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  • Comment on The win streak is over (2011-03-10 20:54:55)
    Max Pacioretty
    just read some of your tweets and Im SO happy to be a montreal canadien, we have the best fans in the world. Thanks everyone for the support
  • Comment on Chara will not be suspended (2011-03-09 23:01:29)

    More from MaxPac....

    ''The incident happened 24 hours ago. I saw the images of the hit and I can tell you I am surprised to be feeling as well as I am right now. What I saw on TV was just unbelievable to see.''

    ''I do not want to come off as someone who exaggerates'', said Pacioretty, who stayed clam throughout the interview. ''Yes, emotions are running high right now. But the reality is I was disgusted when I heard the news. There are not enough words I could use to tell you how I feel about the league's decision. In the new NHL, a defenceman does not have the right to hold me. So what he did is put his hand on my head and I wasn't able to defend myself. I could not move. He then sent me straight towards the stanchion and I lost consciousness right after. It's a disgrace they let this kind of stuff happen in the NHL. I only woke up when I was on the stretcher. I was telling the doctors to leave me alone because I felt ready to play. They quickly told me it wasn't the case and to not move. I saw Brian Gionta to my right while opening my eyes and P.K. Subban on the bench who was looking at me.''

    How did he learn there would be no suspension?

    ''I was undergoing tests the whole day and I was concentrating on what I had to do. At one moment, a nurse told me there was no suspension. What is ironic is that people in the Habs brass came to visit me and told me it's time for the league to solve the problems. In reality, I do not wish any harm on Zdeno Chara. I only want this type of gesture to be out of my sport.''

    Pacioretty wanted to be re-assuring:

    ''One of the doctors who saw me told me he did not want to come to work today because he was scared to see a person seriously hurt, after seeing the images on TV last night. Yes, I have a fracture in my neck, and I know it sounds scary, but it remains a fracture like any other. As for my concussion I feel very good right now and as soon as I can help my team, I will do it.''

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    It was translated from here: