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  • Comment on Happy 65th birthday to Ken Dryden (2012-08-09 15:13:12)
    You're right on getting to wrapped up in the numbers. I try and not make definitive decisions on players in general, but base my opinions on data both observed (you know, watching the games) and recorded. I certainly haven't quit watching games. I know that my knowledge of these stats has changed my perceptions of what to watch for, but that's about it. As for seeing the kids live, I absolutely encourage that as well. I'm a fan of the Saskatoon Blades, and that's been advantageous for a couple of our prospects (Dietz and Thrower), and I have been able to see others as well past and present (White, Maxwell, Chipchura, Holland, Gallagher, etc). I don't claim to have seen a lot of other kids live that we do rankings on. I would if I could. I also don't claim expertise for us as individual analysts of the prospects or the panel as a whole. We try and get a lot of opinion and form the rankings on that. If I had confidence in my expertise, I'd say screw you to the other guys and write up my own rankings. Our write-ups are simply information pieces with an idea of who we as a panel are keeping a closer eye on that's coming up through the system. I've gone over my lists the past two years and tried to see if there was any pattern as to why I misjudged a player (either postively or negatively). I hope each year mine and the panel's lists are better. But other than Chris Boucher, none of us are seeking employment as scouts right now or come from that background. We're fans with opinions.
  • Comment on Happy 65th birthday to Ken Dryden (2012-08-09 14:58:24)
    Hey, I figured I'd respond here. I'm Bruce Peter, one of the editors of EOTP. 1. Goals are definitely very important. A lot of those measurements we use are to try and predict or anticipate goal scoring behaviour. The only problem with goals is there just aren't enough of them. There are a lot of shots and shifts that don't have goals in them, and that's what we try and track. In the end, though, we're searching for goals, and I know I certainly don't ignore goals scored at either end of the ice when trying to analyze a player. 2. We've all played hockey. Although we are almost all ex-goalies. Of course, like all the commenters and contributors here who have played, we sucked and couldn't make a living with it. :) 3. Criticism is accepted but be prepared to be challenged. Most work takes a lot of effort and we won't simply let it be slagged if the criticism seems unjust. If you want more information on what we're doing, we're happy to provide that for you. People don't get banned for dissent, the only people that get banned are those consistently not contributing constructive conversation or get personal. I hope neither our readers or our writers go outside the realms of the material that is being discussed, i.e. don't get personal or don't make false claims. This can happen at times and I apologize if it happened to you and you were turned off. 4. I have done reporting before. Kevin certainly has as well. It's a tough job and I appreciate that. The common problem we generally have is the mixing of storytelling with analysis. There are places for both lines of articles but I know we're generally not fond of when storytelling poses as analysis. 5. We certainly don't try and use those terms as exclusionary, or to show that anyone is 'part of the club' or whatever. Language regarding player usage is still in its infancy, those are some that have been used but might not be in the future. 6. Criticism of coaches and managers has existed long before our site came along. Cunneyworth did a poor job. I don't claim I could do better, I can't run a practice. I can recognize that his tactics were ill-suited for the NHL. With Bergevin, yes we would like to see an analytics head/department on there. It's common practice in baseball, basketball and football and soccer are getting there. Hockey's behind, we wanted him to be ahead of the curve. There might be a guy on staff already that provides that for Bergevin, I don't know. As for the 'EOTP takes control' stuff, that was mainly a time killer discussion that wasn't serious. No one expects anyone to go from writing to an assistant GM. We do like to have fun on the site, believe it or not. We aren't serious 100% of the time. 7. A measurement being obscure doesn't negate its importance. Anyways, we like to talk pucks and compare players. 8. Thank you. 9. Chris Boucher has a scouting system and he's a little less forward on it than the data we usually use because he personally owns it. He's a scout and if he gives up all his methodology he loses employment opporutnities.
  • Comment on Sounding the death knell (2011-09-02 10:47:00)
    Mike, bare knuckled fighting is worse for things like skull fractures and broken fingers, and yes it is savage. And while those injuries are certainly serious (skull fractures more so than concussions) bare knuckled punches are less likely than fighting with gloves to knock the brain around and cause concussions. That said, everyone jumping on the NHLPA or NHL needs to ask harder questions about hockey at the grassroots level. Why are we allowing our teenage boys to do this? Why do we allow 20 year olds to fight with 16 year olds in a semi-pro circuit? If we eliminate fighting at the amateur and junior hockey levels, it will go a lot longer to solving this problem than anything else. Studies show that concussions at a younger age are far more damaging than those that occur in your 20s and 30s when your body has filled out. And it'd reduce the number of fights a player would get into in their career by a ton... there is more fighting at these levels than there is in the NHL. As far as this whole 'preparing for life after hockey' thing, I don't know, but isn't that what high school and college are for? Maybe taking kids away from their homes as 16 year olds and having them play 68-100 hockey games a year, and not letting the kids experience these key formative years beyond the rink, would help out. We're churning out one-dimensional citizens, who can't possibly have a lifelong career in this profession (though they can get exceedingly wealthy). The kids that go through the NCAA system at least seem more mature and balanced in general.
  • Comment on Whew! (2010-12-16 15:56:10)

