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  • Comment on Audio: Gomez making trip, Price vs. Wings (2010-12-09 13:42:46)

    Nah Gomez will be serving sandwiches and soft drinks. He can use that big metal serving cart as protection for his lower body injury:)

  • Comment on Audio: Gomez making trip, Price vs. Wings (2010-12-09 13:39:50)

    Drive for 25-they are leaving MTL at 3 so arrival should be 4:15ish. I'm a Windsor native-all my family still lives there. If you were looking at a Windsor phone book you'd think you were looking at a Quebec City phone book. Lots of French names and I think the Habs are number 2 behind the Leafs in terms of fans.

    Hopefully there will be a few of them greeting the team. I'm at the game here in TO Saturday night-centre ice golds. Hope Cammy stays healthy tomorrow night as he missed the opener that I was at. And hopefully Price is in net even though it's the 2nd of a back-to-back. Go Habs Go!!!!


  • Comment on Subban a healthy scratch (2010-12-02 12:52:52)

    I am NOT against benching any player at any time for whatever reason. But in this case I DISAGREE with the decision. JM should sit him down and have a chat(a la Pat Burns) with him as to what he has done wrong. PK is really our only "offensive" defenseman with Markov out. Hammer/Spacek/Gorges/Gill/Picard not exactly known for their foot speed.

    Now with Brodeur and 7 or 8 Devils injured do you think we can get a rare win against Jersey? I have my doubts!

  • Comment on Game 1: Canadiens drop opener in Toronto (2010-10-07 15:57:21)

    Going to the game tonight...hope the results are different than most Leafs-Habs games in TO. I'd rather open on the road-less pressure!


  • Comment on Sergei Kostitsyn not making Philly trip (2010-04-01 13:43:13)

    I think AK is the better of the two. Hardest wrist shot in the league. Strongest pound for pound player

    maybe in the league.

    I am still a Carey Price believer and I love Halak as well. Price's record reminds me of the baseball pitcher

    who is 11-14 with a 2.75 ERA who lacks run support. These things tend to even out over time. Halak has two more years of experience and is farther ahead of the curve in terms of career development. Price needed a mentor(didn't have one) here in MTL(see Giguere and the Monster in Toronto as an example) in order to develop and wasn't ready when Huet was traded. And Price lacked maturity and discipline.

    Howover, i have a preference for large goalies and Price at 6'3 has a distinct advantage over Halak. They are both good goalies with the abililty to be stars for many years to come.

  • Comment on Therapy day for Cammalleri, Plekanec (2010-03-26 11:11:19)

    If that hit on Booth had been his first "concussion type hit" I don't think Booth would

    be out for more than a couple of weeks. But on top of the Richards hit I'm sure he's done this season.

    It was a clean hit and there is a physical element to NHL hockey. We can't take all shoulder to shoulder hits out of the game even if sometimes the head gets unintentionally involved.

  • Comment on Game 74: Canadiens blow it in Buffalo (2010-03-25 10:34:49)

    We played a team last night that was coming off a road trip....who was there for the taking....who we had down and what did we do.......WE TOOK 6 FREAKING  PENALTIES IN A ROW......this team has showed NO DISCIPLINE from game one to now. That's why we have the fewest PP opportunities in the league and have been short-handed the most.

    I fear for tonight's game against Florida-I really do. I have no idea which team will show up.

  • Comment on Price starts, Lapierre in press box (2010-03-24 15:48:10)

    Actually Shaker it is the doctor's call. so I blame the doctors. I mean does 2 days make THAT BIG A DIFFERENCE when you've been out 5-6 weeks. OK they weren't in game shape. I'd take Cammy at 75% anyday. So Agreed-they should have been in the line-up Monday given what's at stake and with 10 left in the season.

  • Comment on Cammalleri, Bergeron in, Moen out (2010-03-23 13:21:33)

    So who is dropped? Lapierre or Pyatt.


    3rd line Moore Darche  ??????

    4th Line MAB Metro SK74

  • Comment on Game 73: Canadiens flat against Senators (2010-03-23 11:23:46)

    Atlanta or Boston tonight? Who are we cheering for?