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  • Comment on Canadiens legend Jean Béliveau dies at age 83 (2014-12-03 06:22:21)
    People talk about how much Béliveau was respected. The thing many miss is the respect he had for the fans and the game. All one needs to do is look at his autograph. Like his game, it was a pure work of art and 100% legible. It showed he cared enough to take his time with each and every fan who asked for it. Today's stars with their illegible scrawl just want the fan out of their hair as quickly as possible. Not Mr Béliveau though. A true fan of the sport.
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Bring on the Rangers! (2014-05-16 10:20:04)
    Lets pretend Boston won that game #7. Further, lets pretend: 1. That it was Dale Weise who did the arm flex on the bench 2. It was Brandon Prust who did the chest pump after an empty net goal 3. That it was Max Pacioretty who did the Iginla "get out of my face" wave on the bench to a Boston player 4. That it was PK Subban who squirted water in the face of Shawn Thornton and then laughed about it when the Habs were on their way to a game 5 win. 5. That it was Brendan Gallagher that gave Rask the snow shower 6. That it was Douglas Murray who punched Torey Krug in the face a game 6 loss was winding down. 7. That it was Lars Eller and Travis Moen who double teamed a Bruins player in the dying seconds of a losing effort 8. That it was Brad Marchand who gave Andrei Markov a love tap on the foot in the face off circle and Markov went down like he was poleaxed 9. That it was Tomas Plekanec who punched Bergeron in the head while he was waiting for a faceoff to start with no referees watching. 10. That it was Therrien whining about taking "crap" from the referees all the time 11. That it was Therrien who after every call against his team held out his arms in abject, I don't believe it, stunned fashion all while looking at the replay on the big screen as if to say "how could you call that?". 12. That it was PK Subban who threatened people in the handshake line 13. That it was Tomas Vanek who did the "Krejci dive" in game 7 to get a call when the Bruins were up 2-0 Imagine just for a second if all this was true. What would we be watching tomorrow on Coaches corner? We'd be hearing all about how Bruins toughness won the day. We'd hear all about how hockey is a warrior's game and then we'd be treated to many of the replays of the points I mentioned above. I can hear Cherry now "This isn't how you win hockey games in the playoffs. You win by playing like a warrior, a man. Like the Bruins. The Canadiens need to learn that before they'll ever be mentioned as a team good enough to compete with the Boston Bruins.". But, we won't hear any of that. In fact we've already been treated to the Don Cherry double standard. The whole Lucic thing was overblown he said. The Smith dive in game 7 where his trusty sidekick Ron McLean said it was clear embellishment was not enough to shut him up. And so the Don Cherry Leaf loving, Bruins bandwagon will trundle on. Enjoy the ride Don.
  • Comment on AUDIO: Habs given day off on Sunday; Game 3 Tuesday night at Bell Centre (2014-05-05 08:58:26)
    Pardon me for saying this but you're nuts. Three of the goals given up on Saturday were deflections that he had ZERO chance on. On Thursday he single handedly won the game for the team. If you want to blame someone blame Boullion. Either block the shot or get the f* out of the way. That's the guy to blame for Saturday. Jeepers, some of you people are looney tunes.
  • Comment on Bourque to Colorado trade falls through: reports; Leblanc returned to Hamilton (2014-01-28 15:47:50)
    Reliable and Consistent are two words that should not be in the same sentence when talking about ANY of the Habs D right now unless you want to say I wish they were more reliable and consistent. Having said that, there may be merit in putting Emelin on his correct side with Murray and Beaulieu with Gorges. Then out PK and MArkov back together.
  • Comment on Habs get day off Sunday to lick their wounds (2014-01-27 08:39:31)
    I assume you mean Gorges with Subby there. Gorges is having trouble now as a #3/#4 guy. As a #1D? In the Q maybe or Midget AAA. Not in the NHL. Bournival and Leblanc on the second line? Good heavens. If that lineup was actually iced, they'd be lucky to get 60 points.
  • Comment on Price to start for Habs against Wings and Emelin will be back in lineup (2014-01-24 08:55:07)
    re-sign. re-sign. NOT resign. resign is to resign from office. A player re-signs.
  • Comment on Price to start for Habs against Wings and Emelin will be back in lineup (2014-01-23 16:48:15)
    They went alphabetically
  • Comment on Leblanc, Beaulieu will be in lineup for Habs against Penguins (2014-01-22 10:46:13)
    Leafs have won 6 in a row while les boys have been on a .500 fumble since sometime in early December. 500 hockey in the era of the three point game is TERRIBLE hockey. And if you've been watching the teams chasing the Habs lately, they're closing the gap while the Habs continue to flounder.
  • Comment on Habs given day off Thursday after loss in Philly (2014-01-10 10:54:27)
    Three problems I have with Hickey's article. Typically I agree with much if not all of what Hickey normally says, but not here. 1. We can rattle off probably a dozen or more examples of players doing similarly stupid things this year. Markov's 10 minute misconduct in Nashville. No repercussions there. DD's brainless play on the first goal in Philly. Take your next shift Davey! Therrien's own brainless bench penalty a few games ago. Did he admit to being misguided or immature? 2. The coach's job is to do everything within his power to win a game. Would pulling Budaj have made a difference? Probably not, they were awful. But it doesn't matter. You pull the goalie and hope that a miracle happens. Remember the Carolina game? Down 3-0 the canes looked like crap but within 2 minutes it was 3-3. Those things do happen. Teams do win games they had no business winning. 3. Its not ok for the team to not give a crap but its ok for the coach to give up? I have a big problem with that one. Its one thing for the team to play like they don't give a crap. Its a completely different ball of wax when the coach gives up.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-09 09:03:04)
    Maybe you have valid points but did MT bench DD for his misguided lazy approach that caused the first goal? Did he bench Bourque for yet another crappy performance? Did he bench Markov for his selfish explosion that cost him a 10 minute misconduct in Nashville? Did MT bench himself for his two minute selfish penalty against Carolina? No Excuses? Bah. What a joke. No excuses seems to be aimed at only one player. Everyone else including the coach has all kinds of room for excuses. This on top of Bergevin's great response to how well the coaches worked with PK to get him on Team Canada. Give me a break. If they did such a great job, what gives with Emelin this year or Gorges? Where's the great coaching with those two? Why haven't any of our coaches been asked to work with Team Canada if they're that good? Didn't take Therrien long to wear out his welcome....... again.