHL. For that reason, I have to be cautious in grading that position... Goaltender Grade: A- Special Teams It's easy to assume that our power play with both Markov and Subban on the backhand, will be lethal, but one has to wonder who'll be playing on the left side as both play better at that position on the man advantage. But I guess that's a great dilemma to have. As the forwards are concerned, I'm more than thrilled with the abundance of combinations we could see this year, with players able to play all over the place past the other team's blue line. Chemistry remains a key to any PP and ours will be no different, but with a bit of tweaking, it looks as we'll have good numbers again this year... The penalty kill should raise a bit more questions with the departure of Hamrlik, Halpern and Pyatt, but I feel that Eller, White and Engqvist should be able to fill the void upfront. Though not as experienced, they have the skill set and dedication to be good penalty killers. On the back end, with Gill, Gorges, Markov and Subban (Yemelin could surprised in that department), we have plenty of go to guys. Last but not least, Price can take over any games and should be a stud back there... Special Teams Grade: A Coaching Staff Though some fans can be merciless in assessing Jacques Martin's input as MTL's bench boss, I, for one, am impressed with what he's been able to achieve thus far. True, his system is taxing and his line juggling, mind bending, but he has found a way to win. I do agree that he's a little hard on the younger players, but, all in all, the results have been there and our young core group has gotten better under his helm. I also expect, a lot more offense out of his team now that he has a line up capable of sustaining offensive zone pressure... Kirk Muller left a big hole in the coaching staff when he left earlier this summer and that could have an effect on members of our squad as he was known as a player's coach. But seeing what the 2 Randy's were able to do with a decimated team down in Hamilton, I have to be optimistic to see them join the big club. Will either of them be the players' new confident? I don't know... But I DO know that they were able to get the best out of an AHL team that on paper, didn't exactly look a contender. As for the rest of the staff, they all bring something to the table and should benefit the team greatly, especially Pierre Groulx as Budaj never had a goaltender coach. Coaching Staff Grade: B+ Front Office I know a lot of people have criticized Pierre Gauthier for his lack of activity this last off season. Some also feel he has been trading away too many picks for temporary plugs. Others question his overall vision, saying mostly that he fails to assess size and grit throughout the line up and seems to be high on small skilled players. I have but one thing to say to these people: How do you feel about the Detroit Red Wings? As far as I can tell, building a team around skills, chemistry, hard work and loyalty seems like a good plan to me. I also know for a fact that I hate the Bruins, the Flyers, the Leafs and all those truculent teams almost as much as I hate those scrimmages after the whistle... The Canadiens are a classy organization and PG has done everything in his powers to keep it that way. He's trying to build a contender that will win, playing real hockey and that's all I could ever ask for. Scouting has been good, asset management pretty decent and it seems, our team finally has an identity. All in all, Gauthier has been making this team better and better ever since he took over. Front Office Grade: A- Overall Grade: A- Let me know how you grade the team! Feel free to check out my band, Final Flash: Cheers!
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-04-16 23:59:46)
    Also just changed my signature... Here it is... Feel free to check out my band, Final Flash: Cheers!
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-04-16 23:49:35)
    Great game tonight! Boone summed it up perfectly, but even though I would like to just praise our team, I need to get something out of my system… Mike said it many times, but I must address this, yet again: Hockey Night in Canada is a fraud! Since I don't own a TV and it is difficult to get a decent stream for free on the internet, I'm kind of stuck with those buffoons! And yes, we, Canadians, pay with our taxes, the salaries of these traitors as they pout over the "Bad Guys" being over played… If that wasn't bad enough, we rarely, if ever, get to enjoy a good old: Praise the Canadiens for clearly outplaying the Bruins. Worst, they find a way to make racist comments about Eller being Danish as they desperately try to vamp out their frustration! Past the fact that, given their vocation as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, they are expected to be behind the local team… How can you not be excited by how good, the Habs are playing? How can you fail to notice just how dedicated to winning, these guys are? How can you not rally behind them and cheer for this courageous hockey team? How can you actually cheer for the Bruins? Only 2 canadian teams made it to the playoffs, you are on National TV and somehow, you manage to alienate the Montreal fan base… It's pathetic! At least, if you are to cheer for the goons, do it in the closet… It won't look as bad! Then again, that broadcasting team goes hand in hand with our rightwing Prime Minister so I shouldn't be surprised they're still on the air… They cater to the same people who seem to think we should buy more fighting jets rather than invest in Schools, Hospitals and creating Jobs. Basically, I like to think the Montreal Canadiens represent a progressive Socialist Party while the Bruins are more like the Republicans and their obsession with guns. Anyhow, I know who I'm voting for, comes May 2nd… Funny enough, I think I have a pretty good idea who the bulk of HNIC will vote for as well, yet they didn't even mentioned Politics. In conclusion, people are entitled to their own political views and in no way, am I implying that voting for any given party, makes one, a bad Montreal Canadiens' fan, nor a bad citizen. I'm merely using a metaphor as I feel the Habs are somewhat "leftwing" in their play… I'm a socialist to the bones and think la Sainte Flanelle exemplifies the very qualities of Socialism: Altruism, Sacrifice, Devotion, etc. Lastly, though journalists on CBC are not supposed to take too much of a stand on political matters, they are given a chance to express their love for les Glorieux, yet they choose to root for the opposition… It just blows my mind!
