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  • Comment on Carey Price survives All-Star Game shootout (2015-01-26 14:50:31)
    I think that is why I would prefer it not be earlier....then you would pretty much have to make trades. As it stands there will be an arms race but there will always be those chemistry questions that make a team have to gamble..with it that much earlier I think the deadline pretty much becomes a must
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 16:40:49)
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 16:26:12)
    I view it like a hockey player using an illegal stick...get caught you get caught but it isn't a gamechanger and shouldn't be getting national news coverage like it is...quietly fine them and be done with it and change rule moving forward.
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 15:56:28)
    I think it is much ado about nothing myself. Simple fix..both teams use league provided footballs...checked by both teams staff/ref worries...
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 15:52:49)
    My long, wordy post is the corsi/fenwick and your more concise post essentially saying the same thing I did is the plus minus.
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 15:33:02)
    I think like most stats it has a very general value if there is a hgue difference realtive to the norm under similar circumstances. I view it as more important than Corsi or Fenwick....but both are very flawed and until they start awarding point for possession then the stat that reflects actuals goals for and against its better than the one that talks about the almost goals. Should almost Rene Bourqie be considered an eltie forward...he has an amazing amount of almost goals. Both stats are heavily affected by external factors ....still funa nd all but I think this idea that possession and shots are ultra indicative is kind of a no brainer and so what thing myself. I think the bbasic plus minus for a team is a far better indicator of success in all likelihood than this possession corsi fenwick crap....because ultimately it is the simplest yet broadest measumrement. In those games the goals for anda gainst by and for a team factor in everythingthat happened in a game...the stats get more skewed the further you break things down as the sample size shrinks,etc...but the general idea of using stats is fine ...if you are sharp enoguh to consider all other factors. In hockey there are three basic strengths required byplayers as individuals....decision making athletic ability and execution. For instance I would prefer a guy who makes the smartest possible play 15 out of 20 times who executes 12 out of those times because his athletic abiltiy gave him the opportunity to get there with more time to spare. There are so amny variables, hckey is not acn be used as a tool...adn I am sure somewhere a case can be made but in reality the sample size of even a 20 year vet is realtively small when yous tart to looka t similar plays under similar circumtnaces...beause tthe circumstances are hardly ever actually similar. To me....smarts are the most important faactor once players get to a a certain athletic/execution threshold and the better payers are elite in all 3 of those categories....then there are the other effort, consistency, heart and personal aspects because sme weaker players play their best more often than more talented players who do not maximize their oputput as is a very, very difficult game to try to assign these numbers to. The tools being used that we see (although some insist teams are secretly using better) of late to me are not really any more useful than waht we had to discuss and everything but not really doing all that much more.
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 15:10:11)
    Really? they get their own footballs? That is asking for trouble and a really stupid thing to do. Does any other sport do that where teams share a ball? So the Partiots use their own balls when on offesne and teh Colts used their own on offense? or did each teeam provide a few balls and they were used by whoever?
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 14:54:35)
    Except don't both teams use the same football? in basbeall everyone has their own bats.
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 14:19:02)
    lol...he basically played it last night...but I get why he plays D. HE can play half the game, he can have the whole game in front of him, he can pick and choose when to go and be the extra guy, he will get more time/space and more room to pick speed adn capitalize on his biggest asset....I still wonder though because he has better hands than many good forwards, has a btter shot, is a way better skater....not sure how he would function in a cycle type game but he is great off the rush....I would love to see it
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-22 14:07:22)
    After watching last night I was honestly wondering about him playing forward...I realize it would never happen but I was seriously thinking at some point someone should have trid it jsut to see...isn't going to happen after a Norris trophy in the NHL but heck Byfuglien does it, Brent Burns, I googles andc came across this poll in the Ottawa Sun. There were plenty fo shifts last night where he may have lined up a dman but that is where it ended...he wouldliterlal yplay forward in the ozone, the neutral zone and in dthe dzone jstu kind of stand there occupying a space dead tired from his escapade down the ice a few seconds before....don;t get me wrong he was off the charts last night but he makes Pk's "risks" make a heck of a lot better.