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  • Comment on Liveblog: Barnburner at the Bell, and another L (2011-10-22 22:17:32)
    Google Earth showing moving van in front of Jacques' house - oops, looks like there could be too many men in the truck.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Barnburner at the Bell, and another L (2011-10-22 22:16:17)
    Eller interviewed after the game "They changed goalies? I honestly didn't know they did that...when did they change the goalie"? One would think the players would notice that, or at the very least the coaching staff would... Eller played a good game, but this is indicative of the lack of attention and focus the team has right now.
  • Comment on Heartbreaker! (2011-04-23 22:38:05)
    Wouldn't this be a great time for Gomez to earn at least 10% of his salary
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-02-12 23:07:53)

    Always great to see the Habs take down the Leafs... also, Desharnais is clearly separating himself from Gomez as the #2 centre right now - could be interesting in the offseason if Desharnais keeps it up (if one could even move Gomez's contract)...

  • Comment on Jarred Tinordi (2010-06-25 22:20:38)

    Great pick - liking PG's moves so far (yes, including Halak).  Good start.

  • Comment on AUDIO UPDATE: Halak to Blues for 2 prospects (2010-06-17 18:22:48)

    This was a good move, and in many cases the only move.  Jaro played great, but I believe we saw his ceiling - whether in the regular season, Olympics or playoffs, he was sensational and won games, but also came up very flat in others - many times being pulled.  Frankly, while he is a good goaltender, he is not an elite tender - think of someone like Cusrtis Joseph, very good and winning many games, but not eilte.

    If there was no cap, of course you keep both Halak and Price and see what turns out.  With a cap, the Habs could not keep Jaro - he will get approx $4+m / yr, the Habs need that money for a 1st/2nd line centre and scoring winger.  Price comes cheaper, so this deal has to be evaulated as Jaro for the 2 prospects, plus what they do with the money savings keeping Carey (Pleks, or a big C via trade).

    I would like to see Gauthier sign Price to a 3-4 year deal, at a reaonsable amount - $2.5-$3m (might be tough) - a one/two year deal around $1.75-$2m is likely, but that will provide a lot of flexibility moving forward.

    Carey does have much better upside and can be the elite goaltender that Jaro will not become.  Goalies like Jaro come along every year (one big year - the next big thing, then... do we have to look much past Huet?), so if Carey does not work out, it will not kill the would be disastrous however to move Price and have him become the elite goaltender many, including me, think he can become.  As Boone would say - "Carey F Price"

  • Comment on Heroic (2010-05-24 20:41:55)

    MAB is killing this team right now - if he;s not contributing on the PP, he is not productive.  Might be too late, but in the 3rd, but 4 forwards on the ice for PPs.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-05-18 23:26:41)

    The PP is way too predictable lately - all the pucks being funnelled to MAB, who is frankly doing nothing the last few weeks.  Might be time to sit MAB and play 4 forwards on the PP - maybe Cammi or Gionta on the point - someone that can let a good shot through...  Keep PK, Spacek and Hammer on the points as well.  Put a big body directly in front (Moen and... ???).

  • Comment on About tonight … (2010-05-13 00:25:12)

    Congrats Habs!  Well done Bob for building this team, Pierre for the Moore trade, Halak for his brilliance and Martin for the team system.  Most of all congrats to the players that showed that heart above all else wins games.  Well done.

  • Comment on Not a single break (2010-05-08 22:06:02)

    The one difference tonight I thought mattered in the final score was point shots...mainly the time given to take quality point shots.  On both Pitt goals, their D was open and had the time & room to get a hard shot off.  With the Habs, Pitt plays forwards very high which takes away the time and space of the Habs D shots, or gives them just enough to get a soft shot that typcially got blocked. 

    Even though Pitt got two goals from the D, I would not change the defensive strategy - it has served the team well to date.  However, for the Habs, they should make a big adjustment in not trying to funnel every shot to MAB on the PP.  Pitt is clearly reading and playing that strategy and basically saying "we'll keep defending on MAB until you show you can beat us elsewhere"...get the puck low and bang away like the last goal tonight.  Might also want to consider a Forward with a good one-timer on 2nd wave PP if Spacek or Markov is not back...  PK and MAB are fine, but Georges, OB, Gill don't belong on 2nd wave...

    5 on 5, the Habs have the most goals and can play with Pitt... Opposed to round 1, the special teams is where Pitt has a strong edge and is a strong reason they are leading the series.