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-04-10 05:39:06)
    So we'll be facing the Big Bad Bruins comes playoff time. Whether or not, this is a good match up for us, only time will tell... One thing is for sure, giving that scenario, the Boys will need to, some how, erase the past few meetings from their collective memory if they are to have any success against those Brutes. In all fairness, we have to admit it has been a grim affair the last 3 times the 2 teams have met... The worst coming by way of Max being taken off the ice on a stretcher, the result of a careless hit, well after game 5 had been decided. If I may, yet again, use a metaphor... I feel the Habs need to pull off some kind of a "Back to the Future" stunt on those guys to actually regain the upper hand in the rivalry... Somehow, Biff (the Bruins) has been using his Bully credentials to great success for the better part of the latter leg of the season series between the 2 teams. Basically, I feel like the CH has been Bean Town's George McFly as of late... It is time for George to punch back, but given my tremendous respect for the game, by no means, am I hoping for violence. I just hope we can outplay these goons... Keeping in mind Zemeckis' Classic... Realistically, I doubt that George being hit by Lord Stanley's car is going to prevail this time around... As much as I enjoyed last spring's unlikely run, I fear that Montreal might not always fall on Lady Luck's side of things as the second season comes around. Don't get me wrong, we played some wonderful hockey last spring but I can't help but feel les Glorieux could of easily been out of the Great Race, had Semin connected with twine rather than metal during last year's first round. Let's all be honest here, the guy was all over the ice but just couldn't buy a goal... But hey, that's why they play the games! Anyways, far from me, the intention of underrating a very good hockey team... I do like our chances. I just really hope Jacques finds a way to level the table, because it sure seems to be tilted, Boston's way. Sadly, coach Marty doesn't own a time traveling Dolorean, but if we are to advance past les "Bruns", he will need to find a way to regain the past MOJO... I believe he can and will! Here's to a great playoff run... All Hail to La Sainte Flanelle!!!
  • Comment on Quick hits (2011-04-05 23:58:40)
    First off, I must admit with Mr. Boone... That was the game of the year. Sure watching PK score a hat trick as les Habitants demolished les Sauvages was entertaining, but nothing beats a good old thriller between original six teams... I mean, why is it that we only play Chicago and Detroit once a year? As much as I enjoy our rivalries here in the Northeast Division, I somewhat wish the Habs were playing in the Central Division... I just love Western Conference Hockey! I agree with Boone on our conference as well... Save for Washington and Tampa Bay, it seems like most of the powerhouses in the East actually rely more on Don Cherry “bullism” than actual talent to win games... Even Pittsburgh is borderline in my book. Basically I’m just really sick of goons, meat heads and cheap shot artists. I hope the NHL finds a way to get rid of intimidation, fighting and questionable hits. I don’t have to scramble much to find valid arguments, just look at tonight’s gem... Like Mike pointed out, just 21 combine hits between the 2 clubs, no fights and not one scrum after the whistle. Was the game boring? Not one bit... But would such a tilt be voted game of the year by Bruins fans? Not by a long shot. Will it be discussed on Coach’s Corner this coming saturday? Well, Grapes might criticize PK’s “over the top” celebration with Price, but I’m not holding my breath for any praises in regards to this fast pace, skill oriented affair as all the goals were scored by “soft” players wearing visors... The worst part is... The hypocrites who preach “respect” are usually the same morons who celebrate thug wars and desperately try to muzzle young (maybe exuberant but none the less greatly talented) rising Stars... Which brings us back to Subban. As you probably already noticed, he keeps popping up in my comment... But how can one ignore the brut force he is on the ice? I dare you to name 10 players that are more dynamic, exciting and flamboyant on a game to game basis than the Subbanator. He is right up there with Sid the Kid, the Great 8 and Tim Too Tall. And tonight, he was at his best as were all the skilled players, given a chance to play a REAL game of Hockey... The NHL would be nuts, not to encourage this style of Play, but then again, their feuille de route suggest they don’t have a clue... Don’t you all wish we got to enjoy real Hockey every night? I sure do.
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-03-27 02:16:13)
    Hi Folks, Though I am more of a reader than an actual poster on this site, I felt the need to share my views on what has become, quite a pathetic team... We keep bringing up the losses of Markov and Gorges, Gomez' inability to hit his stride, 'snipers' hibernating through extended periods of time, the line juggling, the tough schedule, players playing hurt and last but not least, Dan Stanchion's dirty hit on Paciorety (Well, that's the NHL's ruling anyways as Stanchion got suspended indefinitely and Chara is still out there mugging smaller players)... In my humble opinion, none of that fully explains the players' total lack of passion on the ice. If I may speak in metaphors. Martin looks like a University professor who ran out of ways to explain Risk Management Economics to his students... Sure, Hal is a stud and Carey is Class President, but all in all, the bulk of the group is oblivious... Grades are not improving and the final exam is right around the corner. Worst, I think they might be starting to realize that this might not be what they wanted to study in the first place. Cammaleri always wanted to be a rockstar, Pouliot, a pilot, Plekanec was contemplating a career as mechanical engineer and PK got caught by the teacher, writing poetry rather than listening. Gomez is the easy going guy who took the class thinking he would meet cute girls, but ended up back in his old girlfriend's arms (Gionta's) and the love is way gone. But I digress... Sure they are getting paid big money to attend Professor Martin's class, but they sure don't seem to give a damn anymore... Yet, I am not holding Jacques entirely responsible for what has become of our sixth seed bubble team, but I sure hope he brings a twist to his teachings or I fear the players will eventually drive him out of town.... Just my 2 cents.
  • Comment on Finally, a laugher (2011-01-21 15:40:56)

    Hey Mr Boone, here is a possible nick name for the Pouliot-Desharnais-Darche line... P-D-D ------> The Puff Daddy Line. I know, I know...