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  • Comment on A win and some cuts (2008-10-01 23:35:57)
    what if the odd man out turns out to be lapierre or begin?? you gotta love begin for his hustle and heart, but the fact that he has injury problems every season makes him a little more expendable. However, I do agree that Dandenault should be the odd man out, but he kept his head up and was a respectable hab the whole time he was here, Gainey needs to find a way to keep him in the NHL, either with us or via trade/waivers. He deserves better than Hamilton after everything he's done for us (being moved from forward to defence, being a healthy scratch without complaining, etc)... Other players see these kinds of things and makes them more willing to play here. When you know your GM/coach will respect you, you are more willing to go all out for them.
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-09 14:00:01)
    Carbo's coaching is brutal. When you're coaching players to skate right by the puck in the offensive zone to go for a line change, something is wrong, and it's how the Canes scored their 3rd goal last night. Koivu's line was on the ice, and had a chance to keep pressure after the puck started drifting off to the corner. Koivu and Ryder both skated right by the puck and to the bench, letting the Canes take the puck, break out, and they scored... All they had to do was look at the puck and they could have had it, sustained pressure, and maybe the score would have been 2-2 instead of 3-1... That is a problem with coaching. Watch the team never use it's speed to win races to the puck. Any time there is even a slightest chance that they won't win the race to the puck, they back off and let the other team get the puck, as a result, we play most of the game in our own end, and give the other team many scoring chances. This is a problem with coaching... Carbo has us playing a broken system, and this team will have a very good shot at Stamkos as long as he's coach. Give us a good coach, and we're challenging for 4th in the east.
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-09 12:36:56)
    Carbo-nono is the problem... This team does have speed, but Carbo doesn't let them use it... I saw a perfect example of what Carbo preaches to the team during the 2nd period when the score was 2-1. Koivu's line was on the ice, Higgins was in front of the net, the puck went towards the corner, Ryder and Koivu both could have grabbed the puck instead of skating right past it to let the Carolina player get it. Those 2 skated right to the bench, and Carolina ended up breaking out of the zone and scoring. Had Koivu or Ryder gone for the puck, they would have been first, and been able to continue to pressure in the offensive zone, maybe even tie the game... Carbo-nono has us playing a system where if you don't have the puck, forget about going after it, get back and let the other team carry it into our zone... Sit back and wait for them to make mistakes, don't force turnovers, don't win races for the puck, wait for them to give you the puck... Carbo has to go, otherwise this team will end up in the Stamkos lottery.
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-05 01:41:01)
    The team definately has the talent to make the playoffs. I figure they have the talent to finish somewhere in the 4-6 range in the east. The problem is that the players don't match the system. Another thing that helps with the trap is having a lot of size, you don't need speed to trap, you need size and the ability to capitalize on your few chances. The Canadiens are one of the fastest teams in the league, yet you almost never see them use it. If we were playing a system similar to Buffalo, that used our greatest asset, our speed, we'd be getting a lot of odd man rushes and scoring a lot more goals. This particular team will never succeed in any kind of trap, especially once as flawed as this. This team needs to play an offense and speed game.
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-05 01:01:21)
    my thoughts on why this team is doomed to fail with Carbo-nono as coach: We are playing a broken system. It is the same system he played in Dallas with... It worked in Dallas because they had the goaltending, check, they had the defence, check, they had Modano and Hull, we have Koivu and Kovalev. The system relies on playing solid defense, and then capitalizing on scoring chances when the other team makes a mistake. Modano had 81 points in 77 games, including 34 goals, and Hull had 58 points in 60 games, including 32 goals. Nobody on this team is capable of what those 2 were doing that season.... They also had 28 goals from Nieuwendyk who had 55 points in 67 games, 20 goals from Lethinen (who also won the Selke that year). 99 points from Sydor and Zubov and a goaltending tandem of Belfour and Turek. So we are playing the same system as that team. Lets compare: They had 2 30+ goal scorers and another player that scored 28, we have 2 30 goal scorers in Kovalev and Ryder. Kovalev is no Modano and Ryder is no Hull. Smolinski is also no Lethinen. Markov, Hamrlik and Komisarek isn't that different from Zubov, Sydor and Hatcher. And goaltending is very comparable in that both teams had a #1 goalie, and an eager young goalie looking to break out and become the #1. The difference between the 2 teams is that we don't have the selke winner, and we can't score the way that team did. This system only works when you can limit the opposition's scoring chances (helps when you have a Selke winner) and can score on the few scoring chances your team gets from sitting back and waiting for the other team to make a mistake. We don't have a Modano or Hull... The system is bound to fail, and Carbonneau doesn't realize this considering he stuck with the system even though it obviously didn't work last year.
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-05 00:11:03)
    I agree... The team has obviously lost respect for him. Latendresse has been scrated, Begin and Kostopoulos have been scratched, but our 2 worst forwards in Smolinski and Ryder continue to get more ice time than players who deserve it... And on Defense, Gorges keeps playing better and better, yet Breeze-by, Streit and Bouillon continue to get more ice time...
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-04 22:10:23)
    Some effort
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-04 22:09:58)
    If I were in the dressing room, I'm holding a players only meeting, and discuss the issues with having the worst coach in the NHL. If everyone agrees, I go to Gainey, explain how the whole team feels, and ask for a new coach.
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-04 22:19:55)
    How would that help?? Wouldn't you want the junior team to play a team that will provide some challenge?
  • Comment on Hockey 101 (2007-12-04 23:17:19)
    I came up with the idea to alternate the rest of the season for letting the players create the lineup... Every stick will be put into a pile at centre ice (including the 2 goalies). Then 1 player will be blindfolded and brought to centre ice. He will grab and throw the sticks in groups of 3 and 2, and the last 2 sticks taken out will be the 2 goalies. The 4 groups of 3 will be our four forward lines, the groups of 2 will be the defence, the last 2 will be the goalies, and the 2 remaining sticks will be the 2 guys that get to sit in the press box for the game.