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  • Comment on Another hungry opponent (2011-03-22 13:36:52)
    Ahhh Mr Cobb, Have you ever failed us, the fans, with you words? Well spoken, good sir! I think it is safe to say, at this point in time, that all the organizational and player changes made close to two years ago have really served the Club de Hockey Canadien surprisingly well! I posted on *HABS* (that's right, in my heart, it will always be *HABS* twice all year, and both times I stated that I truly believe that this team is a Cup contender not only this year but for years to come! Remember the Koivu/Kovalev days- when the optimists of *HABS* (just rubbing it in lol) would preach about the rebuilding phase that this organization was in and that it would take a few years before we became serious contenders? Do you remember how we preached about the necessity of youth and that getting rid of Carbonneau would be the best idea? I'm talking about back when we had our first Fan Summit! Well, look at where we are now! Last year, we BLEW everyone's mind when we made it to the conference finals... and to think that an injury-ravaged team like this year's is doing BETTER than it was last year! (On an economical note, how attractive of a market has Montreal become for UFAs? Gauthier must have SUCH an easy time selling the idea of playing in Montreal to player agents!) On top of it all, we are still facing bouts of inconsistency from some of our key players- I will spare you all the names as I believe the media here has done more than enough crucifying, as always :). I'm an excited, 23-year old Habs fan who, despite the violent overtones that have taken over this league, still enjoys watching the game here in Montreal. Yes, it might be BEYOND well-marketed (I'm old-school; I still refer to it as being a religion) but you can see that this group of players is VERY happy to be where it is and will not simply aim at winning home ice advantage but rather, to hoist the Stanley Cup. With that being said, I really should be taking care of my assignments lol Enjoy the game, everyone!
  • Comment on 1-0 after one (2010-12-30 12:24:43)

    Happy holidays, everyone! And a happy new year to all!

    I decided to assess the Habs almost halfway through the season...

    OVERALL, I would have to agree with everyone when the notions of "lack of heart" or "grit" are used to describe our team. However, I'm not sure I agree with the reasoning...

    Watching the Habs play at the beginning of the season and up until around the 20th game, I was of the opinion that this team was a SERIOUS Stanley Cup contender. I'm sure the players themselves knew deep down in their hearts minds and bodies that they were too.Pardon my French, but they were playing their ASSES off and EVERYBODY was contributing! Yes, Price stood on his head but guys like Pouliot and Kostitsyn also showed that they really love what they do by looking "interested" as Boone likes to put it. It wasn't rare for me to read the ALN section and notice Boone being desensitized to winning. A powerful opinion in Montreal's hockey world critically praising individual and collective efforts, where there were often "no passengers on the bus", caused many of us to actually start taking this team for granted... I speak for myself first and foremost, of course.

    After watching the playoffs last season, I was treated to some of the most intense and gratifying Canadiens' hockey that I had not seen in my 23 years of age.... Regardless of who the real heroes were, this is a team sport and overall, I'd be a fool to not be pleased with the way they eliminated the Caps AND THE FREAKING PITTSBURGH PENGUINS...

    What really put a smile on my face, however, was watching the sheer JOY being expressed by a team of players that had grown to actually love and respect each other and, in so doing, WIN against all odds.

    So what happened? For those of you know know me, I NEVER talk about coaches or their systems but I do have to make a comment concerning Jacques Martin's handling of the absolutely normal yearly Canadiens' slump... If I were him, I would dust off the videos of the playoff run and show them to the players with a specific area of focus; the emotional aspect of the game.

    What happened to players respecting each other and standing up for one another, during the game and in the media? What happened to hearing about or watching a camera cut to the bench and witnessing players like Gomez directing the young guns?  But most of all, what happened to the LOVE for WINNING?!

    I believe these are the REAL issues, not a lack of size or skill... I think players have started playing for themselves, with inflated egoes and selfishness. I hate to say this but just to give an example, my beloved Plekanec is showing signs of arrogance... a quiet, exemplary leader like himself should stop trying to do everything himself and go back to being the set-up player that he is.

    Look, I still truly believe that after close to 40 games, they are still a cup contender. I'll get into individual assessments halfway through the season...

    Yes, we lost Markov and to be quite blunt I believe he's replaceable. The moment he went down and crashed into the boards, I looked at my buddies and said "we will NOT be re-signing him"... On a personal note, I'm already mentally prepared to watch a team without Markov... and I think we should all hope for the best but expect the worse when it comes to #79...

