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  • Comment on Canadiens spoil Jets party (2011-10-09 10:02:02)
    I'm assuming this means that you think he's the right coach for the job? I'm sure a lot of people voted for him because it's always easy to rag on the coach, but at the same time, his style is nowhere next exciting enough to be the coach of this team. We have three lines of players who are all capable to score goals, yet he has them all playing defensive minded hockey. The same defensive minded hockey that has us relying on Carey Price to win every single game. It's frustrating to have to scrape by for practically every single win. I'm beating a dead horse here but were it not for JM's one year old contract, Boucher would have been a great fit here and because PG wouldn't get rid of JM after one year, we get to see Boucher succeed elsewhere. He'll never end up coaching here because winning coaches don't get fired.
  • Comment on Winless! (2011-09-20 12:13:53)
    And I'm a smidge more excited than you, because this game will finally give you guys something to talk about!
  • Comment on Markov suffers setback in rehab: Report (2011-09-14 21:31:21)
    As interesting as Tony can be, he's just like a lot of reporters out there who are always trying to get the "scoop" I wouldn't say he's lying but I'm going to wait on a report from someone a little more credible before I trust this.
  • Comment on Video: Habs tee off to start 2011-12 season (2011-09-14 15:34:37)
    It depends if they put him on LTIR and it doesn't go by games played it goes by days on LTIR. And it doesn't add to our cap space it allows us to exceed the salary cap by the amount we saved on Markov. For example, if he misses 2 weeks (14 days) that means that we can add 7.78% (14/180) of his salary to the cap ceiling ($447,222), but only if we go over the limit. At least I think that's how it works.
  • Comment on Who are we? (2011-07-24 10:30:34)
    Good stats, the site is getting huge. You can tell how important the site is now because it's a lot of peoples' source when it comes to verifying information on the Canadiens, it's mine, anyway. Keep up the good work guys!
  • Comment on Canadiens acquire Wisniewski (2010-12-28 16:50:51)

    To steal a comment from someone on another site...


    "I bet this trade really blew him away"

  • Comment on Junior team cuts Gallagher (2010-12-14 12:05:28)

    Michael Bournival is still there too right?

  • Comment on Eller to play centre (2010-10-23 13:22:38)

    I have to say, I don't get this move at all. If you're going to put him at centre why not play him with some players with at least a little bit of offensive upside? On top all that they bench one of their hardest working players. Martin is really all over the place.

  • Comment on Were there loot bags? (2010-10-16 08:07:14)

    Carey and PK make a pretty good duo.

  • Comment on A closer look at Habs’ Citizen Markov (2010-10-03 23:18:37)

    Thanks for the response. I figured that you would help by writing what he meant and not exactly what he said. I'm not judging because I can appreciate how difficult it would be to move to another country and learn another language, then having to use that language in front of a wall of reporters.


    My favorite part of the article is when he speaks about what Montreal means to him. It wouldn't be politically correct to say anything about his next contract but if we read between the lines it seems he has every intention to stay in Montreal.