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  • Comment on Familiar faces on Sportsnet’s NHL broadcast team (2014-08-29 22:40:37)
    Hey, I want to join but want to do it from my work email...can I do this on Tues morn? I can't access my work email from home.
  • Comment on Familiar faces on Sportsnet’s NHL broadcast team (2014-08-29 12:02:46)
    So appears every announcer in existence now works for there anyone who did not get a job with them? seriously who got "cut"?
  • Comment on Familiar faces on Sportsnet’s NHL broadcast team (2014-08-29 11:48:45)
    Role, linemates and icetime will be the biggest factors as they always appears (at this point anyway) that the likely landing spot IF he does make it is beside Pleks or Eller(I expect they are going to give him every chance given his signing and age and how dominant he was at development camp). IF he ends up in a rol playing with two NHL calibre top 6 guys...I see no reason to believe he can not score 10-15 goals easily and possibly more. I saw people comparing Fabian Brunnstrom recently...tehn I looked up his stats in that first year where was given an offensive role...he scored 17 goals in only 55 games. Over time they discovered he could not play away from the puck, was terrified to take a hit and pretty well only played offense...which is not acceptable anymore in most places. I think whoever gets that coveted top six role will get 10-15 by default, if they get pp time? could be 20. What we do know of Sekac is that he is said to be a digger and strong on the puck and boards and not intimidated by physical play and mucking in corners. He is said to be responsible.....and right now he is the front runner...he could end up in the AHL...but at this point I see nothing wrong with projecting success...I am guessing tthe Habs pro scouting staff did their homework and that is why they signed him. Every clip I saw of him at d camp was impressive...he appearded to be a man playing with boys....he is 22.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-28 12:54:12)
    I think it is MaxPac who should be on the offwing. He scores the bulk of his goals from the right side anyway, that is where he is opened up for his one timers, that is also where he has both sides of the net to shoot at when streaking down the is where he scores most of his goals from anyway I would figure. I think Chcuky has alredy been moved from a natural center to the wing...don;t make it nay harder on him and have him playing his off wing...he isn;t a shooter anyway.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-28 12:38:10)
    ? who said it is ok to hit from behind? I seruiously doubt though that many of the injuires are intentional hits from behind...just as often it is a quick move or an off balance player getting spun. what I am saying is that the "Danger zone" is not tight against the leave things as is there ..tight tot the boards. BUT instead make the danger zone where contact must be thought about first...maybe no hits at all is what I was getting at. If we are going to thin aobu this in an lll reaslistic approach..tehn teh bottom line is there is no safe way to hve players moving at up to 20km-30km an hour and have it be allowed to hit them into a stationary object at all. Remove the bords then if you are that concerned. Otherwise no mater how enforced rules are there will still be accidents and major injuries. Would be an interesting game if you could not dump it up the boards and other team got possession if it went out of bounds..
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-28 11:50:37)
    Re the warning track...I see nothing wrong with the idea but I can't help but wonder if there is a better way. If you are going to go ahead with something like this at all then why not have the orange strip out further and a white space between the boards and the for instance 2 ft white ice from boards out, then 2 ft orange. Hits would only be allowed in orange area if from the front. Hitting in the white area nearest the boards in tight should be fine. Saves them half the paint too.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-26 13:34:15)
    Team has some accelerated development and a decent stable of prospects , acquiring Sekac for nothing (which is like a 2ndt rd pick that has been aged, Gregoire looking like he is going to be turning out to be the equivalent of a 2nd, Andrighetto , De La Rose, Scherbak,etc seems to have the cupboards relatively stocked. That isn;t that impressie until you consider the amount of quality forwards the team has at the NHL elvel who are not included in the prospect pool because they are already playing....Chucky, Eller, Gally, Bournival even Patches are all still young...ont he back end the team has subban, Beaulieu, Tinordi, pateryn, etc all developing. The main advantage to kids anymoe is their value realtive to the cap ....the Habs have quite a bit of that coming and that is without the fringe guys like the Reways, Lehkonen, Bozon,even Mccarron,etc and the second tier of D prospects. If any ofthem work out even better but the hAbs have several homegrown talents who like they are set in the organization for a long can again afford to make something happena t teh deadline. Besides, what is the alternative? overpay in free agency? or acquire player via trade where you are going to paty too.....most cost effective plan appears to be rental unless right trde happens along and MB has time to weight that before having to do anything at the deadline.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-26 12:53:28)
    You only subtract them if they are gone...but not if they are injured unless it is long term. MB is a guy who signs depth and it paid off last year for him. I would be shocked if team does not sign another vet dman and a tough guy. Would be ideal if they were swapped out money and money out with two ways and that is likely what MB is trying to offer Bouillion...but we'll see how it shakes out. I am not convinced MB is not tyring to jockey as is....because he likely does want plenty of cap space at the deadline.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-26 12:43:37)
    They are still in need of signing likely two players...probably a tough guy and/or a vet dman like Bouillon. Also by the deadline what will be used in call ups? There is plenty of time for MB to make some moves and he has shown he pays attention to the cap. They would have been in real good shape had Subban got around 7.5 which I think would have been fair myself but it is done now....all we can do now is pull fo Subban to keep improving and to deliver like he did nin the playoffs.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-26 12:16:28)
    That is what upsets me about Subban contract...even if he wins the Norris trophy the next 3 years he is still not a value contract....a great player and locked up as a HAb ..but he can never be a value player now and in a cap world I feel that is necessary ....there has to be better than cap value as a what is lost in Subban must be made up in "value per dollar" elsewhere. The salary cap made roster decisions and cap management's importance quadruple....and I think is a big part of why you are seeing all of these data extractors and advanced stats attempts try to recognize the players whose value is better than going rate per dollar.