    If you saw the rest of the episode, you'd have noticed he did a lot of positive talk with the team that week.

    Fact is right now, they're outplaying their opponents most nights but just aren't getting either goaltending or the bounces offensively.  We'll see if he gets fired, but I'm skeptical this streak is going to last much longer.  I think next week's 24/7 will have a bit more happy of an ending for the Caps.  

    Just because an attitude worked with the Pens doesn't mean it will for the Caps.  Plenty of yellers have won Cups.  

  • Comment on Habs Future (2010-11-22 00:10:57)

    I wonder what's happening with Kristo...  that's a very noticeable regression for him. Combined with Steve Quailer struggling to return to form after missing last year with injury, and Joonas Nattinen missing all this year with injury too, that's a lot of bad news from some forward prospects with decent upside. 

    Emelin has said he might give the NHL a try again this year as his contract is up...  but again, who knows.  He has to want to try the NHL out, and the Habs are his only choice right now.  If he doesn't come over this time, he won't ever come. 

    Other KHL stats:

    Brock Trotter - 22 GP, 4 G, 7 A, 11 Pts, +4, 20 PIMs, 13:31 TOI/game. 

    Hopefully he picks it up as the season progresses...  because a 3rd line KHL player isn't worth bringing back. 

  • Comment on NHL in Europe, Hockey Night in Canada in U.S. (2010-10-04 17:02:17)

    Can't find the results of the first games, which were on Saturday. 

  • Comment on Let’s try this again (2010-09-27 13:31:52)

    Uh, no.  You can compare goalies based on similar goal support.  The goal support for Price and Halak was a massive difference.  

    That being said, yes, Halak was better than Price last year.  But their W-L difference was enhanced by a freak ability of the Habs to score on the PP at an enormous rate when Halak was in goal, and the PP somehow being stone cold when Price was in goal.  Surely, you can see that is nothing but a random occurence.

  • Comment on Let’s try this again (2010-09-27 13:27:37)

    We had the same type of goalie as Halak 8 years ago, dragging a mediocre team into the playoffs and to upset wins in the playoffs, seemingly immune to the pressures of the city.  That worked out great when we signed him to big money, didn't it?

    Jack Todd would've hated Jacques Plante blaming his defense for every goal against.  He doesn't seem to allow for the fact that goalies have different personalities from each other, different methods of dealing with adversity.  

    This whole "making the 3rd round once in the next 3 years" thing is ridiculous.  What exactly does that prove, anyways?  It was a fluke run, backed by a red hot Halak.  Combine that with Halak's Olympic performance, he proved very good at taking mediocre teams to 4th place finishes last year.  There's no way anyone can say he'll continue to perform at such a high level, in fact, it's logical that he won't.  How would the fans, and Halak, have dealt with that?  We know how the fans would've reacted, it's just Halak we don't know about.

    Price, too, had a great statistical run in 2007-08.  It came apart against Philly in 5 games.  Halak came apart against Philly, too, in 5 games.  Does it really matter if one was in the 2nd round and the other was in the 3rd?

  • Comment on HIO adds to the roster with Stu Hackel (2010-09-14 18:03:25)

    Hopefully Slap Shot is still active...  that was a good blog.  It's lonely blogging about European hockey...  could use the company. 

    Only in hockey does making the move from the NY Times to the Montreal Gazette constitute a promotion.  Congrats, Stu!

  • Comment on Louie, Louie (2010-07-31 11:39:10)

    Just to clarify, the error is in the headline on the Globe and Mail.  So that's where he got it from.  Blame the intern!