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  • Comment on AUDIO: Habs trade Diaz to Canucks for Weise (2014-02-03 22:03:49)
    We trade Markov , then we spend years trying to find another great setup man. Markov, Thrower and a pick , for a -10 dman , (hows that solid defensively?) So many people , with so many opinions. You know what , like it or not , MB is the GM because you were not even considered! I think Bouillion and Murray were signed so that Tinordi and Beaulieu could get some much needed seasoning in the minors , smart move in my opinion. Its not like those two are dominating the minors. D Drewiski was signed as insurance , not sure what Diaz was signed for , its ok to be small, but you better be tough. If we dump the GM and coach everytime someone on here wants it , we will be in constant transition and never going anywhere. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  • Comment on ‘Dogs suffer first loss; Leblanc injured (2012-10-22 06:48:13)
    been to both games against the Marlies. Umm Tinordi led both teams in ice time, 23 mins + at the Ricoh center. Gallagher certainly does not play small, hard on the puck , crashing the net. Thought Geofferion , Leblance Palushaj and Blunden all looked good , Blunden has some nice speed. Thought Holland looked great as well.
  • Comment on No time to mope (2011-12-22 09:20:32)
    Growing up in NB in the early 70's there was 45% hab fans, 45% leaf fans and 10% Bruin fans. I currently live and work in Leafs Hell southern Ontario, but there a lot of hard core habs fans here!
  • Comment on No time to mope (2011-12-22 09:16:22)
    Really , what was martin? Are you telling me if Mike Babcock was available , you wouldn't want him. The only criteria we should be concerned with is, can the coach win! Why would you limit the available coaches to only French speaking coaches. I would take a Russian coach if he can win , and Bench PK!
  • Comment on Multimedia, video of both teams: Carey Price wanted a whistle (2011-11-27 11:18:12)
    Give this poster a medal! Right on the Money!
  • Comment on Liveblog: The Claude Giroux Show (2011-11-26 09:09:15)
    I,m with Michael. What you said is just crazy, fix one headache by getting a migraine! And trade Subban?? Really?? Then spend the next 12 or 13 years regretting it. Would love to see Staal, but not at the cost of Subban.
  • Comment on Liveblog: A significant and satisfying win (2011-11-19 17:41:53)
    Classless ass!
  • Comment on Gomez returns, Cammy game-time, AK46 out, Budaj in goal (2011-11-12 09:00:04)
    Emelin 2010-11 Kazan Ak-Bars KHL 52 11 15 26 117 16 Diaz 2010-11 Zug Swiss-A 45 12 27 39 26 14 The KHL is a much stonger league then the Swiss A League. Give Emelin the ice time to get used to the NHL , especially once Markov gets back and this guy will be a big asset! Problem is coaching , let Subban wheel and Emelin bang. We signed these guys for what they can do , then turn around and change their game. Once all D are back> Move Webber , Rotate Emelin , Campoli and Specek, Give Diaz the rest of the year in Hamilton. Come playoffs , the good Lord permitting, Markov Subban Georges Gill Spacek Campoli Emelin Thats a pretty good D corp Just my 2 cents
  • Comment on Gomez returns, Cammy game-time, AK46 out, Budaj in goal (2011-11-12 08:38:35)
    Exactly whats missing! Think Darius Kasparaitis type impact.
  • Comment on About last night … with postgame audio (2011-11-11 07:57:53)
    Could not agree more, time and time again DD gets pushed easily off the puck, and will, if its a big hit, look like he scared.When Gomes gets back I seriously see, Gomez , Pleks, Eller and Nooky as are centers, I hope DD ends up in Hamilton. As for Emilin , I don't understand his being sat.Big hits , tough in front of the net, and he does, if he ever gets the chance , have an offensive side.Webber and to a lesser extent Diez are being pushed around I like Emilin , I think he can be a bid assett to this team, let him play , let him make a few mistakes............in the end it will be the right move.