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  • Comment on Updated: Habs’ Max Pacioretty a Masterton finalist (2012-04-24 17:55:09)
    I hope 13 represents your age and that would explain why you would say that Alfredsson isn't a classy player because of that one incident. He's been a great ambassador for the game of hockey, for his home country and even ours during his tenure in this league. Always conducted himself with class. I hope that Patches wins this award, but if he does lose, I hope that it's to Alfredsson.
  • Comment on Audio: No suspension for Malone hit fuels plenty of debate (2011-10-03 20:18:07)
    I expected a game or so for this hit, but I understand the league's reasoning on this since it is a technicality within the rule. I re watched the replay after hearing the verdict and he does in fact set up the hit before he has to stretch out for the puck. My issue with the hit was not that I found it so dirty, but reckless. He didn't have to hit him, it looked as if the puck would have been easy to pick up. I think people are coming down a little hard on Shanny, when he seems to be trying to clean up the game, and also he's justifying his reasoning for suspending players (or not) rather than just calling it a "hockey play". Thankfully Campoli wasn't seriously harmed and seems ok.
  • Comment on Leblanc trade much ado about nothing (2011-08-23 18:37:14)
    I agree, and I still don't find he's that bad of a player. If you take the price tag off he's still a decent two way player, who just had a god awful year.
  • Comment on Canadiens on Jagr’s short list (2011-05-16 00:21:57)
    Never really liked the guy, even if his skill was sickening. That being said, he was still once, the most dominant player in the game, and one of the best all time. I really don't see how it can hurt to offer him a small one year deal.
  • Comment on No brooms for the Bruins (2011-04-19 10:13:36)
    If one bad period looses you a series, it wasn't going to happen in the first place.
  • Comment on No brooms for the Bruins (2011-04-19 10:12:11)
    I would, not much to loose, worst case you get his salary back from him being rehurt. I'd do 1 year just out of respect (we almost made this guy our captain), you see if he can play, cause you don't want to loose him for nothing.
  • Comment on Ho-hum, another L (2010-12-31 08:47:06)

    Was it just me or was that a really lame call on the penalty shot, and does anyone know the ruling on coming in contact with the goalie on a penalty shot?  I remember Brodeur making a stink about that a couple years ago.

    Not blaming the game on that call or anything, just wondering if anyone has a clarification on the rule..


    Oh and people, don't kill yourselves, things will get better. Happy New Year!

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-17 09:31:53)

    I think they'll wait til the end of the month for the Friday game in Atlanta. They play the Sabres at home the following night. He'll want to keep Carey fresh for the division rival.


  • Comment on Canadiens get their goalie(s) and a forward (2010-07-02 10:30:16)

    Alex Auld is as ok of a backup as anyone else, and for a guy who plays 15-20 games he's perfectly fine for a million, but I don't like gambling this much on Price.  I still have faith in his talent, size, and all that jazz, but I don't know if it will all come together this year, and if it doesn't, I don't know how many more games Auld would be able to play. 

    My two cents.

  • Comment on Metro: ‘I wanted to call bull on 6-8 weeks’ (2010-03-31 09:11:34)

    I really like this guy, and I think you need a guy or two like this in the locker room. I find he's kind of what we wanted Smolinski to be.  He helps out offensivly and generally plays an effective and simple defensive game. I'd really like to see him back next year.