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Habs fan since: Born in 1955...been a Habs fan ever since. I have seen the Habs win 12 cups,the first one I remember was in 1965. The Habs have won at least one Stanley Cup in every decade of my life and up untill 1993. The last 16 years have been miserable.
Favorite current player: Max Pacioretty, Carey Price, P.K Subban, David Desharnaise, Ryan White,Andrei Markov, Josh Gorges, Mike Cammalleri...
All-time favorite player: Guy Lafleur,Steve Shutt, Jacques Lemaire, Jean Beliveau, Henri Richard, & Yvan Cournoyer to name a few


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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 26 – Winning streak ends with Shootout in D.C. (2013-11-29 21:16:22)
    Shoot- outs suck the big one!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens blanked in Toronto (2011-10-06 22:03:40)
    brilliant... at least 3 habs behind TO's net, looks like squirt hockey......go down 2-0 and throw the fourth line on for the big push back....JM is a genius....
  • Comment on Where the heck was Phil Pritchard? (2011-09-01 14:49:58)
    Never expected to get jumped on this heavy for my comments on the enforcer's who died in the last 3 months. Maybe I was a bit harsh on the way it came out. I'll attempt to sensitize my opinions so you fella's don't get your feeling's hurt and then lash out with immature insulting rants. I have a thick skin boys so your name calling and other insults directed at me are no bother. I shoot from the hip and tell it like is...and it is what it, get back in your playpens and be nice.
  • Comment on Where the heck was Phil Pritchard? (2011-09-01 00:30:50)
    Whoa whoa whoa !!! All you PHD's on here giving your expert medical opinions on the deaths of Booguaard, Rypien, and now Belak should give you heads a you guys have a direct line to Dr.Recchi or what. These men were enforcers and sure, they took a few shots to the head doing their jobs and likely were concussed a number of times without a doubt. But where do you get off on blaming Bettman and his henchmen as well as the NHLPA for their deaths. These fella's all had issues with drugs and alcohol throughout their careers and possibly before taking shots to head in their playing days. Depression is as "disease" ( anger turned inward) and is not the cause of suicides on their own. Alcohol is a depressant, so taking anti-depressant drugs sorta cancel each other out. Using anti-depressants and then adding alcohol or other drugs to the mix does absolutely nothing to help the patient overcome depression. I feel bad for these young guys losing their lives but to blame everybody else on the outer picture is just pure lies and ignorance. These young men had issues that they failed to deal with and the result was fatal. They are responsible for themselves and unfortunately, it cost them their lives...they did it to themselves...stop the damn blame is what is is !!
  • Comment on What can you buy for $405? (2011-08-16 13:39:03)
    The owners, along with GB are first in line to be blamed for the state of this watered down new NHL...I see them as being like an addict...all they want is more and they care not how they get their fix. Today's player's, not all of them are lined up at the trough also, and are no better than those running the league. Show me the money ! The justifiable excuse they use for their high salaries..."we have short careers and have to feed our families to survive after their playing days are over" doesn't cut it with me. Do they think we are that stupid to believe that shit ? Unfortunately and sadly, millions of people are sucked in to that lame justification. How much $$$ do you need ? The average joe makes 50 grand a year before taxes, and would have to work 10yrs to make still less than what these over paid half- assed player's make in 7 months if they don't make the playoffs...and those are the 4th line slugs who are lucky there are 30 teams in the league or they'd be workin' at some bar bouncing, or a damn car wash making minimum wage !! I would love to take my two son's to a game but I just can't do it. I certainly don't wanna take em' to see the Florida Panthers or some other welfare funded team that Canadian franchises support through paying high ticket prices in Canada to keep these garbage teams in a so-called elite league. I worked hard all my life to put bread on the table for my kids and I'm not going to spend it on these slugs so they can eat caviar and drink Champagne 'till they puke !! I could go on and on with this but, it is making me nauseous just typing it. The league, owners and players will eat themselves in the end game !! Something has to give sooner or later ! My 46" HD Sharp Aquos LED which we slaved to buy will do just fine. Hey,uh... Molson Bro's Geoff, in particular.... I may be dumb, but I 'aint stupid !!