    One last thing... As a musician, someone suggested that I read the book "The Music Lesson" by Victor Wooten. If there is one thing that I will forever keep in my mind and heart, it's the idea of how someone playing music can create such POWERFUL physical and spiritual vibrations that send out auras of energy and strike the human souls, thus inspiring them in ways that they cannot comprehend or even acknowledge sometimes....

    Why don't we try sending out positive vibes during the Habs games? Why don't we actually sit in front of our television sets and actually BELIEVE that those guys will win?


    They'll feel it, believe me....

  • Comment on Yikes! The CHicks are taking over!! (2010-10-18 17:00:05)

    Wait a second... wait, wait wait...


    So 51 % of page viewers are women....

    and another stat states that 24% of H I/O visitors have a household income higher than 100 000$...

    Damn, I NEED to get myself a sugar mama!!!

    Hello ladies... ;)

    I'm the Plektster... No no, it's nice to meet YOU!


  • Comment on TEAM win (2010-10-16 15:25:57)

    24 cups!!!

    Yes the Plekster is back after years of inactivity!

    I'm sorry to stir the pot right away but I have to disagree with anyone who disagrees with me (lol) concerning Poutliot.

    That man WILL be a superstar and has all the abilities to do so - size, speed, soft hands, great shot, good vision of the ice, youth.

    He is a total package except for the fact that for some strange reason, he is ALWAYS FALLING!

    Can someone PLEASE explain that to me?! Am I the only one who noticed that he hits the ground at least 5 times per game?

    Confidence.... that's what he's lacking!

    Remember how Plekanec's confidence skyrocketed season after season? Look at him now; untouchable and wearing an A in last night's game...

    Let's stay patient with Pouliot.

    24 Cups, you're right in saying that he was given first line duty without having earned it and so it is time for him to step up!

    And I'd love to come to the summit! I haven't been to the Bell Centre in close to two years but would love to go watch this team because for the first time in a VERY long time,

    I'm proud of who the Canadiens are! 

  • Comment on TEAM win (2010-10-16 15:16:41)

    Hey JF,

    I've been busy with school!

    And people generally disagreed with me because I was a cocky little pr*ck lol...

    I'm wondering if I should go back to that? haha

  • Comment on TEAM win (2010-10-15 17:48:06)

    Just a few thoughts from the Plekster:

    Lars Eller should be given a shot on the first line. His speed, vision, agility and tremendous puckhandling skills should compliment Gionta and Gomez quite well. The only problem? Too much circling around and not enough shooting lol. Nothing that can't be adjusted, however!

    Pouliot NEEDS to re-gain his confidence. He is a superstar, without an ounce of a doubt, yet there is something blocking him from achieving his potential just yet... Could it be the pressure of having the name "Pouliot" in Quebec that's hurting him? Hmm...

    Andrei Kostitsyn is going to have a breakthrough season. I've never seen him play with such intensity and LOVE for the game. With his brother gone, and as hundreds have pointed out, there will be less distractions for #46 going into the season. I'm also starting to sense a revival in terms of his hockey sense... he finally HAS some! He seems to know where to go MOST of the time... In my opinion, he just needs to learn to position himself along the boards to support his teammates. All in due time...

    Carey Price is concentrated. Forget talk of his skills; he is razor SHARP and focused like he once used to when he first broke into the NHL. Only thing left now is to see if the team is capable of minimizing shots and scoring more often.


    I have to agree with everyone who thinks it's foolish to conserve a 2-goal lead halfway through the game. There isn't really much more I can add to that lol

    Finally, a note of controversy;

    The 2010-2011 Montreal Canadiens are a Stanely Cup contender this year.

    Should Pouliot, Kostitsyn, Eller and Price find a certain level of consistency, who's to say our offense is lacking in any sense?


  • Comment on ALIVE!!! (2010-05-10 16:25:21)

    The beauty of hockey's unpredictability...

    We were the underdogs this year and have shown that we are capable of being WINNERS!

    GO HABS GO! HABS IN 7!!!


  • Comment on Audio: Gill skates briefly after a.m. warmup (2010-05-10 16:23:33)

    This year, the Habs have far exceeded ANYONE'S expectations. I think that's the general consensus around the league and even here on H I/O...

    However, I'm under the impression that another consensus is that they will be eliminated tonight... Let's honestly HOPE NOT!!!

    habs in 7... please God?



    Habs romance remix!

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-05-09 15:47:59)

    Hey have you guys heard Habs Romance being played on Virgin Radio?

    I decided to remix it on drums :D check it out!


    Here's to hoping they'll eliminate the Pens!


  • Comment on Gill: “It’s just a cut,” hopes to play Game 6 (2010-05-09 15:46:42)

    Hal Gill looks like a Greek god in his pictures. lol