  • Comment on Louis Leblanc on the Armada? (2011-07-13 18:03:03)
    The Habs had 5 a number of times in the 70's ...I'm guessing it had to be an Oiler team in the mid 80's. Either the Habs or the Oilers...I'll take the Habs...?
  • Comment on Louis Leblanc on the Armada? (2011-07-13 12:55:16)
    Leblanc playing back in the Q this year will do nothing to improve his development. My guess is he will be playing in the A with the Bulldogs for a couple years before he cracks the lineup for the Habs. Hopefully after a good stint with Hamilton, he will beef it up some and be better prepared for the bigs. I think he will end up being a good third line defensive forward for the Habs by the 2014 season. Have only seen him play a few times for the Montreal Junior and Team Canada last year and was impressed with his defensive play. He skates pretty good, reads the play well, is a nice puck handler, and has some finish around the net. Hope he stays healthy and gets stronger in the next few years so when he finally makes it to the Habs he's got the toughness he will need to stay there. I like this kid...hope the Management doesn't ruin him by bringing him up before he's ready. Go Louie Go !!!
  • Comment on Update: Hamrlik says no to Canadiens (2011-06-29 13:12:22)
    I respect your opinion but I totally disagree with it. Gorges is not on this team to produce points, he's here to defend and he does it as well as any 3-4 D-man in the league. He is not the biggest body back there but he plays the position well,blocks shots,makes smart decisions when pressured,until this injury he has been a work horse for us, doesn't take a lot of penalties, he is only 26, he is tough as nails for his size, and is affordable. I think he will be a good player for us for years to come.
  • Comment on Canadiens make offer to Hamrlik (2011-06-28 17:06:40)
    Correct me if I'm wrong ..."They should sign Hasek, Jagr, Lang and whatever old Czech superstars they can get their hands on" ! You're kidding right? Why would they want any of those old farts? I'll assume you're joking around with that comment because it's ridiculous...!! I wouldn't give Wiz big money either and agree with you on the fact that he is a defensive liability and that the Habs would have to overpay for him. Spacek, 3.8 million and considering his age at 36, it would be a hard sell to get rid of him. I don't think anyone would claim him off waivers. Their best bet is to bury his contract and cap hit in the AHL like NYR did with Redden. I would not have made an offer to Hamrlik from the getgo, but seeing as how they have, I wouldn't give him more than a 1 year contract for the same as Gill,even less, maybe 2 million tops and that is pushing it. Also, play him 12 - 15 mins a game and let him sit in the press box the odd night. In all honesty, I would make a strong pitch for Ehrhoff and forget about Wiz and Hamrlik. I sign Josh Gorges for at least 3 yrs at 3 million per, he is a warrior in my book and a must opinions may differ from yours, but that's just my way of thinking...not saying I'm right or not open to other suggestions that are sensible ...but I can be bull headed at times !!
  • Comment on Pouliot, Pyatt, Picard aren’t qualified (2011-06-28 10:00:43)
    Agree with the Grundman fiasco ...When they snubbed Bowman and chose Grundman...that was the beginning of the end for the Habs winning cups with any regularity ! Hiring Grundman was the biggest mistake that ownership group made in the history of the Habs, they have never been the same organization since. We are now experiencing the second biggest mistake in the modern era of the Habs....Hiring Gauthier and JM to manage this team to a Stanley Cup...dream on, the fact is, that in their history together they have not won anything to give me and some other Habs fans any reason to think that a championship is on the horizon in the near future. Their paper trail of failure is there for all to see. In my opinion, it's the system much more than the players that are holding this particular team up from giving us the "firewagon" style of hockey I grew up watching, which included a strong mix of toughness that allowed our star players to do their thing...score goals and win Stanley's !! Fred Shero said it himself, that the Canadiens were the toughest team as well as the most talented team, and that's why they rolled over the Flyers when they were known as the Broad street Bullies. Gauthier and JM have not figured this out yet and until they do, we don't win !! I am only a fan from that era and although the game has changed in other ways, one common denominator remains...a winning team still needs toughness to win Championships....but wtf do I know...